Hwang Jung Eum is a Spazz Opposite Stoic Ryu Jun Yeol in Second Teaser for Lucky Romance


Gosh, I wish either Hwang Jung Eum wasn’t playing the leading lady role in Lucky Romance, or the genders were swapped in the drama story so the female lead was the cold stoic one. Otherwise it’s three times in a row that poor Hwang Jung Eum is playing what is essentially the same caricature of a spastic woman. Sure the ladies had different professions, a doctor in Kill Me Heal Me and a fashion magazine editor in She Was Pretty, but all I’m seeing is the same visuals and mannerisms from her and she can do so much more than fall into what is essentially a caricature on her at this point.

Same goes with Ryu Jun Yeol, if his cold stoic male lead turns out to be a grown up version of Jung Hwan in Answer Me 1988 I’m going to be so frustrated. Both are talented and there is no need to rehash a previous performance in different packaging. With that said, I’m seeing new stuff from second leads Lee Soo Hyuk and Lee Chung Ah so that’s a breath of fresh air from one segment of this drama. With Descendants of the Sun finished up, MBC‘s Goodbye Mr. Black is the ratings leader in the current Wed-Thurs time slot so there’s a good chance LR will premiere to decent ratings in two weeks on May 25th.


Second preview for Lucky Romance:


Hwang Jung Eum is a Spazz Opposite Stoic Ryu Jun Yeol in Second Teaser for Lucky Romance — 61 Comments

  1. She doesn’t appear /as/ spazzy as she was in She Was Pretty. So I won’t get annoyed y e t.

    I don’t care if RJY’s character is stoic. I just don’t want him to be a straight up jerk like Park Seo Joon’s was.

  2. I don’t really blame Park Seo Joon for being a jerk in SWP. I thought her character was pretty dumb for not being upfront with him in the first place, any guy would be as frustrated as he was being tossed into such a situation.

    I am disappointed she isn’t playing a character like in Secret. I want to see her in a melodrama again. Three times in a role playing similar characters….eh….

  3. Kind of a weird promo but I agree she’s not as spastic as she was in KMHM or SWP…so far.

    Also why does LSH’a face look slightly off? Please please don’t tell me he messed with his face. I miss his styling in High School King 🙁

  4. I don’t think the characters are the same,as i noticed, although the time frame between characters are at a very short span ,I think we can see diff characteristic bet them,ORJ is a tomboy and loud when crying,KHJ is all womanly and very subtle when she cry,this new character may also have distinct char to her.I’m ready for this.If this drama offers the same hilarity as SWP,I am so in,the Kdrama world is very dull these days.

    • Maybe check out Oh Hae Young again. I haven’t been able to watch it but it’s got nothing but rave reviews from i-kdrama fans and k-netizens.

      • Thanks chingu for the recommendation, I am actually watching it, but I find some comedy parts pale even crying scenes.Maybe I’m used to some HJE comedy where there is a lot of energy and intensity where I laughed really hard,I never laughed hard on OHY(sorry)and some crying scenes in my opinion is forced.But definitely, I love the story ,i keep on watching it,but the actress is pale in comparison to HJE (this is only my opinion,don’t throw stones on me)

      • Oh Hae Young again is GOLD. Love the story, the directing, actings and cinematography. All characters are so charming even the side characters. And OSTs are lovely. I addicted to see Seo Hyun Jin-Eric’s love story to develop more. I like monday now, thanks to Oh Hae Young^^.

  5. It’s funny how you labelled it’s stoic for Ryu Junyeol while he suho is more jerk and snobby than junghwan.
    Stop playing as if you knowtal. You sounds like desperate hater like another junghwan haters

  6. Koala trying to burst people’s bubble as usual. Maybe you were too engrossed in Bogum’s character in Reply 88 to notice and label Junyeol’s new character the same as Junghwan.

    If I were you, I’d be more concerned about his drama not having secured second male lead yet and having to go against Scarlet Heart tbh.

    • God lately l’ve noticed that RJY/ junghwan followers tend to be psycho. Can someone explain why people who like that actor tend to issue forth abrasive and illogical comments all over the place? I haven’t even watched answer me 1988 yet, but I almost want to defend people who like that show just because commenters who support the character junghwan tend to spam comment sections everywhere with rude and tone deaf remarks. I’m not accusing all RJY fans … But it’s a true fact that I can’t seem to escape a website or post without a comment like the one above.

