Main Cast of Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Beams at Script Reading Session

Hot on the heels of confirming the full cast of saguek Moonlight Drawn by Clouds comes the first look at said cast together. Woohoo for the visuals being as youthfully complementary as I envisioned, all cheekbones that can slice cheese and bright cheery smiles. Starring Park Bo Gum with Kim Yoo Jung, the supporting roles are rounded out by Jinyoung of B1A4, Chae Soo Bin, and Lee Seo Won to cement this as the next young adult sageuk much like Sungkyunkwan Scandal made a splash six years ago back in 2010. Or maybe what The Moon Embraces the Sun could have been if it was a drama consisting solely of the teenage actors. Ryu Jun Yeol has shown himself capable of the screen presence to headline a prime time drama with Lucky Romance, now it’s Park Bo Gum’s chance to show that he’s more than just the sweetest smile in K-ent.

Moonlight Drawn by Clouds doesn’t air until August 1st after Beautiful Mind on Mon-Tues, but the cast gathered for the script reading means it’s startling filming now with lots to prep for with the sageuk genre. Directing is the PD behind Discovery of Love and Big, with the screenwriter for Who Are You: School 2015 adapting the original manhwa for the drama series.


Main Cast of Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Beams at Script Reading Session — 13 Comments

  1. I know this is absurd, but when Sungjae bows out, and they get Jinyoung instead I too decide not to watch this. Don’t get me wrong koala. I loved Jinyoung and always anticipate his next project, but when I see the cast they’re all pretty. Park Bogum, Kim Yoojung and now Jinyoung… too much pretty. I can’t take it. In my weird assumption Sungjae rough style can balance Park Bogum and Kim Yoojung prettiness, but Jinyoung is only add it, this drama is too sweet. I’m weird, I’m sorry.

    • Actually Jinyoung suits the role better because that role is a flower boy. You can choose not to watch the drama if you’re not interested.

      I get it that Yook Sungjae is really popular, but can’t people stop talking about him. He already rejected MDBC , He already left WGM and Inkigayo. He’s really busy with Japan promotions.

  2. I so can’t wait this to happen. This will mark Bo Gum’s first male lead role and I hope the drama goes well, both in rating department and production. I have no worry about the leads’ chemistry, though I predict there won’t be too much skinship considering YJ’s age. But that’s fine with me. Yoochun and Park Min Young also didn’t have too much skinship but their romance is one that I remembered the most about Sungkyunkwan Scandal.
    What can I do to make August come faster? dancing in the rain?

  3. I’m really curious how the romance will work in this drama, when the hero is already married–and not to the heroine.

    • Probably the same as almost every other sageuk? METS’s Kim Soohyun, Six Flying Dragon’s Yoo Ah-In, and Splish Splash Love are some kings without lovelines with their queen that I can think of off the top of my head – not to mention the multiple dramas that have had King Sukjong and his queen+concubines take turns for the female protagonist role. And early character descriptions have already indicated that it’s a marriage of convenience, so the romance is really nothing to worry about I believe.

  4. I’m so much in for PBG and KYJ as the main leads, but hold my doubt about the writer and the PD. Well, if this is gonna be like The Moon Embracing the Sun, then my excitement about it will be subsiding. The other sageuk drama Mirror of the Witch has a very similar vibe to TMETS but with much more interesting plot and the child actress Kim Sae Ron is slaying with tremendous magnitude of acting talent, perhaps the most talented I’ve ever seen among all the K child actresses so far. Not saying Kim Yoo Jung won’t do well. But these two girls have so much charm in their own unique ways. I just don’t want to see them both in the same genres plotwise. In case Moonlight drawn by clouds has similar vibes as Mirror of the Witch, comparison between these two adorable child actresses will be unavoidable. I wish success for both.

  5. I’m surprised that most people care more about the married king than the historical fact that PBG’s character, Prince Hyomyeong, died early at the age of 20. I wonder how that will fit into the vibe of the youth sageuk, since you can’t exactly write a happy ever after for a lead who dies not long after meeting his romantic interest. Maybe they’ll manipulate history and that’s how the prince will run away with the eunuch? I wish I could get my hands on the webtoon, but I can’t seem to find any online copies anymore.

  6. I’m glad to see Chae Soo Bin again. I wish her character wont be so hateful again like in Sassy Go Go. I miss her “Han Eunsu” day

  7. it PBG first drama as lead. hope he dont sux like the other two from replay. HYERI sux in her lead role. RJY sux in his lead role.

    • I’m glad you have confidence with Bo Gum, but i hope you didn’t dragged the other 2 names down even though I’m not a fan of them. Hyeri doesn’t have a chemistry with Ji Sung, and I find it odd that she’s that CN Blue’s member older sister. RJY don’t exactly sucks in this role, but i personally think that the character development for Je Su Ho is kind of lackluster.

  8. Is this going to be a historical drama?

    This is a great group of young actors and actresses. I’m excited!

    Btw, I love how they are all dressed similar! So cute!

  9. First I’m so happy there is just one idol actor in the cast. It always worries me to see a cast consisting of only singers-turned-actors. In this case I’m glad Kim Yoo Jung got a proper cast. For Jinyoung I guess I have to wait and see. 🙂

    I think Kim Yoo Jung has a magnitude of her own. She can do sageuks and she enjoys it a great deal. So I’m not worried at all about that. I’m not sure about the disguise as a man part though. I feel that’s used a lot in sageuks so I could’ve lived without it.

    Overall I think the cast looks good together. But I’m worried about the writing as well. It’s the key. And the execution as well. So everything depends on that.

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