News Coverage of Arbitrarily Fond Shows Script Reading with Suzy, Kim Woo Bin, and Im Joo Hwan

It feels like KBS drama Arbitrarily Fond has been filming for quite a long time but it’s actually only been a few months. The transition from live-filming to pre-produced isn’t new to other drama countries but for K-dramas it still takes some getting used to in expecting teasers and stills and whatnot. Arbitrarily Fond would seem like the perfect drama to follow Descendants of the Sun on Wed-Thurs, but is instead being kept until July while Master: God of Noodles airs after DotS.

The reason makes sense financially as the drama is already slated for simultaneous broadcast in China and Korea hence it needs to be fully completed in filming to receive Chinese broadcast approval and timing-wise it wouldn’t be ready in time to follow DotS. In a recent news broadcast discussing the project, scenes of the cast at script reading were shown and it’s the first time leads Kim Woo Bin, Suzy, and Im Joo Hwan are seen together. Visually this will be a charismatic cast especially with Im Joo Eun rounding out the main four, so excited even if it’s months away!



News Coverage of Arbitrarily Fond Shows Script Reading with Suzy, Kim Woo Bin, and Im Joo Hwan — 8 Comments

  1. Seriously cannot wait longer. I really admire all the three and its going to be great seeing them onscreen together. And im so excited for my boy kim woo bin, this will be his first ever drama after heirs..well love-cell was a web series so…. literally waiting for july to come sooner.

  2. i love woobie’s smile.he seems really happy.i hope Im joo hwan dont outshine woobs in this cos the guy is really of the most underrated actors in korea.he can play both innocent(ugly alert) nd villian(oh,my ghost) role .and he does them very well.

  3. I cannot wait for this drama <3.

    But my wish still stands: a drama with both Kim Woo Bin and Park Shin Hye!

    @ockoala are you watching Marriage Contract? Its surprisingly good!

  4. Kim Ji Won in DoTS, Im Joo Hwan and Im Joo Eun in AF. All make me think of What’s Up alum. Also with Jo Jung Suk new drama rumor in KBS. It’s like a big reunion even in different drama but same channel. LOL

  5. I like all four leads and 2nd leads in this drama so hoping for a happy ending to both. It’ll be nice if we could get a little bromance and girlfriends going too. Female friendships are so hard to come by in kdrama.

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