Baron Chen Suffers Serious Injury Filming C-variety Show and Bows Out of C-drama Ancient Love Song

This is such downer news, I hate it when people get hurt on the job and for stars it’s especially disheartening for their career and fans. TW-actor Baron Chen has been on a popularity tear recently thanks to the resounding success of SETTV drama Bromance, landing him on two big projects over in China afterwards. He’s been filming fantasy period C-drama Ancient Love Song adapted from the Tong Hua novel Once Promised, as well as Chinese celebrity variety show Extraordinary Partner (非凡搭檔).

Unfortunately the variety show which is like a celebrity Amazing Race took a toll on Baron and he painfully tore a ligament during filming last week. It’s serious enough that he’s bowed out of both the show and his drama, flying back in Taiwan to prepare for surgery which will then require multiple months of recovery. Baron’s entertainment activities are now all halted, and his scenes for Ancient Love Song were half completed but will now be scrapped as his role will be take over by another actor. It’s such a shame because I was stoked about his return to period fare but what’s most important is a speedy and full recovery for Baron.


Baron Chen Suffers Serious Injury Filming C-variety Show and Bows Out of C-drama Ancient Love Song — 8 Comments

  1. Extraordinary Partner should take full blame for his injury. Honestly, who tests out their “challenges” on a bunch of college students and then deems it okay for a group of stars to run over metal shipping containers suspended 50ft in the air with ONLY a harness as a safety measure? I saw fancams of the moment he fell and they gave me goosebumps. Not to mention the several mile race he ran on that very knee afterwards because it was the final challenge. Poor Baron. I hope he makes a complete recovery.

    • Can’t agree more. The show is out right dangerous not to mention trying to create drama + CP that didn’t exist!

      I am sure there are more hidden politics behind the scene after his injury. For that I’m boycotting the variety show! I’m just glad he is home in Taiwan and getting some peace and quiet.

  2. Just when he was supposed to enjoy the success of Bromance and his popularity… Honestly, that variety show has been tainting his image and just uses him to make noise; especially the way they’re pushing him and Zhu Zhu together as a CP. They should really take full responsibility of what happened to Baron. It just saddens me that he has to stop all of his activities. That’s a really big burden to carry for someone who is suffering from an injury. Well, I hope he gets well soon. I’m sure something good will come after he gets to rest and recover. And oh! It’s a really good thing that he went back to Taiwan so he can rest and be with his family and… *coughs*Megan*coughs.* ?

    • I find it suspicious that either sides commented on his injury until Baron landed back in Taiwan.

      I’m sadden that he missed out on “once promise”, but I’m secretly hoping he could be cast as 九命相柳 in “lost you forever”.

      As yes… Glad he is home with his personal nurse drinking his special “coffee”. *cough* *cough*.

  3. It is a shame that he is seriously injured and has to cancel all his activities and commitments just when his popularity and success is on the rise with the success of “Bromance”. We hope he recovers fully from his injury and will be able to resume his career successfully.

    Loved him and Megan in “Bromance”and hope they will team up again in another project. They have a fantastic chemistry together in that drama.

    ‘Jia You” Baron! ‘Jia You”

  4. Poor Baron. I am not his fan nor know any of his works, but I think he should sue the organizers for emotional and physical distress and loss of income. Unless, he signed not to sue documents.

  5. Thank you for sharing this. It has gotten even worse. The production team is trying to make it seem that it is Baron’s fault instead of safety planning/design/set-up inadequacy & lack of professional doctor on-site. >50% of the contestants were hurt, with 25% needing surgery & suffering permanent knee damage. They are not apologising & tried to offer resouces (eg chance to go on 2 of their future variety show) in place of monetary compensation as per their contract. Here’s an article on the alarming acts of the unreasonable production team.

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