Song Joong Ki Makes C-variety Show Happy Camp Appearance to Top Ratings

Song Joong Ki‘s China domination continues with the inevitable but totally necessary appearance on top variety show Happy Camp. He’s not the first K-star to hit up Happy Camp in recent years and it’s been a great forum for Hallyu stars to add a different level of exposure. Descendants of the Sun fever and fervor clearly hasn’t dissipated in China yet, and for Song Joong Ki this really is a new forum for him since he wasn’t as big overseas as he was in Korea prior to enlistment. I’m happy he’s being appreciated and fawned over since his tremendous amounts of acting talent, which was barely tapped for DotS, along with sincere effortless charm, make him a positive ambassador to continue the current generation of Hallyu spread. His appearance generated the highest ratings for an episode of Happy Camp this year, and was one of the highest rated for the show’s history. Nicely done m’boy!


Song Joong Ki Makes C-variety Show Happy Camp Appearance to Top Ratings — 27 Comments

  1. Having watched a lot of “old” Hollywood/France movies, it occurred to me that SJK has the generational good looks that few actors are gifted with. In my book, he has been placed in the category of Gregory Peck, Alain Delon, Cary Grant and Omar Sharif to name just a few. He is a rare breed.

  2. I was wondering: when Korean stars go to Happy Camp, how do they communicate with the hosts and the audience? Do they speak in Korean, with an interpreter standing next to them? (that might also help them understand what is being said in Chinese, probably?)

    • There’s an interpreter standing right behind them that immediately translates whatever the other people are saying to the guest (SJK). That being said, I don’t know how the audience understands because in this case the final cut has SJK speaking Korean with Chinese subtitles below, which obviously wouldn’t have been there during the shoot. The live taping probably has the interpreter telling the hosts/audience what SJK is saying.

      • Hello SHL,

        And thank you kindly for your detailed response, which makes a lot of sense (I’m thinking about the part where you mentioned the interpreter translating back to the hosts and the audience what SJK would have said, and why). Thank you also for mentioning that when the episode aired, SJK’s answers and comments were subtitled in Chinese.

        If I may also ask: would that be Mandarin or Cantonese (the subtitles on the TV)? Is there a big difference in the writing of both languages? Thank you again!

      • I see… Thank you! I take it, it’s the lady with the glasses standing behind SJK. She must be standing quite close behind him, so he can hear her, especially if the audience claps at times, or laughs. It is interesting to me to think about the logistics of events like this one, and the possible preparations that must go into it.

    • As answered by the others, an interpreter is there with the Korean stars and is also given a microphone so that everyone can hear them.

      As for subtitles, they are in Mandarin. But in general, the writing for all Chinese dialects is the same. What makes the writing for dialects different is the slightly different grammar and terms.

      • Oh I see… And thank you for both of your answers. I appreciate them. I have one more question if I may: like their writing, do all the Chinese dialects generally sound the same (with some slight differences of some terms and grammar), or do some of them sound quite different (or very different) from one another?

      • Mandarin and Cantonese sound very different. The northern dialects are mostly similar to Mandarin while the south eastern dialects are markedly unique.

        Mandarin was chosen as the unifying language to bridge this gap in communication.. It’s based essentially on the Beijing dialect.

      • Hello alora,
        Thank you for your response, and for the link. I have started reading the info there, and it is quite interesting.

    • I was able to watch the episode with Ji Chang Wook as well. He has a great physique, and a great sense of style, in most of the pictures and videos I have seen him in. He was funny in that episode.

  3. I need to watch it! As in now..haha! I already miss him, and hoping to see him soon in another drama/movie! ^ยท^

  4. Lee Jong suk, Ji Chang Wook, and Lee Min Ho, etc all appeared on the show before. But LMH and SJK perhaps are the only two K celebrities with the entire episode dedicated to them alone with a huge crowd of fans in the audience. Apparently LMH got mostly much younger fans like school girls in the crowd. SJK had a huge cohort of mature female fans though. SJK looked very relaxed on the show unlike other K celebrities. I guess Running Man experience helped him a lot.

  5. SJK’s friend Park Yoochun has also appeared in Happy Camp before and it was a great hit… check it out please pals… Very funny episode. PYC re-acted some of the “I miss you” scenes and he had a performance on high level as well. Hope you will enjoy.

    • Hi! Would you by any chance have the link to that episode, please? I would love to see how PYC did. He is another Korean actor I really like, both as an actor and as a person.

      • I see… I found an episode posted with English subs (which helped). It was quite funny. It was nice to see PYC’s family and his home. His brother is not as popular, however he is a very good actor as well. His acting feels natural and organic. PYC is such a good sport, thank you for mentioning that episode.

        I also watched the one with Ji Chang Wook. He is funny, and he has such a gorgeous smile.

  6. SJK has been placed in the category of Gregory Peck, Alain Delon, Cary Grant and Omar Sharif? OMFG. Do u know what u are talking about ? Even American actors of new generations can’t be put in the same category with those classic giants. I personally can’t expect this level of deluluness from SJK’s fans, lol.

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