Yoona and Lee Jung Jin in Talks to Join Ji Chang Wook and Song Yoon Ah in tvN Drama K2

There’s a drama casting news dump to liven up a Monday, and this one has all the signs of hitting the spot for me. Upcoming tvN thriller K2 is drumming up additional big name actors and actress to join Ji Chang Wook and Song Yoon Ah, and the biggest of the casting is the leading lady role that seeks revenge and finds love instead. Actress-singer Yoona has been offered the role, which will pair her up with Ji Chang Wook’s bodyguard as the OTP. Lee Jung Jin is talks for the second male lead role, and veterans Kim Gab Soo and Jo Sung Ha have also signed on and will be adding their charismatic gravitas to the proceedings. I have such the affection for Yoona ever since Prime Minister and I in 2013 so she’s got a wide berth from me to tackle this revenge driven bastard daughter role even if her name wasn’t even on my radar as potential leading actresses for this since I think she’s ideal for rom-coms. Her and Ji Chang Wook is also a pairing I never pondered before but am game for, who knows what type of chemistry they can rustle up.



Yoona and Lee Jung Jin in Talks to Join Ji Chang Wook and Song Yoon Ah in tvN Drama K2 — 14 Comments

  1. Yong Pal once derailed became so bad that I don’t even want to talk about it. I also loved her immensely in Prime Minister and I but it was a joint effort on her part as well as Lee Beom Soo. I have faith in Ji Chang Wook so here’s hoping she agrees and we get a solid drama.

  2. Unfortunately, SM confirmed that she rejected this project, which I am sad about. She was great in Prime Minister and hope to see her soon back on domestic television screens. I’m just hoping since she rejected this one, there’s something on the horizon soon. But honestly, how great would it have been to see Ji Chang Wook and her in this … my goodness, the visuals alone!

  3. She can’t act, so the fact that she rejected it, is both good for her and the team behind the drama. Her performance in that Chinese drama – God of War, was one of the many things wrong with the drama.

  4. Yoona’s acting has improved a lot in Prime Minister and I. I usually don’t watch Chinese dramas, so maybe I shouldn’t search her there based on baz’s comment… I will still watch Yoona if she is casted in a K drama, I think she is quite hard working (and pretty).

    • More likely it was beyond her limited acting capabilities, and they knew it. She was just fine in Prime Minister and I, if a bit bland. She has that sort of pretty, pleasant persona that will work perfectly in G-rated rom-coms but I doubt she could handle anything more challenging.

  5. I actually think shes pretty good actress for idol standards plus shes very pretty and extremely popular so that cant hurt the buzz. I’m sorry to hear she rejected this, it would be a great departure from her usual candy roles.

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