Park Hae Jin Confirms Role Reprisal of Yoo Jung in Movie Version of Cheese in the Trap

The initial fervor and subsequent furor surrounding early 2016 K-drama Cheese in the Trap now feels like water under the bridge. New dramas have come along since, such as the massive hit Descendants of the Sun or the currently buzzy cable drama Another Oh Hye Young, with enough momentum that Cheese outrage has died down naturally. I’m of the mind to let sleeping matters lie but Cheese is about to be resurrected, though it’s unclear if the end product will be akin to an undead zombie or miraculously like a revived phoenix.

The movie version of Cheese was announced shortly after the drama version ended on a collective howl note, and was further teased by trying to bring back drama male lead Park Hae Jin to reprise the role of Yoo Jung. His side confirmed the offer but didn’t sign immediately. The news quieted down for the last few months but today came back in a big way – Park Hae Jin’s agency has confirmed that he will be starring as the male lead Yoo Jung (again) in the headed towards production movie version of Cheese in the Trap. The film is scheduled to reach theaters in the summer of 2017.

The movie version of Cheese will be a joint Korean-Chinese financed production and will have the full involvement of the webtoon artist herself. From the Korean side it won’t be the production company Eight Works who did the drama but will instead be production company Mountain Movement. No word on who else has been cast in the other roles but despite liking the entire main leads from Park Hae Jin to Kim Go Eun and Seo Kang Joon, I think the hot mess that was drama Cheese will follow the movie if the entire cast came back. As such I think it’s best to find a different female lead and supporting cast and start afresh.


Park Hae Jin Confirms Role Reprisal of Yoo Jung in Movie Version of Cheese in the Trap — 19 Comments

  1. Since Kim go eun sided with pianolover™ director I doubt she will be back
    I wish her well though.
    And obviously no Seo Kang Joon NOPE NOPE nope nooooo

    I dont see the box office potential since the drama was released so recently? I would watch this if it is good though.

    • Did she side with them? Didn’t know. I love her though she’s perfect as seol! I think we’ll have to wait and see 😉

      • I wouldn’t say bad honestly as far as acting goes I really liked him, specially in the first 8-10 episodes but I found his character just maybe a bit boring later, and the overall story just lost focus. Some things in the webtoon were much more subtle yet had more meaning when it comes to character growth.

  2. Everyone but Seo Kang Joon can come back for all I care but I do kind of want to see a different female lead play Seol differently. Maybe Suzy will get a chance to play it this time. Hopefully next summer things will have died down and with the webtoon about to end it sounds like a perfect time. PHJ is putting himself in a difficult situation because I can’t imagine him approaching the role of Jung the same way as in the drama. He’s gonna have to try to potray him a little different but still stay true to the character.

  3. I wish they’d offer the role to Kim Go-eun. She was perfect as Seol. She should wear a wig though so she won’t damage her hair then chop it off again (though the new hair cut looks great on her!).

  4. Its Another Oh Hae Young and a gem of a show……I’d even go as far as to say way way better acted, written, directed show compared to DOTS, koala.
    Anyway, I don’t know why he said yes, I guess the chance to give a proper closure and possibly lucrative financial offer. I hope it turns out well this time around.

  5. I don’t think it’s a good idea to choose an actor who played in the drama or to do a movie just after the drama…

    I don’t think this drama was a mess, it’s just it was different of the manhwa and people were disapointed. I liked this drama, the three main actors were great (I really didn’t like the sister… it was to much…).

  6. Will you be doing recap or any post about another Oh Hae Young, im just curious and interested in ur point of view of this drama?

  7. Another Oh Hae Young is really good. It has the perfect balance between melo, romance and comedy. I’m addicted to this show. And the characters are so fresh. Not to mention the chemistry between the leads are so good. Hopefully it stays good till end.

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