Lee Jong Seok is Modern Quirky for Ceci and Throwback Handsome in First Teaser Preview of C-drama Jade Lovers

Consider me pleasantly surprised by the one-two Lee Jong Seok punch this week. He’s on the cover, two different ones to be precise, of Ceci Magazine, and the first sneak peek at his upcoming Chinese-Korean joint production drama Jade Lover¬†with Zheng Shuang is out. I like what I see from both, he’s suitably quirky in his flower boy appeal in Ceci, even with the obvious floral and bird print sweater and neck tie shirt, and the first Jade Lover teaser has all the hallmarks of what I love about the early Republic era. Gorgeous costuming, the romantic appeal of old fashion train stations and cars, and taking this story out of the shenanigans of modern day conflict gives it a sweeping epic feel. Not to mention directing the drama is well-received Korean PD Jin Hyuk. The drama may not air before Lee Jong Seok’s upcoming summer MBC K-drama W costarring Han Hyo Joo but he’s certainly lining up television projects that look or sound promising.

Behind-the-scenes first look at Jade Lover:


Lee Jong Seok is Modern Quirky for Ceci and Throwback Handsome in First Teaser Preview of C-drama Jade Lovers — 15 Comments

  1. Seems he is Ceci’s love, featuring simultaneously at the cover of both Ceci’s korea and china aside, I read the Ceci’s hashtags under their insta update which were like as: #Ceci’sman #can’tlivewithoutjongsuk and so on!!!

    • I think Krystal is on China’s cover. But yeah, Ceci is very fond of him. You feel that especially when you read the editor’s note from the magazine.

      • Thanks a lot, I checked it, he is on the cover of june edition for Ceci Korea and july edition for China not at the same time!
        Now I read his interview and u are right, the editor’s note is full of compliments and praising him! I loved how editor were shocked by his honesty and pureness!

      • Was shocked*
        Also I loved it when he highly praised all kings of hallyu & said it’s an exaggerate to add him to them, IMO he is a humble actor.

  2. Lee Jong Suk + Ceci is the best thing ever. You should watch the video of the photoshoot on ceci’s youtube, it is great. Jade Lover’s set looks so good too! I’m going to enjoy watching all the pretty places.

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