You From Another Star, Heirs, and Decendents of the Sun Take Top Three Rank in Most Popular K-dramas in China

With the conclusion of Descendants of the Sun it’s a perfect time to check in with the popularity of K-dramas in China and see where this newest ratings breaker resides. Polling website Vlinkage just released the Top 30 Most Popular K-dramas in China list as of April 2016 and it’s rare for me to feel like this is one accurately reflective ranking. It doesn’t just include recent dramas but even oldies like Autumn in My Heart and Full House are on the list.

You From Another Star remains the most popular K-drama of all time in China followed closely by Heirs and rounded out with Descendants of the Sun in the top three. That makes two Kim Eun Sook penned dramas in the top three alone, and both Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye takes two spots in the top five as City Hunter came in fourth followed by Pinocchio. Check out the full top 30 list below and have fun debating the merits or lack thereof with certain ranked dramas. 

Vlinkage Top 30 Popular Ranked K-dramas in China:

1. You From Another Star
2. Heirs
3. Descendants of the Sun
4. City Hunter
5. Pinocchio
6. You’re Beautiful
7. Secret Garden
8. I Hear Your Voice
9. The Master’s Sun
10. Rooftop Prince
11. It’s Okay, It’s Love
12. Queen In Hyun’s Man
13. Missing You
14. My Girl
15. The Moon Embraces the Sun
16. Autumn in My Heart
17. Full House
18. Goong
19. Boys Before Flowers
20. A Gentleman’s Dignity
21. Healer
22. Producer
23. Ghost
24. 49 Days
25. Nice Guy
26. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
27. That Winter, the Wind Blows
28. Dr. Stranger
29. Family Honor
30. Oh My Ghost


You From Another Star, Heirs, and Decendents of the Sun Take Top Three Rank in Most Popular K-dramas in China — 90 Comments

  1. wow Kim Eun Sook knows how to entertain her audiences!
    On another note, have you checked out Lego and Nikki Hseih’s new drama together ‘Love @ Seventeen (我和我的十七歲)’? Chris Wu even visited her on set ! ah, the lovely King flower memories

  2. I’m honestly so surprised to see both Moon Embraces the Sun and Producer in the list. I didn’t know they were popular at all in China. KSH power I suppose.

    As for YWCFTS being #1, at this point, it’s already such a given. Same for Heirs.

  3. I guess what matters is if it was entertaining for people to tune in and enjoy/obsess over.. but was Producer really that enjoyable to people?? Very forgettable for me. Same with Ghost on this list (if it is the drama that I’m thinking of..)

    I am surprised to see Queen In Hyun’s Man on this list.. not because it’s a bad drama, but because I was under the impression that it’s not really very popular. I loved that drama.

    • This list not only considers popularity (views) but also audience’s rating (from it’s like chinese IMDB).

  4. I loved The King2Hearts, and I see that it wasn’t popular in China. It did okay in Korea at the time, averaging around 14% at the time I think (or something around that), same as The Rooftop Prince which made the list there. I wonder if it might have had to do with the fact the drama had NK-SK relations as one of its topics.

  5. The most surprising thing on this list is Dr Stranger. This list confirms something I already knew: Chinese choose what to watch based on actors and if they like the actor don’t discriminate much for quality.

    Most popular Korean actors/actresses have 3 series each on the list:

    Kim Soo Hyun (You From Another Star, The Moon Embraces the Sun, Producer)
    Lee Min Ho (Heirs, City Hunter, Boys Before Flowers)
    Lee Jong Seuk (Pinocchio, I Hear Your Voice, Dr. Stranger)
    Park Shin Hye (Heirs, Pinocchio, You’re Beautiful)
    Song Hye Kyo (Descendants of the Sun, Full House, That Winter, the Wind Blows)

    Others with multiple entries are:

    Song Joong Ki (Descendants of the Sun, Nice Guy)
    Park Min Young (City Hunter, Healer)
    Gong Hyo Jin (The Master’s Sun, It’s Okay It’s Love, Producer)
    So Ji Sub (The Master’s Sun, Ghost)
    Park Yoo Chun (Rooftop Prince, Missing You)
    Jo In Sung (It’s Okay It’s Love, That Winter the Wind Blows)
    Yoon Eun Hye (Missing You, Goong)
    Jung Il Woo (The Moon Embraces the Sun, 49 Days)

    So put a combination of these actors and actresses in a series a la Heirs or Descendents, you got yourself a hit in China.

