Ha Suk Jin Starts Filming 1% of Anything with Jeon So Min and Also Confirmed for Drinking Solo with Park Ha Sun


This double casting will certainly make fans of Korean actor Ha Suk Jin very happy, and the rest will have to wait and see if he shines in both roles to warrant the two new roles he’s landed. Filming has started for the Korean remake of classic Hallyu drama 1% of Anything, which is based on a manhwa so it’s technically adapting the manhwa again and the screenwriter will be the same as from the first drama. The original is pretty dated not to mention the female lead never worked for me so this remake sounds like it could work, and pairing up with Ha Suk Jin will be actress Jeon So Min, most memorable for being in the batshit crazy daily drama Princess Aurora. Rounding out the cast is Lee Hae In, Jo Jae Ryung, Choi Sung Jae, and Seo Eun Chae, with the new 1% of Anything being fully pre-produced and airing on MBC in late 2016.

In addition to 1% of Anything, Ha Suk Jin is confirmed for the upcoming tvN drama Drinking Solo with also confirmed leading lady Park Ha Sun. It’s the spin-off of the popular Let’s Eat dramas and will be from the same production team. I feel like Koreans already drink a ton in any drama airing so an entire drama about drinking might induce liver damage by proxy, but then again Koreans are also eating a lot in dramas and the Let’s Eat franchise managed to make food porn inviting in and of itself. Drinking Solo will air in September so I’m guessing Ha Suk Jin will film 1% for the next two months and then dive right into filming Drinking Solo, at which point he may be drinking for realz on the job from overworking and I wouldn’t blame him.


Ha Suk Jin Starts Filming 1% of Anything with Jeon So Min and Also Confirmed for Drinking Solo with Park Ha Sun — 4 Comments

  1. Aw so now, pre production has really become a trend I think bcos of DotS’ huge success in Chinese market!!!???? Way to see if pre production really works better to improve drama quality across the board. But I’m not really interested in 1% that’s typical of chaebol thing with miraculous romance in arranged (fated) marriage. So cliche.

    • Does that mean everyone who plan to watch 1% would be lunatic? Because I heard that’s how you call people who do not agree with your opinion. Not that it matters, right, Urk citizen extraordinaire? 🙂

  2. I’m more looking forward to Drinking Solo over 1% of Anything because of the female lead. I quite like Park Ha Sun and I think she and Ha Suk Jin would look good paired together in a drama.

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