Ha Ji Won, Jung Woo Sung, and Lee Min Ho Lead Star Studded Attendance at VIP Movie Premiere of Operation Chromite

It’ll be patriotism against zombies when big budget historical war movie Operation Chromite (Battle of Inchon) arrives in theaters later this week. Train-based undead action flick Train to Busan is breaking all box offices in Korean theaters since it’s wide release last week, hitting that sweet spot of fun pop corn flick with incisive social commentary. Operation Chromite will likely appeal to the Korean allegiance to its battle scars and victories, in this case the Korean War version of the Battle of Normandy with a huge amphibious landing and tide changing battle victory. Starring Liam Neeson as General Douglas MacArthur, the movie headlines dual veterans Lee Jung Jae and Lee Bum Soo to bring the smexy gravitas, and hilariously Jin Se Yeon to do whatever it is that is her thing. The star power is certainly huge within the movie which explains the big name attendance at the VIP movie premiere Monday night, with Ha Ji Won rocking the blue one arm top, and Lee Min Ho, Jung Woo Sung, and Kwon Sang Woo all going dude summer comfy casual.



Ha Ji Won, Jung Woo Sung, and Lee Min Ho Lead Star Studded Attendance at VIP Movie Premiere of Operation Chromite — 40 Comments

  1. Jsy is playing a nurse ,her role isn’t big ,find it funny you would throw subliminal shade at her when you can’t take 2sec to research anything ? Google is free ,but my girl slaying anyways

    • You except anything better from koala? It defends it’s bias, and deletes comments coming for its bias, it’s going to stay mad because neizten are praising her ?

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        Why even bother commenting such rude comments? Start your own blog.

      • @hohliu
        Yes it’s her blog, but it’s also a place where ANYONE can give an opinion. This whole “it’s her blog she can say whatever she wants” singsong is really irritating. It’s like a puppy defending his/her master without using the logic themselves.

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      • @hohliu

        Oh sorry child, did someone steal your widdle rattle? Saaawry, but not really.

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    • My aside on JSY wasn’t about what her character does in the movie, it’s in reference to what her acting style does in this movie and any role, i.e. I like her in DS but she’s still at a very bad actress level to be anywhere near this movie in any type of role big or small.

      • @hye jin, ur comment deserved to be deleted. u r annoying as hell. but u r still lucky cuz koala din ur block ip.

  2. Just saying, these days fashion’s magazines must have hard time commenting about the vip’s premiere. Boring , nobody rocks !!!

  3. As soon as I saw the headline, Ha Ji Won and Jung Woo Sung I squealed a little thinking it was a drama/movie for both of them. Then I read the whole post. Ha ha! As usual HJW is gorgeous and “rocking” the sh*t out of her jeans. ❤️?

  4. I don’t like the fashion HJW was wearing but gosh, after second glance, I totally agree..she’s rocking it!

    I really hope she will pick up a drama project this year and hopefully with a better script and with a decent actor.

  5. Unni ha ji won looks so gorgeous ….a real beauty and hardworking woman and easily the most successful Korean actress

  6. Korean actors and actresses always look good in dramas but not when attending movie premiere, press conference or awards ceremonies. I think there’s something wrong with their personal styling but I thought they engaged stylists as well. Good looking with bad styling still ended up making them look horrible.

    • I guess you need to see the pictures where he smiles then? What are you doing here? Poor you, your eyes must have been so hurt that you had to write this comment.

      • nahh, his smiles couldn’t make him look less pathetic either. You are right, his dramatically ajusshi look these days are really a hurt to my own eyes, maybe to some other people’s as well but they are just too polite to admit.
        What am I doing here? I am wondering if I should talk about his pathetic pose next?

      • I’m curious how he’ll look in his drama later this year. I almost never find him attractive in his off-screen appearances (and the pictures above certainly aren’t changing my mind), but in dramas… he always smoldered. Hope that hasn’t changed.

      • I don’t find Adnana’s comment inflammatory at all… It’s calmly put & not bashing… How could this generate an insensible “Pathetic” remark? ? Unbelievable! Some crazy fan out there is losing it… Chill. So immature

  7. koala.. I still remember how you actually liked JSY’s character in Dr Stranger when you recapped the drama series before .. yes , she may not be the best actress out there but believe me , her acting is definitely improving right now..perhaps you might check out The Flower in Prison just to look at how she rocks her character as Ok Nyeo in the drama …

    • In fairness, liking a character and finding the actor that plays that character mediocre aren’t mutually exclusive things.
      That said, re:JSY, personally I am much closer to like than dislike on the spectrum, and will probably check out “Flower in Prison” if the ending is good.

  8. This is the only time I truly liked how Ha Ji Won looks. What a great way to wear casual!

    And LJJ is the man among men.

  9. I think I can explain what JSY is doing alongside such great actors.

    I’m not really following Korean movies (with some exceptions, Assassination being the last movie I watched), so I may be wrong, but I believe they wanted a beautiful and young actress in her early 20s.
    Now, everybody knows that there is a serious lack of young actresses: some are beautiful but can’t act at all, while some are very talented but not even pretty.
    JSY is more balanced in both aspects: she is pretty (certainly not beautiful) and can act (certainly not a good actress but decent enough).

    Just an opinion.

  10. @suzystan: U used another ID suzystan to call me suzy stan? Interesting. I am not a Suzy stan, but you are right calling her dumb. You know why: because she dates this ajusshi LMH, isn’t she? I didn’t choose to look at him. You can beg a favour from Ms Koala to not posting his ajusshi images here so often, instead.

  11. Wow.. Is jin se yeon female lead or a supporting character?. How did she land up such a fantastic line up? My goodness. I find her acting in the same level as suzy. Atleast suzy is pretty and well-liked,so i would understand her getting cast even when her acting is bad,bt jsy’s casting is puzzling. Nyz, I am a fan of liam neeson. I knew he was filming a korean movie bt didn’t know much details abt it. Hope his role is not small. That would be disappointing. I have to check the movie later.

    Coming to the red carpet,Truth be told, When i saw the closeup pic of ha ji won,i thought it was just bad n kinda manly. Bt the second full shot completely made me change my view. That second shot is amazing. From her outfit to her bag to her shoes and the angle the photo was shot.. Though the style is not rocking, I really like it compared to others.

    And ofcourse korean red carpets in general are always boring because of bad styling. Lee min ho though,is not really aging well.

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