    • IMO Dr. Stranger is better than some of names on the list, in fact I loved it better than beloved Pinocchio & IHYV, although somehow I agree with U that popularity of leads is an important factor for attracting viewers in china.

    • Park Shin Hye has four dramas: three on top 10 – Heirs, Pinocchio, You are Beautiful, and #26 My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. This shows her level of popularity. Genuine from her work, that is much appreciated in China and many others Countries around the world. Agencies in Korean if they want to market their artists Globally, they just need to relate their artists with Park Shin Hye, or ask Shin Hye to post them on her IG or mention them, saying like it’s my little sister/friend or thinks like that. Lol. It is true.

      • No doubt in popularity of PSH but it’s irrational to say one drama is popular just because of her cameo in it! In this way there are other actors who has 4 dramas on the list with a meatier role than a cameo, for example LJS has Pinocchio, SG & IHYV on the top of list in addition to DS!

    • Well, this new list also support your claim.

      Top 10 Korean Star in China

      1. Kim Soo Hyun
      2. Song Joong Ki
      3. Lee Min Ho
      4. Lee Jong Suk
      5. Park Hae Jin
      6. Rain
      7. Kim Woo Bin
      8. Park Shi Hoo
      9. Jang Geun Suk
      10. Ji Chang Wook

      1. Yoona
      2. Park Shin Hye
      3. Jeon Ji Hyun
      4. Song Hye Kyo
      5. Kim Ji Won
      6. Yoon Eun Hye
      7. Yoo In Na
      8. Krystal
      9. Park Ye Jin
      10. Han Chae Young

      • Yoona didn’t have to have any Korean drama in the top, she went straight for Chinese drama and smashed the competition lmao.

      • As expected KSH had producers last while SJK is just fresh of Dots and same with psh since she had pino. While LMH and JJH haven’t been on the small screen for 3-yrs but still ranked so high despite no counting for Time slot and TV network plus rating which are part of the 7 ranking system used.

        Yoona has a currently C-drama airing that is doing really good.

        But still LMH and JJH still number 1 in china imo without using the 7 points ranking system that is being used here

  6. No doubt in popularity of PSH but it’s irrational to say one drama is popular just because of her cameo in it! In this way there are other actors who has 4 dramas on the list with a meatier role than a cameo, for example LJS has Pinocchio, SG & IHYV on the top of list in addition to DS!

  7. Not surprised to see 2 of eunhye’s drama in top 30 list. If you go to chinese video streaming sites, all of her dramas are actually in most viewed list or in top 100 except Marry Him If You Dare. To english speaking sites, her dramas after coffee prince may not be as popular, but her dramas continue to be popular in China (My Fair Lady, Lie To Me, Missing You).

      • You have to take into consideration that YEH didn’t do drama for 3 years (not like your bias) and not to mention she’s stay low key after her last drama. So she’s being included in this list is still remarkable for me.

      • So what if she’s not at the top like them? Lol. What is your point? I’m just happy my baby is still there despite the not so good things that has happened to her. And it doesn’t really matter cause popularity changes from time to time.

      • Did I even say anything? YEH used to be on top but she isn’t anymore…
        Even her latest drama didn’t do well…
        PSH and JJH have been taking off for a while too…

      • Was I even trying to bring those actresses down in my first comment? Why did you have to tell me that she is on top but not as top as them? What are you trying to get by telling me that? Do you want me to feel sad that she’s on top but not as top as them? You are clearly trying to bring my spirit down.

