Netflix Releases First Mysterious Poster and Preview for Game K-drama The 8 Show with Ryu Jun Yeol and Chun Woo Hee

Streaming giant Netflix has been a roll in 2024 with its own produced K-dramas, much more akin to the success of 2022 than in 2023 when its K-drama were just okay received. There was A Killer Paradox, Chicken Nugget, and most recently Parasyte: The Grey. But it feels like the network is going too fast paced with a new released every three weeks as Goodbye Earth is coming at the end of April and then in mid May there is The 8 Show, which released its first teaser poster and preview this week. Starring Ryu Jun Yeol, Chun Woo Hee, and Park Jung Min, the drama feels like a less violent and maybe less deadly version of Squid Game, where 8 people enter a building with 8 floors in a time to money competition. This seems like exactly the type of K-drama that I-audiences will eat up and if the series is good I expect high viewership.

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Han So Hee Posts Another Long Statement on SNS Claiming She Dated Ryu Jun Yeol After He Broke Up with Hyeri and Asking Hyeri to Confirm the Breakup Date was Prior to November 2023

Oh goodness girl, I really wish you had some wise older women in your life to give you counsel and stop you from behaving this rashly. Because this too shall pass but you’re making it so much worse. I’m talking … Continue reading

Han So Hee Posts on Her Blog Revealing Relationship with Ryu Jun Yeol, Apologizing to Hyeri for Immature Response, and His Agency Confirms Afterwards

Welp this has indeed turned messy, at least for K-ent standards. The J-tourist alleged sighting of Ryu Jun Yeol and Han So Hee flirting in Hawaii has now indeed been confirmed as the two are dating. Han So Hee went … Continue reading

2023 Blue Dragon Awards Fetes K-movies with Smugglers Taking Best Picture and Lee Byun Hun and Jung Yu Mi Winning the Best Acting Prizes

I didn’t follow the K-movies this year so I don’t even know if any of the winners were the right ones lol but I still love awards ceremonies for the glitz and glamor. It was the usual level of awards … Continue reading

Park Eun Bin Takes Home the 2023 Baeksang Awards Drama Category Daesang While Song Hye Kyo Wins Best Actress and Lee Sung Min Crowned Best Actor

This Friday’s Baeksang Awards in Seoul was probably a night of little to no surprises (just one big one) and a lot of satisfied winner picks. The Park Eun Bin and Song Hye Kyo race for Best Actress ended with … Continue reading