Park Shin Hye is a Spring Muse for the March Edition of Elle Hong Kong

Park Shin Hye hasn’t been in a K-drama since Pinocchio in later 2014/early 2015, but her absence from the small screen feels longer than that. I think I just miss her a lot, especially with Pinocchio being such a high point project in her acting career. It was a strong well-written female lead role and she got a costar in Lee Jong Seok who exhibited the best romantic chemistry I’ve ever seen from her.

She’s been offered the leading lady role in upcoming early summer SBS drama Doctors (formerly known as Female Gangster Hye Jung) from the screenwriter of High Society, One Warm Word, and Can We Get Married and I think there’s a high chance she’ll take it. Her star continues to shine brightly overseas and she graces the cover and inside pages of the March edition of Elle Hong Kong in an excellent pictorial that is pretty and vibrant.


Park Shin Hye is a Spring Muse for the March Edition of Elle Hong Kong — 75 Comments

  1. She’s getting prettier and prettier, sexier and sexier. Yet have to see her acting up to par on similar level….

  2. I actually miss her a lot. She is a Hallyu Star and one year feels LONG enough. I really do hope she is selective, want to see her play a badass, cold, and smart woman. She still does have the child-like face though. Seems like it be hard for her to get mature roles. But hopes she proves me wrong.

  3. Miss seeing her in a drama. Despite that ……I do want her to take her time to pick a strong character to play in good script and co-actor under a well reputed director……asking too much?
    It’s just that one learns more and becomes better when the above criteria are met.
    The reasons for delay in her acceptance must either be because those are not being met or it’s been decided but awaiting right time to announce.

      • Sorry, but she had awesome chemistry with LMH on the drama, very natural, you wouldn’t say they were acting. It was genuine, you could see them SH and LMO, that is the reason why the ES and Tan couple were / still being heavely shipped. Maybe, because the script was …….(do not want to say it), and you did not like the characters they portray, you did not pay much attention into their acting. It was so good that the fans of LMH’s girlfriend, still going on SH’s IG and harassing her for no reason.

  4. She looks lovely, so fresh and playful here. She really makes a great model.

    I hope to see her back onscreen too, hope she picks a good project – she would be ideal for a melo by Lee Kyung Hee or a really strong writer.

    • No. Let her act with someone that is not popular international, so we can prove Shin Hye’s effect. To shut up the haters.

      • KRW was very popular post Lovers in Harvard. I guess most people haven’t watched this drama here because it predates PSH-era.

  5. She covered for both HK and TW Elle by the way…
    I think she will take Doctor even the project might not do well rating wishe considered its competitor and the costars she might have…
    It’s a challenge for her

  6. Seriously she over doing dieting, she need to stop it now, she look like skeleton in real with no bust and photo shoot of her they really use editing way too much to show her curves huh!

  7. Waiting for her next project….. Funny about comments on her looks, bet Channel who keeps inviting her and all her other cosmetics sponsors will listen to what is said (insert sarcasm)…..the $$elling point is what matters. I find her in her natural state the best, like her appearance in 3MAD.

  8. Lol all those who are waiting for her comeback wait she only come back in project where lead guy would be some famous one. Never done any challenging role all her role candy type reason of her success is lead guys.

    • eat your words if she ends up taking the Doctors. then why not all of her lead guys’other projects are considered success??? you dont even watch prince hour, cyrano agency the movie, tree of heaven, flower boy next door to name a few for saying she sticks to candy girl role only so tht her projects are always a success. what about those actress who keep doing bitchy badass role reason?? would you say the same thing?? i have some in my minds who keep doing bitchy badass roles all over again yet people dont even complain about her despite the roles are similar and even her badass acting is similar

    • I sorta agree with you. She collabed with all the popular leading men who are either charismatic on screen like Lee Min Ho or skilled actors like Lee Jong Suk. I attribute the success of her dramas not to her talent, but mainly to her leading men’s charm. In some cases that had very lame lead actors like my bias Kpop band CNBLUE frontman Yong Hwa (LOL I’m saying this as his stan), the dramas failed. Her acting is one dimensional, bland, and predictable. She improved in Pinocchio. Yet she has to prove herself a solid leading lady with caliber to prop drama alone if everything else doesn’t shine or goes stale. I think this Doctor project may be a good project for her to take on a challenging role. Not hate on her since she seems a very nice person in real life.