        While it is true that her last drama MHIYD didn’t do well, like I’ve said her other dramas still did well in China 😀 In 2012, in another vlinkage ranking she was at 6th and the only korean actress in Top20. I’ll send links tomorrow. I’m on my phone rn so I can’t. Goodnight.

  8. In case anyone is curious about the columns in the original ranking table.

    3.Comprehensive score
    4.Number of Views (in 100 million)
    5.Audience’s rating (from it’s a website like Rotten tomatoes or IMDB)
    6.Number of people who rated
    7.Time slot and TV network

    • Aw MANY THANKS! Then this ranking is totally biased, statistically inaccurate and misleading. (I’m speaking as someone with advanced training in statistics.) If the ranking is based on number of views so far, then each drama has different time span since its initial airing or uploading point online. This is like comparing orange with apple with peach with melon with plum with kiwi with cherry with etc. etc. (LOL…the list would drive me banana.) How can you compare a drama aired two years ago with the one just wrapping up the last episode a few days ago since number of views would not be comparable.

      Ms. Koala, my apologies for being blunt. This ranking is completely garbage from professional survey point of view. LOL

  9. I’m purely ranking these dramas from the list from entertaining perspective regardless of quality. For me the top runners would be:

    1. Descendants of the Sun
    2. The Moon Embraces the Sun
    3. Healer
    4. I Hear Your Voice
    5. The Master Sun
    6. Nice Guy
    7. City Hunter
    8. You Are Beautiful
    9. You from Another Star
    10. Rooftop Prince
    11. Producer

    Worthy of mention is Autumn in My Heart. I’m now watching it thanks to Song Hye Kyo since she impresses me as Dr. MY in DotS. I found such a classic melodrama so rare nowadays.

    • Agree with this ranking. Though My Girlfriend is a Gumiho introduced me to Kdrama. It is on my list maybe no. 2 after DotS.

      • I never got any chance to watch MGIaG. The concept just sounds very exotic to me, like vampire stuff never been down my alley. But the female lead is famous right although I’ve never watched her dramas.

  10. While YfAS has accumulated 5.2 billion views since it was aired two years ago, DotS has already garnered 2.3 billion views within just 2 months during its initial run. Just do simple math, is anyone sure to tell me YfAS is more popular than DotS based on number of views? Also Heir’s audience rating scores the lowest 6.8 among all the candidates in the list but ranked #2. What popularity ranking is this? Did the pollster even know statistic 101? LMAO.

    • YFAS is and was more popular then Dots during it’s time. If you actully noticed DotS didn’t hit much home with other places except in China and Korea. So it going behind YFAS in China which should have been it’s strong base seals the discussion forever.

      While Heirs taking nothing away from them is arguably the most popular of all 3 considering Latin America, Middle East, SEA and other places. Heirs also top almost all International portals and just keep running like a fresh tv-show that just got released. You should concede

      • If not mistaken, I think several news reports stated DotS broke record of number of views in China since YfAS and already surpassed YfAS. Just google it and you’ll see what I mean. I’m here talking about EVIDENCE when someone would really like to rank something using some kinda measurement. This ranking is totally garbage from statistical and survey perspective. Also your statements about Heir and YfAS by your own opinions without any quantitative evidence are not valid neither. That only represents HOW YOU FEEL but not what exactly may have happened.

        Without a credible methodology to rate “popularity” of dramas, let’s just leave it alone. It’s pointless to argue which drama is more or most popular. Different dramas entertain different groups of audience with different taste. Why compare? Also this ranking method really looks stupid to me with professional training in the discipline.

      • It’s already reported DotS was sold to 32 countries around the world including some European countries such as Germany and France etc.. Again without credible statistic measure, there’s no way to rank popularity. Stupid comparison.

  11. why are you so angry about this result common let see our dots did after a year then you can talk there are lot of media play for this drama i can also tell you one thing drama fever said heirs made them rich so you can see how popular the drama is in north america

  12. but in term of story and script…Heirs and DOTS are the big joke compares to MFTS…of coz MFTS rightfully deserve the top spot!!

