Police Decline to Charge Yoochun for Sexual Assault But Will Charge Him for Solicitation of Prostitution and Failing to Pay


I guess this is good news for Team Yoochun, as in his agency and fans who still wholly support him during the month long investigation for multiple allegations of sexual assault. The Gangnam police will not be charging him in any of the four counts of sexual assault because there is not enough evidence to prove it was forced or consensual. Basically he said/she said, just like I said the circumstances of the four cases consisted of since it was always in a closed bathroom and even evidence of bruising isn’t necessarily indicative of force as a consensual couple can have forceful sex. But the good news comes with a dirty silver lining as the Gangnam police is charging Yoochun for solicitation of prostitution and fraud (scamming) for failing to pay for services rendered.


I’ll leave it to folks to hash out the argument as to whether prostitution should or shouldn’t be legal is one is willing to provide a service and the other willing to pay for it and it’s between adults. But getting a service and not paying is douchey on top of the fact that Yoochun as a Korean star is held up to high moral standards, on top of him doing this while serving his mandatory military enlistment. And the fact that he could only have nights free to go to clubs and salons because he was exempt from active duty due to asthma so he’s serving public service which is basically living a normal life and going home after work every day.


Police Decline to Charge Yoochun for Sexual Assault But Will Charge Him for Solicitation of Prostitution and Failing to Pay — 28 Comments

    • 1) Most likely those charges will be dismissed. Since there was no money exchanged, I don’t see how they can charge him for prostitution.

      2) Charging fraud for not paying for an illegal activity, also seems weird. Is like a drug seller asking the police to help get payment from the buyer, who ran off without paying.

      3) What was not mentioned above, is that two of the accusers are being charged with making false accusations – so it is more than an He Said – She said situation. The remaining 2 cases had no evidence, and thus were not even included in the report sent to the prosecutor.

      • In theory, he could be charged for not paying. I don’t know SK’s laws, but in the US, gangster Al Capone didn’t go to prison for murder or any of his illegal activities. It was for tax evasion, since he didn’t file taxes on the money he got illegally.

        People here get charged for solicitation when they try to pick up sex workers before money ever gets exchanged.

  1. And who is going to pay for cleaning up the lie? Because it looks like korean won’t forgive him so easily. I read some sponsors broke up the contracts.

    • His BROTHER … That it’s an actor as well! I feel bad for his mom and his brother, not for him. I’m not being judgemental, just that if your willing to do the crime, you should be willing do the time. JS

  2. don’t quite understand why police can legally charge PYC for not paying since prostitution is illegal? this is such a mess… maybe ms.koala can give us your legal advice please.

  3. I agree with totalrecoil. PYC Defence will be that he did not pay because it was illegal to do so. He did not solicit prostitution as he had no intention of paying and she appeared willing to have sex with him. Defence needed only when charged.

    Unless different system in S K, he may not even be charged by the Prosecutors.

    • Maybe they cannot charge him with the non-payment but they could definitely charge him with the sollicitation of prostitution as he went to those clubs even if he didn’t pay… But as you said, SK’s juridicial system is a bit special so let’s see what would happen next to him..

  4. I always expected this. That even if (hypothetically) that it was rape, that Park Yoochun would get off easy “legally”.

    However I guess his rape victims can take some comfort in that his entertainment career is dead.

    • But in 1st and 2nd accuser case, now they’re getting charged by police with false accusation. If they’re really raped, his dead career was less comforting compared to deemed as liar.

    • He still has lots of fans support in other countries. It is too early to say his entertainment career is dead. He can write songs, do off screen work… I am not condoning his bad behavior… not his fan… But how can one say who’s done in career while the world is so large?

  5. What come as a surprise is that police charged the 2nd accusers with false accusations. Because while the 1st accuser has been clearly lying and the last 2 accuser always changed their report detail, the 2nd accuser has the most believable report and evidence.

