Nautical Themed Song Joong Ki is at Home with Cutest Dog Roomie in Marie Claire June 2016 Spread

A round of applause for Marie Claire Korea for standing out amidst the glut of insanely popular K-actor Song Joong Ki pictorials. I’ve loved all the various photo spread so far but Marie Claire has done something different, it’s managed to capture original flavor Song Joong Ki in his natural habitat and state. This is one down-to-earth warm boy and the magazine went with a home shoot that went from good to great thanks to the addition of an insanely velvety cocker spaniel. The top pic is likely to be one of my electronic device backgrounds for the foreseeable future, from Song Joong Ki’s unbridled smile, comfortable body language, and of course the dog paw pawing at him, it’s the stuff of permanent save in my Song Joong Ki love files.


Nautical Themed Song Joong Ki is at Home with Cutest Dog Roomie in Marie Claire June 2016 Spread — 30 Comments

  1. I have a question, about SJK being captured in his natural habitat and state: does anyone know if this shoot took place inside his house or apartment (not his parents I am assuming), and if the dog is his?

    • His feet do not look that big, though they look wide at the top. One can also clearly see them in Werewolf Boy, and they were not big.

  2. I am super bored of Song Joong Ki’s face right now. Yes he is cute and all but he is getting really over exposed.

    • I could have chosen to skip any post titled with SJK rather than still check it out and then take our your ax to grind. LOL

      • Just had to rewrite bcus too many typos (smartphone not smart at all):

        @orchid, you could have chosen to skip any posts titled with SJK rather than still checked it out and took your ax to grind. He needs to make money and finance his agency though. LOL

      • @Drama2016: I have skipped SEVERAL posts regarding SJK and in fact this is the first time I am commenting on his article. FYI I don’t have any interest in grinding the axe, I am just stating my honest opinion. Maybe you should learn to accept that there can be different types of comments on a public forum besides the typical “Oppa is so handsome, I died and reached heaven” comments.

      • It’s not the matter if I accept an opinion or not. Like you said, this is a public forum and everyone is free to talk about whatever as long as it’s not internet-bullying other people. It’s fine you get tired of his face. But there’re also many ppl having fun just reading anything about him LOL…I’m only suggesting you just totally skip any news about SJK since that’s what I’ve been doing with some really boring celebrities unless my faves are also mentioned in the same blogs. It’s all about personal preference. You can’t stop ppl from thinking you’re bleating for no reasons since you don’t have to click on the link when you know his face is gonna all over the page. LOL

      • I am not getting your point. Koala is one of the blogs I follow, so why can’t I comment on any article I wish? As you agreed it’s public forum and anyone can say what they want unless it’s internet bullying. I know there are many people who have fun reading about him and I am not stopping them. I am just expressing my own opinion. Did you see me quoting positive comments and trying to impose my views on them? No. So in the same way don’t quote my opinion just to impose your views on me. Thank you very much.

      • I’m just giving you a simple suggestion. It’s up to you at the end. You can continue to do as you did. But it doesn’t make you look good anyway. It’s like someone else kept coming back to DotS blog sites saying negative comments about the drama while she confessed she only watched 1/32 of the series. The funniest joke ever. LOL

      • And what you are doing doesn’t make you good look either. Jumping down on anyone’s neck who doesn’t swoon over your Oppa. I just dropped a simple comment and you made a drama out of it,much like your username. Extra sensitive and over defensive fans like you are the reason that people are put off by the fans as well as the celebrity concerned. Oh and I have no interest in repeatedly commenting on an article or celeb. It’s your replies which forced me to do so.

      • Lol, now I see you totally out of control and started to attack by calling name that is irrelevant to the thread. My username is random just like yours that I don’t think implies you are as elegant as orchid since obviously you are not with your manner. Hahahahaha…. You went berserk bcus nobody gave you +1 so far or you got bitter bcus SJK has grabbed more media attention than your oppa. LOL. Go ahead continue to lurk by SJK’s pictorials, stare at his boring face and keep bleating. As someone said to you, get used to it. It is just the beginning. Chill.

      • @Drama2016: If you can try to insult me by using some random girl from some random forum, I can definitely use your username, just to show how illogical it was. Oh and I care two hoots about +1 and -1, leave alone being berserk. And also there is no actor that I admire so much that I would be worried about all the spotlight being on Song Joong Ki. I give more importance to character rather than actor. As impossible as it may seem to you, I was just stating my opinion as a neutral observer, not as a fan and not as a hater.

        @Candycane: I was not expressing how I feel for your benefit. I didn’t need to know your opinion either, but you expressed it anyway. Same for me.

    • I don’t think SJK is over exposed as long as fans still find him entertaining. I am looking forward to his next project. @orchid – move onto something less boring as your soul desires and we don’t need to know how you feel

      • I was not expressing how I feel for your benefit. I didn’t need to know your opinion either, but you expressed it anyway. Same for me.

    • Come on guys, let’s respect each others’ idea and have some fun, Orchid just expressed her idea although I hate malicious comments but she didn’t offend anyone, so isn’t it better to wish luck for each other and enjoy what you enjoy!

      • I was not offended by her comment, and she is entitled to it. Different people will have different opinions about various entertainers. I see it being expressed here all the time, and at times, in negative, positive, or neutral ways.

  3. He’s looking really good! But why does he have to hug the door of the fridge. xDD

    He and the dog though!! So cute! 😀

  4. Thanks Koala. Keep giving us eye candy. I’m sure SJK has got plenty of pictorials to show off this year.

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