    • In terms of story and script, MFTS is a big joke although I’ve been a HUGE fan of KSH and watched all his dramas. No kidding. He’s pretty bland in MFTS and his leading lady stole the show throughout. MFTS is nothing but Korean version but Clark and Lois. LOL…On top of this, it’s the problem that this ranking is based on shitty rating methodology that’s so dumb and ridiculous to me as someone with expertise in math/statistics/survey. LMAO. And rabid fans just keep babbling in their delusion.

      • Haha I cannot watch MFTS one episode only.I think JJH is overacting..& KSH is really an alien there because no facial expression.Its my pic sorry those who enjoys it.

  13. Looking at the ranking now, I’m pretty confident to say DOTS will sit at no.2 in no time. The only number it is lacking is the view count which will increase over time as it just finish airing, and some people might catch the fever late. The audience ratings is much higher than Heirs and it sure will invite more ppl watching it. Plus, let’s not forget the free channel is only able to view epi 15 & 16 next week. There are a lot of people who are waiting to marathon it once it ended (and free online).
    In order to beat Stars, we will have to wait 2 years and also depending on the next SJK project if it helps to boost his popularity higher.

  14. Reading all your comments make me laugh. Why are you all so hell-bent on your biases. I can tell you Heirs and MLFTS did really well to set the next big Hallyu craze and DOTS was lucky to have the springboard set for it. SBS is the biggest winner, 18 dramas earning mega bucks. It’s share price must be good.

  15. People got all snooty b/c their favorite aired two years ago sits on the top of the list are ignorant and obviously bad at math. LOL…this rating is stupid enough to people with basic statistics and survey knowledge. Don’t keep showing your ignorant arrogance. @Wyz.

      • Who cares? I like KSH a lot too. He’s one of my faves. Hahahah… I’m so glad all his dramas ranked so high although I do feel MLfAS is a bit overrated b/c his acting in that drama was the worst compared with other projects. LOL, they both are the boys of this noona fan. So are you happy now since you obviously always have some crap to say about one of my boys’ drama even you only watched 1/32 of the series. C’mon, it’s not like there’re no other forums for you to get you vent your sh*t.

  16. My apologies, Ms Koala. Not mean to spam your blog. I just feel that this is still the best forum I found so far to share drama related news and links. The following interview with Song Joong Ki is mainly for his and DotS fans. For anyone who thinks DotS an empty plot nor SJK a great actor, you’re welcome to skip. I have no interest in squandering my precious time off arguing about trivial differences in opinions. In the interview, SJK said something about how he looked at the script of DotS:

  17. Wow! Of the top 6, PSH is on 3 of those shows:) owned! ? Haha ! I’d watch her even her just washing her face , or cooking or eating ?…..It seems like a lot of directors and actors want to work with her because of her personality, she also knows how to be loyal. Can’t wait for her next project. The Dots actor would pair up well with her, they were quite friendly from their old collaboration.

  18. @Drama2016

    Someone above said you should concede which I agree with.

    You said Dots was reported to have broken alot of records? It’s called mediaplay and alot of it took place.

    Honestly speaking Heirs is most popular of all 3 with big distance and kinda common knowledge. Also the easy answer for people who have good measurement of things. Beyond china nothing rivals heirs it’s a monoploy. been in top 10 on Dramafever for 3-years sometimes tops current airing dramas and also most viewed in most International Portals like Russia, German, Arab etc etc. Example LMH gained around 24-Million followers in the span of 4-months during heirs run + 2 months which is in total 4-months. He was mainstream before that but even became more mainstream and there is alot of mediaplay surveys and polls that really dosen’t show anything or has much weight but I’m completely fine with it but just thought that most people saw thru that.

    SJK has what gained less then 1mio followers on Instagram during this entire run and his just not a needle mover.