      • Totally biased view. Pinocchio actually had strong script and Shin Hye role was exceptional. Heirs script was rubbish but it was popular. You give me a name of a Korean actress apart from JJH who can bring the drama success single-handed – I bet you would have difficulty. That’s why all kdrama are focuses on the male because the main audience are females.

      • So let’s give credit to all the guys when the dramas are successful but it’s her acting is blank and bad when it failed?
        Yonghwa couldn’t act for shit in HS and YB
        Your bias got famous after working with her by the way.

  9. lol at some people comments, this girl is very very pretty in real life,I saw her this year in Paris ,I was like is this really her,more healthy and good shapes,

  10. you have not see her recently,and please she is not thin and her curves is better than some people,and who told you her photos is photo shopped,watch the btc in Elle hongkong instagram and tell me her photo is photo shopped

  11. I would love to see her in a drama with no hallyu eye candy flower boys, and see how the drama would fair, cuz all her dramas as a grown actress is with popular young actors

    • First of all the cast of YB was not hallyu stars before they got cast.
      YSY isn’t Hallyu star either.
      LMH was but but Heirs and Pinocchio helped the leading men got bigger too. But let give oppa all the credit.
      She has worked with many actors before too.

      Besides, KRW is considering Doctor. People can shut up about Hallyu boy. You can have them all. She doesn’t need them

    • I am from West Africa too.! We all know Shin Hye in Africa , she is very popular, we learn about this flower boys once they work with her, and we learn to love them because of her. SHIN HYE IS THE BEST, since child, her first award was as child actress. Even her artists friends recognize her popularity power, they know once Shin Hye mention them or they work, Shin Hye fans around the world start searching them , and they get popular. Fighting Shin Hye, to many jelouse, but they can not do nothing to you, you well protect . And many blessings are coming. Keep doing good, God is always on your side as well as your true fans. We love you, admire, and respect you.The Queen of many hearts always.

  12. oh my God, she is so pretty in real life than this when I saw her in Paris and more younger,is she really 1990 line,she looks like 1996 line when I saw her in Chanel show,so young,I am younger than her with two years difference but she looks younger than me,so jealous of her beauty

  13. she is very popular,I am not into kdramas but I know her and Lee min ho very well,she looks pretty and have a good pose here,I just like any of her pic.

  14. my baby,just keeps on rocking,you are the best.such a beautiful successful young lady,I’m jealous of you but I still love you like crazy,oh a lady fangirling over someone younger than her,I am number one…love you shinhye and those haters talking about her looks,when do u see her in real life last?such a pity

  15. everyone knows she is one the most pretty south Korean actress and a gorgeous one too.gosh,she did not need any photohopped,cause she looks better and her skin colour is the same too
    if you hate her just knows she is not in your level

  16. I don’t get the reason why people hates though, especially if the person you are hating is more successful than you.
    I am more richer than shinhye but I am her fan,more pretty than her and more older than her but there is this,one of million of her popularity I don’t have,so with this I can’t even hate her and she have a pretty heart too which I know I don’t completely have
    I just love shinhye and I don’t hate others too,with this I live on happily,just trying to tell you haters that hating her will only do you harm cause your heart won’t be at rest but will only be bringing out bad thoughts that will make you hate her more.


  17. Literally psh fans are way too much. just saw negative comment went to their fan group and told come come and defend psh in blog lol and all or say 2 come and leave comment with different name to make it look like whole world revolve around their psh. Lol all psh fans went to pairs to see her what a joke hahahhah really her fans are funny. Lol and one fan of her “i am more rich than her ” hahahhahhahahhahah like this person is psh financial assistance know her all assets. seriously psh fans are way too fool to think whole world will wow psh fans are something lol in reality they are just showing how cheap they are like their idol who dance on the fame she reap because of her lead guys only. acting with same type of role and with same expression seriously she need to learn acting!!