      • Well, you should watch it! Though you are so lucky it’s over because at least you don’t have to be hit over and over by the Book of SunTaek theories! Where all other opinions don’t matter, but theirs! Then again they do love re-watches and might just hit certain comment sections with their endless, colorful commentaries! Darn so maybe you won’t be able to escape it! AW Shucks! Anyways Happy Watching!;)

      • you may check bogum fans twitter. they called Junyeol as animal thing and calling his name too…see that yourself and tell me who’s psycho one

      • try to check bogum fans twitter too. they’re even worse. calling junyeol with animal thing, namecalling junyeol, mocking him personally. so, whos the psycho now

      • God even if I want to enjoy a RJY drama his too enthusiastic fans won’t let it happen lol. Such a turn off lol.

    • LOL! Why so salty? You clearly just can’t move on from him not getting the girl in Reply 1988 to not see that in these previews (at least), he is indeed playing another tsundere character like Junghwan.

      And please! Your idol is turning 30. He may be seen as a rookie but with his breakout this year he will be up for roles against actors his same age range. Bogum falls in a completely different bracket (ie The 93-liner “It” guys) and his team knows it, thus his role in a TEEN historical drama. Also, rom-com is such an easy sell, no need to be blatantly insecure about it!

      • romcom is easy to sell yes..especially romcom in teenage historical drama.
        and whats with the age? you mean junyeol should catagorize as older role..
        You want to be compare with Yeo Jingoo ?? while i see that Bogum role is the same role with Yoo jingoo’s role too in Jackpot. and Yoo jingoo is 18th years old and win Blue Dragon award already…

      • Oh, Grace. Chill out. Do you really have to reply in threes? Are you really that incensed? And what? Yeo Jingoo? Huh? ??? Are you going to drag any actor that you think will be a threat to your oppa? Geez.

        Yes, Junyeol is older. And he looks his age as well. It’s evident after Reply that he’s gravitated towards roles that suits his age (ie Lucky Romance). Bogum looks like a teen, he’s baby-faced. Of course his roles tend to be on the younger side as well even though he’s 22 (international age). And really, the K-entertainment scene don’t even group them together outside the fact that they both starred in Reply. Bogum is in league with other 93-liners may it be actor or idol. So those still stuck with that husband rivalry are the only ones comparing them.

        And yes, even a teen HISTORICAL drama is a harder sell than contemporary rom-com because the “stiffness” of the medium (language, etc.) is considered a barrier to modern-day audiences. And besides, there’s no more safer net than an established star than Hwang Jung Geum. So, let go of your worries, stop being insecure and stop dragging other actors down just to let your oppa look good.

  7. I do like her when she isn’t over the top. Her acting is the same in the past few dramas she’s done. If you were to put any of the characters she played in KMHM, SWP and this one, you couldn’t even tell that they were different characters. Just loud and ditzy. Stick to melos, please HJE.

    • Although you have some point there, that lately her characters are the same(but I think not totally),sticking to melo is probably not her option.Maybe,she wanted to do melos but unfortunately nothing caches her attention nor passed her standard for a good melo. She rejected a lot ofupcoming and current dramas and this LR probably is the finest among them and unfortunately ,it is a romcom again.I think we viewers have no right to complain,coz we have the choice,it is either we watch it or skip it.

    • Yeah, I saw some clip of KMHM online the other day with her and Park Seo Joon and I thought it was from a SWP episode I had missed.

  8. Come on let’s not accuse anyone of being a Junyeol-anti/Bogum-fangirl or w/e (wow I can’t believe this is still going on…) let’s leave the fanwars along with R88 (saying this as someone who is far far up Junyeol’s ass) … but I agree though that Suho is no way the same as Junghwan. I’ve been following most updates of this drama and I get the impression that he’s more an awkward nerd vs. a tsundere teenager (I could be wrong later on if I am nevermind lol) ….seeing as they changed some things I hope they don’t stray toooo far from the webtoon character (personality wise anyways) bc Taekhoo was hilarious

    Also I get HJE can be annoying to some but I love her and will watch literally anything she’s in

    • +100 (ahaha +infinity more for the ass comment)
      people are so quick to label tbh.
      i agree that this character doesn’t seem very similar to jung hwan’s character in 1988. the first teaser where he gave her a condescending look after catching her sneaking up on him kind of alluded to that but the more teasers i see the more i’m convinced that suho is totally different from tsundere jung hwan.

      • right???… ok I was skeptical about Suho too at first (I admit first teaser was very JungHwan) but was soooold once I saw those cute round specs in the character photoshoots…. but sadly I haven’t been seeing them in any of the other previews… hopefully they make a comeback!!

    • But it’s true that one commenter is trying to start another fan war here by dragging ‘other’s name’ that wasn’t even mentioned in this article and by salty comment at that.

