Gong Yoo in Talks for Screenwriter Kim Eun Sook’s Upcoming tvN Supernatural Romance Drama

Rejoice drama lovers, for the Big curse is nearly over! Since the debacle with Big, the Hong Sisters rebounded with at least one hit drama in The Master’s Sun, but male lead Gong Yoo stayed far from television like a hypochondriac from a kid’s play zone. It’s been four long years but the wait is now worth it because Gong Yoo is likely coming back to the small screen in a big way – he’s in talks to work with hit scripwriter Kim Eun Sook who just conquered new heights again with Descendants of the Sun.

Gong Yoo has been offered the male lead in Kim Eun Sook’s upcoming supernatural romance drama airing on tvN later this year. The drama is tentatively titled “Demon” and will incorporate scary elements from Eastern lore including creatures from Asian myth. I don’t mind Kim Eun Sook’s brand of stylized cheesy fluff, and Gong Yoo is such an established critically acclaimed actor it shouldn’t be a big deal that he wants to do something that appeals to the broad public and have some fun at the same time. More importantly I just want him back on TV in a drama that’s not going to tank in ratings and scare him away for another four years.

This is reportedly not the first time Kim Eun Sook make a concerted effort to land Gong Yoo, he was also in consideration along a few actors for the male lead in Descendants of the Sun but all passed before the prime gig landed with Song Joong Ki. If Gong Yoo accepts (please accept!) then the hunt will be on for the female lead, and he’s worked with so many awesome actresses in the past evidencing burning chemistry such as Yoon Eun Hye and Gong Hyo Jin. It’ll be interesting to see which new pairing Kim Eun Sook assembles and how it’ll stack up against some of her other memorable onscreen couples in previous dramas.


Gong Yoo in Talks for Screenwriter Kim Eun Sook’s Upcoming tvN Supernatural Romance Drama — 38 Comments

  1. ΥΕS, YES!!!

    Finally! Time to reverse the “Big” spell.
    (But DoTS with Gong Yoo? My mind can’t stop thinking of the drama’s alternative universe!!)

    • Thats good that she choose tvn. Because tvn create the best quality drama nowadays with signal, memory, the upcoming good wife with jeon do yeon. You can see all the best writer have choose tvn to distribute their drama. If it go to public broadcast it will be tremendous of ppl like dots which usually dont happen in tvn drama. Although still have ppl but less than public broadcast.

      • Plus Dear My Friend with Go hyun jung and all A-list veteran artists with Jo in sung and Kwang soo cameo. Answer 1988 hit 20 % though !!!!

        Can’t wait to see GY on small screen again…

    • It doesn’t really matter if it doesn’t cross 20%. Believe me for cable shows 8% and above is considered a big hit and almost the equivalent to 20% in any of the big 3. Besides tvN has proven to have a great production company.

    • Choosing a drama on tvn after the ratings DOTS brought is the wisest choice she could make. People will obviously compare the 2 dramas and if this drama doesn’t reach incredible ratings, she can use the excuse of it being a cable drama. As much as international fans hate her, the woman knows what she’s doing.

  2. Yes for TVN!! Hopefully she will cut done on the cheesy lines! Please, please drama gods cast Ha ji won!! It needs to happen!!

  3. Please cast a good actress, please cast a good actress! I would like him to act with Jung Yumi (que sera sera) again, she’s just such a underrated wonderful actress. Or Im Joo Eun.

  4. Is this Kim Eun Sook attempt to follow in the footsteps of Kim Eun Hee? Or to be taken seriously? Cause changing broadcast stations is not going to change the fact that her writing lacks intelligence, talent and creativity. From the channel that brought you “Signal,” cheese and absurdity are on their way.

    • What is wrong with the K-dramaland is ppl like this few entitled people who think they are some sort of cinamtic buff or genius and scream allover the place.

      For the love of god man tv-shows are for entertainment purposes and tastes are different.

      We should find way to shout down this type of cancerous trolls who ruin art online for whatever reason there is

      • Way to be melodramatic over nothing. As you said people have different tastes, and therefore entitled to their own opinion. LOL at the “art online” part. How do comments ruin it? You’d think that’s up to the writers, directors and cast. But based on the childish and uncivilized response, logic is probably not your forte, so never mind.

    • Umm…as a rational observer to this entire sequence, there’s a difference between having an opinion and being vitriolic, the latter of which you are. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions as to what ‘art is’. Entertainment is entertainment, you can’t differentiate such as “high-brow” or “low-brow” based on whether it engages your brain or heart. The only childish and uncivilized person here is you. Respect, is clearly not your forte.

      • You should have continued being an observer then, cause “rational” you are most definitely not. I’m not sure what exactly ticked you off there but I’ll make it simple so you can understand. Most will agree, including KES herself that she’s not the best writer out there. Being on a channel that is known for quality is not going to change the fact that her writing is sub par. That’s all. Of course, entertainment is entertainment…I love makjang. Of course, all of it is an art form…Where did I ever disagree with that? Your friend, the deranged weirdo in the previous comment, spewing all kinds of garbage IS uncivilized when they could simply disagree in a polite manner and explain why without being disrespectful. That counts for you as well. By the way, a quality piece of work will engage both your heart AND your brain; that’s how you know it’s good.

