KIm Sae Ron and Yoon Si Yoon Perfectly in Character in First Teaser for Mirror of the Witch

The first look at jTBC‘s fantasy sageuk Mirror of the Witch is totally up my alley and delivers a huge sigh of relief. Kim Sae Ron looks amazing as the abandoned princess turned witch, which if you asked me is the Eastern myth equivalent of Sleeping Beauty who was taken away from her princess life and raised as a forest girl by fairies. Unlike witches of Western lore, the witch is more of a shaman priestess and the portrayal has been shown before in sageuks like The Moon Embraces the Sun.

The first teaser is gloriously moody and eerie, evocative of how cable networks have a better touch with visual presentation these days. Yoon Si Yoon is convincing in his first sageuk role, with the potential love line with Kim Sae Ron’s character so nebulous I’m not going to fret over it beforehand. The veterans Lee Sung Jae and Yeom Jung Ah are also striking in their first character stills, especially powerful witchy Yeom Jung Ah looking like a powerful but beautifully decked out gisaeng.

First teaser for Mirror of the Witch:


KIm Sae Ron and Yoon Si Yoon Perfectly in Character in First Teaser for Mirror of the Witch — 6 Comments

  1. Awesome! I notice when it comes to sageuk, you barely notice the age difference between the OTP. I hope it’s gonna be the same case with PBG – KYJ.

  2. In my honest opinion, she clearly looks like a child. That cannot be overlooked however many ways I try to look at it. I tell myself Yoon Shi Yoon is babyfaced too, but even then, he has mature-ish baby face (Idk if that makes any sense). Lol. Even though it’s “only” a drama, I can’t see past the age difference. It’s cringeworthy. I will have to pass.

  3. The atomsphere of that teaser was perfect; now I’m definitely plannig to tune in.

    The age gap doesn’t bother me in theory. We’ll see what comes up once the story starts unfolding.

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