      • Yes of course, hence why I said “let’s leave the fanwars in R88”. It wont help either if people respond to them with hostility (but i guess i can’t blame y’all if you do… that person needs to relax lmao but please, easy on the Junyeol dragging…). It really is unfortunate tho that someone who’s not even mentioned in the post OR related to the topic AT ALL is being dragged…… idk what that even accomplishes tbh … :/ I’m so tired….

  9. Among all her dramas as a leading lady, I think she’s the best in Secret Love. HJE is actually very good at melo. But I don’t know why she’s been doing mostly rom com recently.

    • I really love to see her in another vehicle like secret, but maybe there is no melodrama been offered to her that passed her standard.We know how meticulous HJE in choosing script for her drama and probably no melos catches her attention right now.She rejected many dramas this year Ithink (monster & Bu bu xin remake?)so there is no much offered to her table and she just grabbed the most delicious to her taste.

      • Scarlet Heart wasn’t offered to her and Monster OSY’s role isn’t anything to die for so I’m glad she turned that down. The agent girl is much more fun in Monster and so is the spoiled brat. And good melos are rare now-a-days. They somehow turn into a basic rom-com in the middle or at the end. So, maybe nothing good never went her way so she had to settle for a fun romcom again.

    • Yeah, JadeEntertainment is apparently uninterested in letting the international fans watch their preview. I still don’t understand why they care to exclude us, but it probably means the preview will eventually be on DF or something.

  10. simple

    if you don’t like her or him or someone else just stop posting a comment, a news, drama, or else, and don’t read any news about them

    • But there is nothing wrong with voicing your own opinion as long as your writing is not offensive and that you expect everyone to agree with you.

  11. Huh! I actually was hoping Koala would write something nice about HJE for once. I know you dislike her personally too much to do that. As for the spazz in the romance, we already knew this was coming. Its in the character description for the role for the love of God. I’d still say, don’t be so conclusive while the show hasn’t even aired yet. It might not be groundbreaking but it might turn out to be a pleasant and funny watch.

    • There is nothing new in this site,if you are an HJE follower,you must prepare yourself for disappointments rather than satisfaction when you open an HJE article as there are more unfriendly comments especially from the main article.The irony is,this blogger keeps on writing about a person she doesn’t like when she can just ignore all the news,dramas,updates about the person she hates(its so obvious in the majority of articles she wrote for HJE).Like I said before HJE is one “small” actress that will not affect this site’s “popularity?” if there is no article about her written.Then hate will stop.

  12. I don’t see anything offensive in what she writes?? why some people here are pressed about it? it’s clearly written “IF,” very harmless opinion imo.
    anyway… not that excited about this drama tbh, but I’ll watch anything he’s in cause I miss him so bad since reply’s ended. Hope this drama surprise me (in a good way of course)

  13. what’s so amusing here is not the article itself but ppl’s comments lol i don’t see koala has offensive or illing comments toward RJY or HJE. but “some” fans here dragged bogum / his upcoming drama which i don’t see how it’s related. R88 fans kinda…. haha please go watch YOF to see how love the brothers are.

    im looking forward to lucky romance too coz i want some funny drama coz nowadays mostly are boring. im ok with HJE acting and i know she’s good at it amd have to admit her works often got great response.

    • Actually,you are correct chingu about koala not writing “blatantly” offensive or ill words towards HJE (RJY is a different issue for me), but by just browsing the headline she puton the article above “spazz”and stoic” connotes negative impression towards the reader.I know somehow in journalism we don’t write negative headlines like this,and it is not the first time, most of HJE’s articles written by Koala -aside from its content-connotes negative vibe.I am following HJE articles on this site and what I always get,aside from haters are negative impression from Koala.Fair journalism is the best especially if your blog site is often visited by all sorts of fans.There is no wrong in criticizing, but let it be subtle,because other people don’t see it that way.We may dislike what others like, but in no means we have to publish it to attract attention.

