Kim Woo Bin and Suzy Spotted Filming Final Scenes for Uncontrollably Fond as Production Wraps

It’s a wrap for the pre-produced KBS drama Uncontrollably Fond, following in the same production trajectory footsteps as current same network smash hit Descendants of the Sun. Uncontrollably Fond has been filming since late December and finished up this past week right as the spring starts descending in full. The two famous leads Kim Woo Bin and Suzy were snapped filming outdoors recently, at a park and by the shore, in scenes that ooze OTP interactions.

The drama will follow behind Master: God of Noodles, premiering on July 6th in the Wed-Thurs time slot. I don’t think anything can match the ratings of DotS not to mention Lee Kyung Hee dramas have always had more limited audience appeal than the mainstream Kim Eun Seok works. If UC breaks 15% it should be happy, and crossing 20% would be a hit beyond even my wildest expectations. The drama heads into post-production now along with submission to China’s regulatory agency for simulcast approval.


Kim Woo Bin and Suzy Spotted Filming Final Scenes for Uncontrollably Fond as Production Wraps — 26 Comments

  1. I guess they can reach to a high rating beacause of these factors:
    -there will be tones of mediaplay & hype as there is now
    -popularity of leads & the reality that this is the comeback project of both of them after 3 years
    -this will be aired sooner than its rivals
    – being pre-produced which will lead to more hype & curiosities and of course more views china
    However I don’t think they can pass 20%, nothing confirmed about “deal” but in my humble opinion W’s plot and acting of its casts are in another level from UF.
    Wish the best for all production teams.

  2. Koala is so right about the writer; she usually does the melo thing though it’s my understanding that is not so this time. I find I don’t believe that as I think she always has to go full on angst. I would think it would definitely start in double digits because of the stars, but whether it builds probably depends on what the competition is.

  3. So its KWB vs. LJS vs. Whoever gets Deal? (YYS is in the running right now)

    LJS’ looks the best as of right now but UC seems to have a nice summery feel to it. I see it doing well but not as well as DOTs simply b/c KWB and Suzy don’t have the acting chops of SJK and SHK. But who knows really.

    • As oppose to leads acting (like when has acting ever proven to be a deciding factor in ratings? A whole host of award wining actors/actress has had major flops) its down more to what it offers differently from competition and how the general public feels at the time. DoTS is popular because it has a generic story set in an exotic location. The move back to Seoul proves just how thin the plot is. If it was set in Seoul from the start, I doubt the ratings would be as high. Not to mention competing films aren’t that good to steal it’s thunder.

      UC could always luck out and become a major hit. Heirs was and that was even more basic.

      • Would you minding giving one or two examples which dramas are deemed to have solid plots? And can you elaborate what you meant by “generic” story set? I’m curious about your definitions. Thanks.

  4. Can any one please tell me what dramas the writer of UF has written so far? Thanks.

    I think both UF and W have selling points, at least to audience like me. I usually look at dramas with whole package unless I really hate one of the main leads, but going in the order of my preference as follows: Screenplay > directing > editing > star power > cinematography > styling. For me, I like W OTP much much better than KWB/Suzy pairing. Specifically I cringe at KWB’s looks sometimes. Nevertheless, I’m willing to check out UF thanks to the exceptional production values highlighted by DotS. DotS brought me back to K dramaland. I was losing confidence in K dramas prior to the air of DotS but now I’m looking forward to more productions again. It was said that KWB’s acting was impressive although he didn’t really impress me much in School 2013 and Heirs. But perhaps every decent aspect in the production of UF just clicks together and the drama will be fun to watch.

    • She’s well known for Sorry, I Love You (with So Ji Sub), Nice Guys (with Song Joong Ki), Will it Snow for Christmas?, and Thank You (with Gong Hyo Jin and Jang Hyuk — it’s an excellent drama that I love love love!).

      • Thanks. Well then, this writer’s drama is definitely something worth a check. Thank You is one of the best K dramas I’ve watched. I’m glad you mentioned it. While Nice Guy is so heart rending and the storyline is not necessarily up my alley, the cast are great. OK even I’m not so much for KWB/Suzy, I’ll definitely check UF given the writer and pre production.

  5. is it just me or does his hairstyle and wardrobe remind anyone else of “kim tan” from heirs. I don’t know why but it is giving off the same vibes especially in the pic with the kid even though I know it’s not the same atrocious style.

  6. I’m all for pre produced. The actors and actresses have better filming schedules and are more rested. I remember some actresses at the second half of their dramas need thick makeup to cover dark circles and even zits. Furthermore the team gets to do a better job in editing too. That said. I’m personally not a fan of Suzy.. So not sure if I will watch..

  7. Although Lee kyung hee does not make perfect dramas (I feel her plotlines always either simmer down towards the end or get convulted), there’s always a certain fuzzy feeling I get with the leads and their romance. It’ll definitely hit deep. Although I know it probably won’t be the best drama this year, it will definitely have thr chemistry going on. Suzy and woobin are just one of those pairings where you think about it in your head and go : yup, a match that needs to happen. Judging from the teasers we’ve gotten so far, this will be one of those melo romances that sweep you off your feet, but you watch with your brain turned off.

    • I think they are both pretty but the teaser footage shown was very bland. Which is unusual for Kim Woo Bin.

      The writer is good and has experience in making newbie leads shine but honestly there is enough hype that a lot of people will check this out even if the leads’ skills are lacking.

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