    • I talk based on evidence and facts since that’s where I’m coming from. All the three actors KSH, LMH, and SJK are my favorite actors and I watched most of their dramas. Although I do think SJK has an edge in acting talent over the other two, I’m not particularly biased just to diss up YfAS and Heirs since I like both KSH and LMH. I’m only talking about the methodology to rate this ranking is ridiculously funny and misleading from statistical perspectives. I wouldn’t ridicule this popularity ranking if I had not known how it was measured based on the interpretation of another commenter. If it’s an accurate methodology, then so be it. Why should I have cared so much about who ranks first since all the three are among my favorite actors anyway. But as a professional with training in statistics and quantitative analysis in survey, how the popularity was scored just appeared stupid. Well, like it or not, you can’t simply quote what was going on on Dramafever. LOL… Mediaplay or not, I have no way to verify, support or argue against. But just talking about the ranking methodology alone, I can’t help laughing out loud how this was comparing orange to apple. Besides, I think ranking popularity is the most pointless topic in showbiz since each drama has different sell points to different groups of audience with different taste. Entertainment is not rocket science as if it could be measured in terms of set math like 1+1=2. It would be totally ignorant to say the ranking makes sense to compare based on the views of dramas aired at different times. 10 years old should be able to figure out this simple math. No offense. LOL

  19. Haha I haven’t been in for so long Koala sshi.I remembered how you were in pain recapping Heirs.I am a Korean drama addict at one time.I really think it’s all personal taste.The Chinese is the biggest money spender now & Japan of course.Those list is just what happening recent. They added DoTs because it’s current & trending.I know all those dramas has its appeal but it’s not the whole world opinion.Don’t follow or read it if it’d going to hurt you.Thank you

  20. was Heirs and DOTs broadcasted at the same time? or in the case of China, webcasted?

    I will guess most shows will hit a plateu sometime. Most normal people don’t rewatch and rewatch stuff. So it does not matter how long the “broadcast” period is.

    For DOTs now, since it is a simulcast, I will figure that it has a huge first “On time” viewers.

    Heirs will probably not have the same Huge intial viewers as DOTs.

  21. @Drama2016 lady: Instead of spending your time blahblahblah-ing about how shitty this ranking is, and your methodology is genius, just to prove that your DOTS must be the first of chart, why don’t you just simply learn to be humble, huh? You definitely remind of heaps of delulu fans of the so-called new rising dramas in Korean and CHinese dramaland during past time, lol. Come on, girl, keep calm and stay humble.

      • Hahaha…I found you didn’t make sense most of the time. But I agree with you for this one comment. You’r right prophet! It’s very amusing for me to read how sh*t snooty fans of some overrated actors/actresses such PSH would react to various opinions. LOL

        You’re free to trying tacking me in a huge cohort of rabid fans of whoever. It won’t change the fact that this ranking is crappy and laughable. I’m simply using basic logic learned from K-12 math, not even statistics. You take it or not, the ranking is stupid and whoever takes the ranking seriously is air-headed after I kindly blahblahblahblahlbahlbahed so much sense into their empty head. LOL

      • She likes to brag about her smarts and job. The whole purpose of her disagreeing or finding fault is because she saw that PSH’s dramas were listed as successes and she can’t stand it.
        And she likes to use words like rabid fans a lot….but she is the best example of a rabid anti-fan yet. And as a statistics “expert” she should brush up on her terminology…..
        She doesn’t like me because I keep telling her how absurd a “wall street” success sounds trying to put down anyone and everyone who likes the actress she hates to love…..such a crackpot….

      • @Class2018 and all these school kids, listen! You fangirls can’t take hard evidence and facts as your basis to talk about anything to do with measurement (including popularity ranking). So you’re all worked up and kept coming back on me. LOL…I happened to have plenty of time today so I can goof around with you guys. And if you got all bitter b/c my professional training and math/engineering background doesn’t allow me to be blind by the crappy ranking method, there’s nothing more I can do. You just have to do well at school and learn more math.

        I don’t like PSH as an actress but not as a person b/c her acting skills and style. But one of her dramas, You’re Beautiful, was lucky to make it to my most entertaining list in my prior comment. I don’t have any agenda to particularly troll her. But her lunatic fangirls did tick me off very often so I found it amusing to get on you guys’ nerves. LOL.

