Anticipation High After Long Drama Preview and Cute Cast at Uncontrollably Fond Press Conference

The cast of premiering KBS Wed-Thurs melodrama romance Uncontrollably Fond is certainly acting uncontrollably cute at the press conference to primp out the highly anticipated drama to fans. Kim Woo Bin definitely resembles a lumbering dinosaur type beast man but manages to act boyish cute whenever he’s joking around, and he certainly looks like he’s comfortable with costar Suzy the way he acted at the press conference.

He even stepped in to answer a reporter question to her about boyfriend Lee Min Ho, explaining that his own girlfriend Shin Mina was super supportive during his filming and Lee Min Ho is a friend of his and also supportive. Nicely done, Woo Bin. I love how handsomely dressed the two male leads are, Im Joo Hwan even pulls off the black and white paint splatter shirt, while Suzy and Im Joo Eun donned contrasting color and shaped lace dresses. The drama premieres today July 6th so in hours it’ll be obvious whether this is a hot mess or another screenwriter Lee Kyung Hee success.

Long preview for Uncontrollably Fond:


Anticipation High After Long Drama Preview and Cute Cast at Uncontrollably Fond Press Conference — 62 Comments

  1. KBS said this one is even better than DotS & media are arguing that UF will surpass DotS’s rating, I think the rating for first episode will be around 15%!!,

      • Too bad only 12.5% nationwide and has a bad review with a negative comments

    • I think rating will be around 8% :(. I want it to do it as good as Doctors, but Suzy her character seems a bit too fake (I am her fan!)

    • Star power wise, DOTS is no doubt in a higher level than this. SHK, SJK, KjW, JG and others who deliver their role very well. Their dynamic acting also very well portrayed. So, saying UF better than DOTS isn’t convincing enough. But well, wish it gets the high rating as people confidently predict.

    • The fact that KBS said it’s even better than DotS is what I’ve heard from the fans of this drama but I myself saw many articles where they were arguing if it can surpass DotS’s rating & even if KWB can surpass SJK!

    • acting is everything for me and so far everything I see so far says it’s going to be a train-wreck acting wise. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

  2. Looks like a typical korean drama. I like KWB but reali not a fan of Suzy. Preview looks boring, dont think i will watch this even for the dude.

  3. Add it on my “must-watched” list. Not fan of both but I saw some teasers in Youtube and I immediately love the leads’ chemistry.

  4. Waited so long for this. They were my dream pairing for so long. I like the fact that the Im’s are potentially a pair instead of each pinning for the leads.

  5. Months of waiting, I can finally watch Uncontrollably Fond. As an International fan, I don’t care about the ratings.

    I’m just happy to see both of them, after not appearing in dramas for 3years.

  6. They really matched well. WooBin is so masculine & manly while Suzy is so pretty & feminine.

    Sadly, I have to wait for days for English subtitles to watch it. ?

  7. Wow loved the casts and the melo theme especially the writer. And I just now realized that it’s their premiere release today? Gahhdd…I’m so outdated.. BTW, thanks koala for the info.

    (I’m now rushing to search this drama’s schedule in KBS World)

  8. Suzy why so pretty? WooBin why so attractive?

    I love their chemistry together even their age & height difference is good. Plus Lee Kyung Hee is the writer ♡ And Suzy’s acting really improved alot based on the trailers released.

  9. So interesting that most of the comments are about the actors/actresses and not about the drama itself…

    Am I the only one who feels uncomfortable with the romance? The kiss was awkward and he’s flirting too much with her after they meet each other again… I wish they could have toned the romance down a bit in episode 6. Hong teacher character is quite cheesy for my taste…

    The story is quite messy with so many characters that makes it like a family weekend drama and they haven’t started the hospital politics YET . What is Lee Sung Kyung supposed to do here??? Now she’s like a side character to me.

    I’ll watch the drama for Yoon Kyung Sang and PSH even though I know they’ll never end up together :(((

      • Wrong thread or not, since you already mentioned Doctors, I may as well go with your post and drop a few lines here. I actually feel more comfortable making comments in this thread about that drama than on its own. LOL

        Doctors is cheesy and fluffy just like DotS. Since I love Dots’ main leads, therefore I can cut slack on that. Doctors’ cast don’t have the same love from me but I like the heroine’s story. Everything was entertaining until the last few seconds of ep 6. BANG! What the heck of that kiss???? So lame and awkward. Same old same old. LOL

    • Lol I was reading this comment, it got really good until I realized it was about doctors or u realized it was for doctors…but…did u purposely write it for this post…seems questionable lol

      • No! 😀 I was opening 2 news in two tabs at the same time (bad habit I know)… No hidden intention lol

  10. I am not a fan of both actors neither am I disking them. But seriously, I don’t have a good feeling about this drama after watching this long trailer. I dislike that the female lead nags, acting cute, screams and cries most of the time and needs constant rescuing and looking clueless. But being pre-produced, maybe it has more to offer than just this glimpse of the story which is far from convincing. I try to be positive and will definitely check it out to see if it can strikes some connection to me as an audience.

  11. Uncontrollably Fond finally airs today. Excited to watch Suzy and Kim Woo-bin.

    I love the fact that the story made the leads strengthen their bonds for years (highschool, college, working,etc) instead of “love at first sight drama”.

  12. Since I can’t watch it now I am reading k-netizen comments & I should eat my words, they aren’t satisfied with Suzy acting but surprisingly they aren’t satisfied with KWB acting too.

