TW-drama Rock Records in Love Showcases Famous Songs with Top Taiwanese Actors and Actresses

Taiwan’s cable network PTV is doing a phenomenal sounding drama series of one-episode shorts featuring the the most influential music and acting talent. Starting April 9th, Rock Records in Love premieres with individual episodes all featuring a famous song from the label Rock Records, home of some of Taiwan’s most popular recording artists. Leading off with episode one is Rainie Yang and Chris Wu (squeeee!) featuring the song “Love” by Karen Mok. it’s fantastic to see Rainie back on the small screen again, and opposite Chris no less.

There are twenty episodes set to twenty classic hits and some of my most anticipated include: Roy Qiu and Annie Chen for Bobby Chen‘s “Final Gentleness”, Puff Guo and Lego Lee for “I Really Gave my Love” by Emil Chau, Nikki Hsieh and Alien Huang in Jin Zhi Juan‘s “Crossing the Ocean to Love You”, and Ming Dao and Cheryl Yang in “New Neverending Love” by Wan Fang. Check out the drama stills and preview below. Love the songs and love even more the incredibly talented and diverse cast for all the episodes.


Rock Records in Love:


TW-drama Rock Records in Love Showcases Famous Songs with Top Taiwanese Actors and Actresses — 12 Comments

  1. So this is why I saw random pics of Puff and Lego filming something! What a great idea!! The range of pairings is awesome *prays to the drama gods so hard it’ll be subbed*

  2. I haven’t been able to figure out how to watch PTv shows online here. I really wanted to see 一把青 as well as a few others. They have some decent shows I would be interested in. Even if I watch it in tw while there, I can only see three episodes at best.

    As for 滾石愛情故事, I have been following the promos for the last few weeks. It looks interesting. As from thoses mentioned, I also wanted to see Tony’s, Tiffany’s, Tammy and Nylon etc. they all look interesting. I wonder how Chris and rainie’s turned out?

    • spoke too soon. Rainie and Chris need to be in a much longer drama together. It was nice to see her on the small screen again. I remember her from all her hosting and from her first drama. Years fly by so quickly. I love her hair – it suits her so well now. Can’t wait to see the rest of the episodes. I think Roy and Annie should do a longer drama too – greedy I am with my drama pairings.

    • I think this one is on dailymotion! I just googled the Chinese name, and one of the first websites that came up led me to a video link.

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