    • I’m glad ppl noticed you’re basically trolling, always got snooty bashing certain K ent professionals including actors/actresses/writers. There’re an <—– sign on the top of the page, easy for you to sneak to the forums raving about your Oscar-worthy dramas.

      • I can see after all this time, you’re still not over me and have become fixated. I must have hit a sore spot, which means there’s truth to it. How’d I know you were that insecure. It makes me sad for you, really.
        In regards to our previous interaction: You preached freedom of opinion, but when others respectfully shared theirs, you called them “despicable,” and other names. That’s the definition of a HYPOCRITE. I was standing up for the posters here that you were bullying.
        And since you’ve been stalking me, who did I bash? I don’t like KES’ writing and Dots, but my criticism is always constructive. I NEVER bash anyone, so you’re a LIAR too; otherwise provide proof to support your statement.
        In regards to your misguided friends above, my opinion is my own and how I express it is my choice: Whether I use humor or dark humor, sarcasm or cynicism. It doesn’t matter. What matters is I don’t call actors/actresses/writers names, I don’t attack their personality, appearance or personal life.
        I reluctantly expect your response, because I know you can’t help yourself. But, if you were smart and psychologically healthy you’ll do the right thing and move on.

  5. Oh I want him in a drama !!! And it’s on tvN, it means great kisses scenes ! Personaly, if I found the story of Big was a big mess, I really loved the main couple. They were really cute together.

    Meanwhile I’ll watch Finding Mr Destiny 😀

    • Yes right with tvn the romance and kiss scene will be increase beacoz don’t have to worry the regulation like in public channel. Yes so many good drama lining in tvn. Besides the citt is not all tvn false, it becoz the pd who make the plot miserable. Not just becoz one drama all assume tvn drama is bad. Countless great drama are under their belt like reply series(the last reply if it count in public it equals like 40 pct viewers), signal (which is very well written n direct also with great cast), memory, n upcoming go hyun jung drama is also must watch… but hopefully kim eun sook will reduce her cheezy line n can make a nice story n plot for her last project. Love she choose gongyoo. Last time watch him is in coffee prince which i like it so much. N hope the female lead also great too.

      • I liked Cheese in the trap. People didn’t like it because it was not like the original story and I understand that. But the casting was great. It’s a little bit sad that everybody hate this drama because of that.

        Otherwise, Signal was so great ! I love the OST, the casting, the story etc. I want a second season !

        For lead actress, I just hope that she’s the kind of having great chemistry with her partner (young or old, I don’t care).

  6. [+579, -150] Kim Eun Sook scriptwriter’s dramas are centered around what the public wants. Her dramas are actually second rate in terms of quality and the people who go crazy for them are the types who enjoy such low class work.

    from Netizenbuzz

    LOW CLASS? Poor Dots fans

    • Let us talk more real I don’t see the wow thing in her scripts or dialogues …Did she do something new or something creative? ??
      I WONDER WHY DOTS has the most high No of people who watching but in other hand there are Korean dramas deserve this attention more than Dots bcz the brilliant writing and portraying the characters I feel that her scripts overrated without impact or without something new .

      • Yes I know how they work-they don’t give bullshit to anything overrated.Totally not a YES YES man to Korean Entertainment who loves to fool low class taste unless you pay them millions.

  7. He was offered the role in Descendants of the Sun.. So I think he might’ve regretted not taking it so that made him say yes to this drama right away LOL!

    • I really think the same, he was offered the role for DOTS but decided to pass. Regardless if the story had it holes it became a great success for everyone involved in the project. He might accept this role. We will have to wait and see

    • Just my opinion but if Gong Yoo, Hyun Bin or other A list actor took the lead of DotS, I’m not sure if it got viral all of korea and great ratings like Song Joong Ki did. Why people still no understand, something is fate for someone.

      IMO, Song Joong Ki also as good as him. Joong Ki had/has hit dramas while him, perhaps only Coffee Prince. Gong Yoo did pretty well in movie though.

      • I agree that a huge part of the success was SJK. He was already quite popular overseas whereas I see GY being more insular in movies in recent years. While I enjoyed parts of DOTS, it was way more fluff than I thought it would be and I think SJK could play the character with one hand tied behind his back.

  8. As long as his co-star won’t be Han Ji Min. This actress spoils every drama for me, her acting is so annoying and stiff with no chemistry at all with her co-stars and she talks annoying.

    Please let his co-star be Yoon Eun Hye or Jung So Min, Park So Dam/ Kim Go Eun.

  9. Ah.. Big.. that drama could’ve been good but.. wasn’t. I would love to see him on screen again! Hopefully, he’ll get a decent costar. You totally reminded me of Biscuit Teacher.. I kind of want to re watch that drama now..

  10. please take kim sun ah as he’s costar.. i love their chemistry in she’e on duty film and i really hope they can be together in drama.. plus,KSA also a great kisser..kekeke

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