    • KWB’s acting feel like the same roles. he play choi youngdo again.
      Even in twenty Kang Haneul was better.

  13. Feels like watching the whole episode in one trailer lols, but dont worry, i have a very seriously bad habit. I commented the same thing in dots thread but then… I fell so hard for it . haha… Perhaps, this one will do.

  14. Surprisingly the first episode was nicely put. It’s slow but nicely plotted that make the cliffhanger even more memorable.

  15. I like Suzy as a person, but acting is not her forte. Suzy’s acting has way too much aegyo, it’s almost annoying. Not too fond on KWB’s acting either. I don’t know why Korean dramas are so keen on having the male lead be so cold and borderline abusive (i.e. KWB shoving, aggressively grabbing, kicking Suzy and throwing a shoe at her). Like wth?! Probably won’t tune in. Don’t know how much more naggy damsel in distress female lead and asshole male lead I can take.

    • “Don’t know how much more naggy damsel in distress female lead and asshole male lead I can take” this.
      But it’s strange asshole man always get the girl in dramaland meanwhile in real life no girl want asshole man

  16. Am I the only one who almost didn’t recognize Suzy? I admit I haven’t watched any of her projects since Dream High but I still kinda followed her career. But here I really didn’t recognize her. I like her dress though.

    And without any mean thoughts I’m a bit sad that Im Joo Eun looks so washed out in that dress. And she is SO pretty and could wear color and EVERYTHING.

  17. This is still a pass for me. The storyline seems so…typical…. And I am not of fan of the other works by this writer. I really wish drama writers would try to be more creative…. Maybe I’ve been watching dramas for too long. On the other hand I really like Suzy’s outfit! Love how the shoes pair so nicely with the dress.

  18. Watched it last night. It was a disappointing story. I think W next week will be a strong competitor. have to say, I echo most of the comments by Knets. I think KBS oversold the story. China side I saw comments that it’s the same old Korean drama death and romance story.

    • Seen it too…so far liked it….the acting was so so but the chemistry and the story make me can’t wait for next ep…eventhough still watch it raw
      I love when the main actor madly in love for the main actress from the 1st ep…
      I kind of suprise of suzy acting much better then gu familly
      Hope that doctors …UF and W can have a decent rating …whatever the rating is..i’m sure i will watch them all….kekkeke

    • W will only start two weeks later.

      UF premiered last night with a very good rating of 12.5%, almost double that of Lucky Romance and Wanted. I am not surprised. I have been criticizing the acting and sappy scenes as seen in the trailers but Korean viewers love this kind of drama. Not to mention, KBS has been selling this show like crazy and people are curious about Suzy and WB’s chemistry. I have not watch the drama but rating and quality aren’t always the same.

      I am also curious to see what effect W has on this show if UF continues to keep its ratings up for the next couple of weeks.

  19. UF drama just boring to the hell! They can’t act. Not deserve good rating, hope tonight the rating flop, ameeeeeeeennnn 🙂

  20. I wish Im Joo Hwan could get more lead roles, I find him more charismatic in his roles than KWB who tends to overdo it

  21. this drama blow. cant even get pass 10min. SUZY&KWB both acting sux.
    they could have cast a lead that can act.

    good thing SUZY/KWB still have their uncle/aunt in korean who watch the show for rating.

  22. Its typical KDrama story, cant finished watch the 1st ep. No trigger fornthe story lines. So drop it immediatly.

  23. I may be the minority here in the comment section about UF.

    Just watched the first episode and it was better than I expected. Usually one of the factors for me to see if an actor can act is whether he would remind me of his prior roles. To this point, neither KWB nor Suzy was repeating same acting expressions as before. KWB’s character in the Heirs totally turned me off and therefore I didn’t even pay attention to his acting. Suzy was bland in Gu Family Book and therefor nothing for me to say about her. KWB did a really decent job in some somber scenes in UF when his uncertain future was touched. (I don’t want to spoil for those who haven’t watched yet.) I like how he disciplined himself not to overact. I wish Suzy haven’t been so bubbly in many scenes. I feel that she’s too animated. LOL. Perhaps that’s how the writer wanted her role to be. Nevertheless, she completely made me forget about the girl in FGB. Besides, she’s extremely beautiful in the first episode, just like Song Hye Kyo in DotS.

    Now get down to the main point, the script writing and the directing. I totally love the pace of UF that has so much aura of classical melodrama. Idk what’s happening to K drama nowadays. A melodrama is usually mixed up with silly rom com. I hope UF continues to keep up with the good vibe from ep 1. I do think pre production gives UF a bit edge in shooting and editing over other live shot dramas.

  24. hhmmm watched the first episode and disappointed. so far, i’m annoyed at both their characters. her character is loud and kind of obnoxious while his is trying too hard to be the biggest douchebag. i will give it another shot for the next episode…but i hate flashbacks to high school in a kdrama…darn!

  25. This premiere is marvelous. I love it. It is so classic melodrama that I miss so much. Please keep it up drama. I love the actors so much such charismatic pair.

  26. Some comments on this drama are really something
    @bebeb : you must really hate this drama that much that you go onto every single comment of people who don’t like this to agree on
    not even thAt , you even wish the drama is a flop
    Telling people don’t waste time watching this but I think you are the one has so much free time here
    Don’t like it then just simply state your opinion and move on , but constantly provoking and asking for fanwar than I think you are a troll
    I haven’t watched this drama yet and don’t plan to watch it because none of the cast is my favorite
    But by seeing you going around asking people not to watch it really makes me change my mind

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