      • @Rockroad, you’re literally fighting back since you have responded. Even one line or one single word of crap is still considered to be a reply and you did. LOL…Don’t try to play around with me b/c I don’t see you’re being smart just by how you can’t accept the ranking is crap. LOL.

      • Drama2016 – you are so easy to rile up! I don’t know why you feel so belittled every time you spout hatred trying to put down people who are beautiful and famous. We schoolkids are young and bright and so far I haven’t been coming at you because of any supposed hard evidence or facts – I have responded because you sound like a crazy person always trying to sound like you are smart and rich. You like to brag about your position and education yet sometimes the terminology you use or the phrases you use sound like they are taken from someone else’s work. You are the one who constantly tries to argue with others about their opinion which they have a legit right to post. I don’t care if you hate her or any other actor/actress because it isn’t any skin off my nose. What I enjoy is my ability to rile you up and have you go off the deep end trying to justify everything you post. I enjoy the fact that a “kid” can make you feel the need to justify your “Wall Street” job, your math and now you have added engineering background…..any more new positions/degrees/abilities you feel the need to sporadically disclose in your attempt to show how intelligent you think you are?
        I like PSH and have no qualms about stating it. She is my role model but far from arguing with you about that – I simply stated it and didn’t go all delusional or hateful. I acknowledge your right to dislike her. I simply came at you for try to dominate this blog site by talking like you are a genius and trying to beef up your own credibility thinking others will listen to your unsolicited “advice”. Go ahead and hate – go ahead and spout your brand of vile hatred because in the long run you are the one who will be left with a bad taste in your mouth and a lingering disquiet in your soul and mind…..I really hope you can waste a day throwing your supposed punches at me because it helps to take up the slack time in my schedule today….I have turned in all my work, my projects are completed and I don’t feel like doing anything constructive today so let’s have at it…

      • Hahaha your long ass speech…I didn’t even bother to read it all b/c it’s not worth it. I’m more amused than mad at all. It’s fun to play word exchanges with you school kids. And I don’t have to hide my intellectual background since it’s all true. Again my point. This ranking method is incredulous.

      • And once again you just have to respond because you want to mention how
        “your intellectual background is true” – wonder if your boss knows you spend all day every day browsing blog sites to – well not sure what it is you want to spout on blog sites….
        And you really did read it all – you know you did….brhahahaha… you again with my (Quote) long a** speech (unquote)…..
        Your turn……

    • @drama2016, girl, calm down, as psh fans, I feel sick n tired to see you comment dragging psh, psh fans not just kids like you said, some of them doctor, lawyer, have good job n etc ( me,graduate on may 22 and my major international business and right now I am working at jp morgans at wall street, manhattan, and we never brag who we really are. don’t tell us rabbid fans n bla bla. calm down okay n take a big breath n relax.
      @classof2018, I’m agree what you said, girl. what major you take and good luck for you.

      • Look, you PSH fans checked yourselves in first and tried to mess around with me, not me mentioning her first. LOL I only stated the ranking methodology was not reliable from statistical point of view in general. I never mentioned how PSH should never be ranking blahblahblahblah…But these kids ticked me off by mocking me as PSH anti since I did mention I did not like her acting in other blogs. That’s my opinion about dramas and please respect me. Stupid and provocative enough. Let me tell you. I have no interest in anything to do with PSH, no love nor hate. I don’t care about how she does in this ranking. She didn’t even come to my mind when I fist saw the ranking. LOL. So leave me alone. If you’re rational enough as an adult, READ ALL THE COMMENTS FROM THE BEGINNING TO THE VERY END. I mention my statistic training to support my doubt about the ranking method. Why did you guys get all butthurt b/c what I said about my training is all true? LOL And you don’t have to mention your pro since I don’t care about it. Nor do I care about what professionals are PSH fans. That’s not the point here. The ranking method is shitty. That’s all I want to say. I have Ph.D. with double major in math/EE and now work in financial risk management sector. If you don’t believe what I challenge about this ranking method, so be it. But be reasonable and don’t act like those school kids starting trash talking about me.