    • You want to cause a fight on this blog? Why do you go to her fan page if you are not her fan?? I know I would never go to an actress or Kpop singers fan page if I’m not interested in that person. You must be so free. Get a life honey. Your hate for Shin Hye is worthless

    • This is her article and is it wrong that her fans commenting on it?
      They might be childish and not good at expressing themselves but better than hating on others for stupid reasons.
      You can say she has 1 expression but Korea disagree… She had her 1st award after her 1st role and is currently one of the most popular young actresses there and in Asia

  18. So glad her latest probable male co-star is named as Kim Rae Won (not a ‘Flower’ boy). It will be new ground Shin Hye is venturing into. Let’s hope the script is good.

  19. it’s rae won has been offered the male lead role.WOW! didnt expect it to be him though.i doubt he will accept but the possiblity of them costaring together is kinda….wired.
    well,high time shin hye moved on from flowerboys and to more established older actors.

    • So those crazy jelouse fans of the flowers boys and their girlfriends can stop with hater and harassing her. She mean well to you all. But I pity you all, including those flower boys that still using her, to wrongly misleading fans to believe they are in relationship, so they can keep and increase their fan base, what is tarnishing her image. She deserves respect and value as woman, many young people look upon her as a whole model. Shin Hye always upload pictures of her true friends and people she supports on her IG. The others that claim to be close to her and you have never seeing her mention them, they are just ??????? It is sad me, to see women tarnish other women in such way, while trying to put men up there,as if they are God. For a drama to succeed the leds need to act good and delivery properly. That is what Shin Hye has being doing in all her projects, that is the reason why everybody, men and women what to work with her. Her fans are always by her side, and will respond to haters, liars, and malicious people. Love and Peace to all

  20. Why do I consider PSH’s acting skills not on par with her popularity (just like EXO in Kpop LOL)? Her acting is not layered with nuance. All I remember from her dramas (dang I really watched a lot LOL) is a Korean actress PSH, not the characters she played. She couldn’t make those drama characters alive, unlike other equally young K actresses such as Moon Chae Won, Park Bo Young, and Kim Go-eun. She did better in Pinocchio. The rest of her projects are nothing to rave about. Fans, be rational. We’re talking about acting skills and charisma, not her beauty.

    • She might not leave an expression to you doesn’t make her not having enough skills. Because I’m sure millions,yes, millions fans of herd would disagree. In fact, no one can please everyone including all actors. And what your think of her is just your opinion. Fact is she is well known around Asia at such a young age whether you like her or not. The girl made her name out there since she was 19. So don’t tell me she got popular because of your oppa.

      She might not be the best actress but her hardwork over 10 years, her personality and other skills contribute to where she is today. Her acting isn’t the only reason for her to be popular…

      You can cry to death that exo doesn’t deserve their popularity… they still slay all other kpop groups everyday. Another person can have the same opinion with snsd or big bang. It’s pointless n doesn’t change anything

      Do you really think ksh or lmh deserves the popularity that they have right now? Many people out there would disagree. But because they are guys so let’s pick on the as popular girl instead.

      • Hahahaha…chill! Yeah we have different definitions about being an excellent actress. Apparently you circled around popularity but I’m purely referring to acting. How popular she is won’t change my opinion about her acting. SHE IS BLAND. Perhaps she will change my assessment about her with her new dramas, just as Pinocchio has given her a bit of new looks, but not enough. You’re entitled to your preference, so am I. I’m here to voice my opinion bcos the blogger also encourages her readers to be sociable. As to overrated EXO, no one can deny they are the kings of lip synch..regardless of all the hype around them and fangirls’ obsession with their oppas. EXO has never been in the top Kpop list of reputable music critics such as Billboard or Rolling Stone editors. Take the fact. Popularity milks $$$$$ but doesn’t define excellent artistry. LOL

    • Well, if you think Park Shin Hye is Go Min Nam, Cha Eun San and Choi Inha then you have indirectly said she has succeeded as an actress. And yes, she is a gorgeous actress with very expressive eyes.

      • Sorry don’t know any of those names you mentioned. I judge according to how we view acting in general. I don’t just watch K dramas.

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