  6. Surprise, surprise. One things for sure, his image is trashed in his home country. Korean broadcasters are never going to let him on (and JYJ) so it’s bye bye to his tv acting career. I feel sorry for the deluded fan girls that still want to support him after this. Seriously, grow up.

  7. his company pay the police off. how they going charge the 2nd woman for lieing.she the one with the best evidence. againest him. either way his career is in the dumpster. no one going cast him in korean. he better off going to china were they take rape people.

      • Of course you right,even police said so. please tell you oppa too, don’t forget to drink his medicine on time and sleep well. i am sure he need that after all this time.

  8. I am a fan of koala…so, I like to follow her reviews on movies and drama n celebrities, so I know if there r any good stories to watch…I dont know much about these celebs so I defitinitely do not know anything about them personally n I dont want to know abt that, but good stories, drama n movies I do…but one thing for sure, some commentators here, I definitely do know you at all, but I do learn one thing about life, when bad words are capable to come out from our mouth, our heart is capable to be assumed as bad too…I dont want to assume that, but there goes my first impression on some of you…however, I hope that is not true bcoz I came to this drama world hoping to have virtual new friends who share the same interest as me…I thought all of u r good people, bcoz we learn about life thru drama n reflect on that, so please dont break my view on u…it’s disappointing me as ppl around me swear that drama addicts r not good ppl but judgmental ppl who r not capable of reality but always hoping for fantasy like life in a drama…

    • We r human btw, we cannot escape from being judgemental.
      But u r right, we dont know them, sure they did wrong things, but who are we to say anything to them as in we are a saint.
      I know I did wrong too but luckily I’m not a public figure like them, n I could hide my sin n reflect on them.
      I do regret them, I wish I cold turn back the time

  9. Your observation of what took place and the aftermath, is spot on, in my opinion. I will say this only once, in my opinion he is a jerk who isn’t respectful of women in general. He feels justified to slap them and then acts like he is better than them, when we all have read, where in actuality he is not.

    He dishonored his fellow servicemen by acting out like a teen high on hormones, while serving his country. What was he in a daze and just didn’t know what kind of club he was visiting? Tell you what else, when you have asthma, drinking and smoking, being in smoke filled rooms, late nights all have a negativeness effect on an asthmatics breathing. He can do all this, but can’t train out with the other soldiers, in no smoke filled air? I beg to differ, and would question his doctors, ‘ prescription to cease and desist physical activity, be they military or private doctors. Asmatics are actually told, by physicians, that physical workouts help increase their lung compactly. Just saying…no one has to agree.

    • I think there out to be harsher punishments and/or charges for men who engage in illegal or quasi-illegal activity during the period of their enlistment. They are supposed to be serving their country, not clubbing and catting around. I completely understand those Koreans who are angry about the special treatment these celebrities get… cushy jobs, party time, the ability to treat it like a regular job, the avoidance of anything physically demanding or inconvenient. It’s as if there are two rules, the service rules for regular people and then the service rules for celebrities and rich people. Asthma, my foot. He had enough stamina to go out drinking and dancing and get it on in the bathroom, yet is too weak to march…? Maybe he will get off without any charges, but he’s still a slimeball, first class, with oak leaf clusters.

  10. I don’t know what to say about this except that it took them too long just to reach this conclusion. He was going to get away with it from the beginning and was just wondering when they were going to stop this merry-go-around chase. His career isn’t over for the fact of the supporting field of fans that he has, its not over and within a couple of years maybe 4-5 or even sooner he will be able to star back onto televisions with ppl really remembering what he did. Is it true he raped those women? Well I don’t want to be accused of slander or defamation but follow the advise of what is in the Bible and what my sister always say “What is done in the dark shall come to light.” and what is done behind close doors will be aired for the whole world to see. So if and if he did something and continues to do so, he is going to meet the wrong one that will expose the world to his nonsense. So if he did nothing he should be fine and if he did well….its only a matter of time……

  11. Well he looks like he lost his soul. He has pummelled by himself.I wonder will he be able to come back at this rate coz his reputation is completely tarnished

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