Cable Network jTBC casts Kim Hyun Joo and Joo Sang Wook in New Fri-Sat Drama Fantastic


Main leads are set for the next big jTBC drama to take over the Fri-Sat time slot from female empowerment and growth series Age of Youth. Entertainment industry drama Fantastic has inked veteran leading lady Kim Hyun Joo and leading man Joo Sang Wook in their first coupling and first jTBC drama. I hope it’s funny rather than too serious because Joo Sang Wook is still my favorite being ridiculously engaging like in Sly and Single Again. Here he plays a top star who is supremely narcissistic but sadly a terrible actor. He crosses paths with top screenwriter played by Kim Hyun Joo who gets an incurable disease diagnosis but is too optimistic to be brought down by it and continues to power her way through life. The drama is described as a warm romance with laughs, which is always worrying when it comes coupled with the reveal that one of the leads has an incurable disease.

Fantastic will be directed by the PD of Last and Empire of Gold and written by the screenwriter of Sad Love Story.


Cable Network jTBC casts Kim Hyun Joo and Joo Sang Wook in New Fri-Sat Drama Fantastic — 14 Comments

    • No she is not underrated imo. Maybe she does not have a huge star power like Ha Ji Won, Song Hye Kyo and some others. But she has her status as a leading lady which for me, more than enough.

  1. This had better be funny. You can’t do the meta of a top star who can’t act without the funny. May he aim for the hilarity of Siwon’s Hyun Min in King of Dramas.

    • Oooh, that’s a really tall order. Hyun Min was such a dolt but so lovable. He’s still a favorite character of mine. “Like Brad Pitt?” “LET’S GO PARTY TIME!”

  2. Wow two veterans. With a good script it could be gd. I worry when they say incurable disease. But hopefully incurable doesnt equate death. And a romcom doesnt suddenly bcom melodrama mid way. I like the idea that her role is optimistic. Doesnt mention possible air dates..

  3. I love them both so much! She’s been my favorite actress since Glass Slippers! And I can’t contain my love for dorky Sang Wook either. What a great cast! I will be patiently waiting for this! 😀

  4. I also read somewhere that Ji Soo has already signed up as a supporting role in the drama as well. I wonder what his role will be! And my favorite sexy ahjussi Kim Tae Hoon has already signed on. Hehe

  5. One of my fave actresses, just like Park Shin Hye , has a lovable real life persona….. both are domestic divas, does charity work by going directly to the places, her to Africa….PSH in Ghana and now the Philippines. I like my faves to be just not pretty faces but with good hearts as well.

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