      • @Classof2018 school kid. I do have plenty of time goofing around and trash talk back to you at my break time from work since I’ve been doing pretty well. That’s why I told you kids to do well at school, not trolling here.

      • @Liathaiv – you might not see this note because this article is a few days old now but Drama2016 says she works on Wall Street and is an engineer, a mathematician and an IT expert…..perhaps you are in a building close to her…..
        I am still in high school but I would really like to go into medical research. My Dad is a professor at MIT and he says if I want it bad enough I can do it. Congratulations on your graduation and on your job! Good luck and see you again in PSH’s articles. I really look up to her and she is my role model.

      • @classof2018, don’t worry, we are still far away from reaching our dream but in real life it’s not easy to get that dream, just keep trying and one day our dream come true. if you from my state, after you graduate try to apply at John Hopkins University of Maryland, my cousin get in this fall, her major medical research.
        for drama queen n full of bs about her degree or her job(ykwtp).let her be.I am trying to explain to her, psh fans it’s have a decent job n have a degree too, and don’t calling us name or put down psh. but the end days she still like that, my mom told me, people can judge you the way you act or talk to the people. please watch your self, and always respect other persons. and thank you for wishing me.

      • LMAO. So is that real your dad teaches at MIT? Hahaha… It sounds suspicious by the way you commented. LOL. If you doubt about whether I really got my Ph.D. in math/EE at 20s and also earned my professional license in the financial risk management field, equally I think you’re joking about your dad. I hope not since I think it would be a big insult to your dad then. When did I ever say I worked in Wall Street? It just proved your ignorance about the industry.

        Why do I dislike PSH’s rabid fans so much more than other drama viewers? This is the reason and your major problems. You got worked up b/c I don’t admire your bias and then continue to tick me off with chit-chat following each of my comments. I wouldn’t even bother to check out this crazy thread again if not for insult from Evilbitch, an equally lunatic fan of PSH. For ppl like you, I won’t be kind with my words. You don’t deserve my respect. Expect me to b*llsh*t you all the time if you continue to respond and say all kinds of crap about me. Geeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  22. Lee Min Ho Popularity Even without New Drama in 3 Years…untill now no one can beat his Weibo account almost 30 million n his FB account almost 17 million…

    • He has built a solid fan base in China for ages. The unsual side of the medal is: seems his number of Chinese weibo fans hasn’t given him any much more influence/ notice in his home country.

  23. You know you’re such a big kdrama fan when you already seen most of it. 27/30 for me. I notice that most of the dramas that made it have fantasy and chaebol theme? Seems China really loved that genre. Even the cable dramas that made it on the were fantasy themed rom com and not the popular Reply series? Seems it’s just popular in Korea meanwhile China doesn’t exactly like throwback shows, eh?

    I couldn’t be any happier with City Hunter and Healer being included on the list. My kind of action romance genre kdrama<3

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  26. It’s interesting to note that there are no sageuks in the top 10, and that only 2 sageuks made it into the top 30. Looks like the Chinese audience prefers to watch modern rather than historical Korean dramas.

    I wonder about Chinese dramas, do the Chinese audience prefer modern or historical? They have really superior historical dramas like Nirvana, MiYue, ZhenHuan etc.

  27. Thanks Koala for taking out that garbage thread with someone called evilfan of PSH bullying and harassing my parents. I don’t want to say b* or s* words cussing other people. It’s ok for ppl who don’t like my comments to argue back even with very negative wording. But it’s just too much with comments insulting my parents as this evilfan did . I’m glad Koala removed those comments.

    Drama fans, can you please not take different opinions personal nor start to attack those who do not agree with you about your faves? If you diss up my family again who’re irrelevant to my activities on this blog site, I won’t be quiet and definitely will make sure your heart gets pierced to pieces by my dagger mouth. No mercy!

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