Thriller Movie On the Edge with Yoochun to Premiere in Smaller Local Theaters in South Korea as He Continues Promoting in Thailand

A person has a right to earn a living and with that K-star Park Yoochun can continue to scrounge up an entertainment career where and how he can. The former top idol and popular actor is now promoting exclusively in Thailand, where either his fan base is that devoted or his scandal just didn’t linger in the mind like it does elsewhere. He’s got a new movie out called On the Edge which is an indie flick and was shown on some smaller circuit film festival and even got him some awards. This movie is making news now because some local indie theaters in South Korea have picked it up. Yoochun will not be promoting in South Korea for his movie but perhaps this is the first step to feel the waters out of his home market.

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Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum’s Agency Refutes and Considers Legal Action Against Rumors They Attended Yoochun’s Birthday Party Where First Assault Happened

Talk about a stretch on top of a baseless assumption, but it’s all in the day’s possibility when one is as currently famous as Song Joong Ki is. How his name got tied with the current criminal investigation into Park Yoochun‘s … Continue reading