    • See, its not the direct bashing but rather indirect and a long time dislike that I see reflected in the article over time. There is always a negative underlying tone and a general impression that Koala gives in her articles that paints HJE as somebody who doesn’t deserve the success or takes the easy way out by doing what she does best. HJE works like a maniac and she has a history of very low point that made her so earnest. So complaining about it for one is completely wrong. They offer her work so why must she say no to it?? Who knows maybe someday she won’t be so in demand. You will always find words like, she is again playing a loud character, its a caricature. I want to know how many of the dramas that come out these days in Korean drama land are ground breaking or how many characters out there are actually quite fresh. Very few are like that and there are even some gems out there barely even get noticed because they aren’t on the big 4. And how many melos are worth watching these days. Marriage Contract was the only one that I could watch in years. GMB is a decent watch but hot mess at the beginning. Mask last year started great and in the middle somewhere lost the teeth and I lost my interest. The one that works right now for me is Monster, even that is not a full melodrama. It has plenty of comedy and heart in it and more like a fast paced long game of con. I don’t know about others but I am writing after reading multiple articles here that say the same thing over and over again in different words just like Koala claims that HJE does the same thing.

  14. Looking forward to this drama, the teasers seem really fun. About time we have a nice romantic comedy this year. Im a fan of Hwang Jung Eum and Ryu Jun Yeol, so this drama is already getting good marks from me. Bring on 25th of May 🙂

    P.S. Reading the other comments here why are people being harsh here, RJY seems to be playing a different character here. He is being versatile so the Junghwan comments I dont know where they are coming from. Referring to a comment saying some Junghwan/ RJY fans are rude, you dont even know the half of it. The “other ship” is absolutely horrid. I never come across a rude or crazy Junghwan/RJY fan, the “other ship” is extremely rude to RJY fans constantly; I will say quite belittling actually. Not all but some! I dont know if the fans of the other actor are distressed by RJY’s high popularity, who knows 🙂 Also the reason “that actors” name was mentioned was because of that comment made about the so called Junghwan fans being nasty.

    Let me state that ROMCOM has no age bracket, you have people in their 40’s and 50’s + that are still doing these type of genres. So I find that comment quite ageist saying that he is too old.

  15. Omg please stop the reply drama. Its just a drama. In real life, the two actors are good friend. Don’t you all watch yof? Please stop this reply husband war. The drama is over more than 4 months n the drama is still continue. Please grow up guys. Just watch the drama. I think both of the actors need our support to become more better actor in the future. Coz i’m sure thay have the capability to become big in the near future.

    • Both are good actors and deserve the praises that they are receiving. I wish them both the best of luck for the future. This drama and article talks about the two main stairs RHY and HJE, lets keep it that way. It’s just that some comments were starting something when they shouldn’t.

      Anyway as I said before, I am looking forward to this drama. I haven’t enjoyed anything fun since Come Back Mister ended. There is too much gloomy drama’s nowadays 😛

  16. Oh gosh..stop the hate people. What’s wrong with all of you. I’m a RJY fan not Reply1988 fan so please stop saying this..that.And this article is about Lucky Romance not Reply1988 or article where Bogum is even invloved.

  17. @SIREY…Sirey,oh sirey…another pathetic hater of HJE is on the lose.Even if you announce over and over that you stopped watching KMHM or even SWP or doesn’t have plans of watching LR and HJE’s acting sucks will never change anything you know,HJE is one of the most popular star in Korea and increasing in popularity worldwide even if her acting “sucks” hehe,so stop whining and do your stuff.There are many ,too many of us who love her “sucking” acting and will watch anything with her, so watch other non sucking actress to your taste,loooser.

    • No,there are bunch of good K actresses in their 20s,the only problem is there are hardly enough who can carry a hit drama.So mostly producers rely on actresses who have the “star” power to make sure that movies/dramas can break even on budgets.This “woman”has enough star power so she is always cast in dramas so…live with it.

      • Don’t agree, Have you seen Han Groo?? They forced her out of Scholar Who Walks the Night and she is a very talented actress who can emote and act crazy without a care for image or whatever, a dedicated actress with real talent. Then there’s Kim Seul Gi, Jo Bo Ah..My first choice for Bo Nui was Han Groo….but still people either prefer idol star turned actor who can’t deliver or the known one, people aren’t willing to take a chance with new faces, that’s the problem. HJE delivers and has done that for years so I am happy with it, its better choice than what could be a very wrong one.

    • Although Han Groo can act she doesn’t have the special leading actress look or effect such as SHK, HHJ. She doesn’t seem to make an impact on the audience. I suppose that’s why HJE had to have PS to make her look prettier onscreen.

  18. I was watching another video and HJE’s hair is so cute. Short suits her; I can see why she is always cutting it. Anyway, is there another posting of this video somewhere? Because this particular one has been blocked for me. 🙁

      • Of the teaser? I don’t see any on HJE’s page. And I actually follow RJY and he hasn’t uploaded anything in a while.

      • @Canxi type instagram#hwangjungeum, #jungeum #jungeum.fan,there is a new modified trailer and poster.Sorry I dont know how to link the page.

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