Legend of the Blue Sea to Send Lee Min Ho and Jeon Ji Hyun to Palau and Spain for Overseas Filming

Since it’s a drama about mermaids, of course the location shoot will feature locales with impressive ocean and shoreline vistas. Filming is about to commence for upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs drama Legend of the Blue Sea by sending leads Jeon Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho jetting off at the end of August. Lee Min Ho is no stranger to overseas filming for dramas, his last hit drama Heirs required him to film in Los Angeles and its environs for a month long shoot to grab enough footage for multiple episodes, while movie actress Jeon Ji Hyun has filmed all over the world but her last drama You From Another Star did not have an overseas location shoot. This time Legend of the Blue Sea will fly Lee Min Ho and Jeon Ji Hyun first to Palau in the Western Pacific Ocean, and thereafter in September the two will head to Spain. Lucky drama fans in those countries can keep your eyes and ears peeled to see them.

Jeon Ji Hyun plays poor mermaid Shim Chung who is trying to survive in Seoul, while Lee Min Ho is conman Heo Joon Jae who falls for the mermaid.


Legend of the Blue Sea to Send Lee Min Ho and Jeon Ji Hyun to Palau and Spain for Overseas Filming — 28 Comments

  1. What’s a conman doing at sea? Never mind as long as he does not
    1. attempt to speak English or Spanish.
    2. go topless in wetsuit

    I wonder if he will con the mermaid of her sea shells?

  2. I herd LMH is playing a double role so he is playing something else besides a con man. So many people expecting this drama to flop just because of media play. Forgetting that the leads are certified ratings boosters and they have the skill. I just pray that the production team and writers do an exceptional job.

  3. I hope this drama can make he explore his acting career,honestly i want to see him acting as antagonist or a crazy cruel person, or scary people. He too take safe way. He need more than chaebol or cool guy character.

    • He has played a general in a periodical drama, a bounty hunter in a chinese movie, a gangster in Gangnam blues, a vigilante in city hunter and a cheabol student in heirs/BOF. Ofcourse playing an antagonistic role shows how serious he is for his roles but I would hardly call him safe in the drama he chooses

      • I want him playing something like Yoo Ji Tae in Goodwife right now in the future where strong acting makes you hate the manipulative low life character but you are in awe of the guy due to the nuanced acting and the charisma at the same time. Ratings does not mean quality. I liked City Hunter but none of the other ones.

  4. Despite Boys before Flowers being one of the first K-Dramas I ever watched, I still can’t get into Lee Min Ho as an actor. I might watch a drama his is in, because there might be somehting interesting about it, but I wouldn’t watch a drama just because of him.

    Him being playing a conman conjurs comparisons to Seo In Guk latest outing in Squad 38. He was amazing in it, so Lee Min Ho should up his game.

    • Squad 38 was magical and lets not compare Seo In Guk to anybody right now. He is brilliant. With his charming smile to his soulful acting, he has it all covered. LMH, I wish him well. Same, just like you I’d watch to see if its indeed interesting but won’t watch it just for him though.

      • Sorry to respond here about you comment above but you seem to have misundestood me. I wasnt talking about ratings but instead I said its bot fait to say he chooses safe roles when the roles he has played are so different from each other.

  5. Preach… They wil always say he play the same role he played an high school student twice and it was different character…so tell me hw is an architecture,vigilantee, warrior,gangster,bounty hunter how is it the same or do you think if he is playing it safe he would not have acted in gangnam blues.. First let him start acting as the con artist then you can start comparing him with the former

    • He realize that when he choose gangnam blues,i don’t hate him but it will be great if he to take off a cool flower boy image like kim won bin, kang ha neul, or yoo ah in did. Honestly i really want compare him with jo in sung.

  6. I’m not a LMH-fan but there is truths and then there is lies. But just keeping it real and speaking only of the actor coming of the screen then Lee Min-ho is indeed the best actor in the last decade in the world?

    You would come to this conclusion if you actully forget about anything surrounding him and focus on where he came from, the language of his productions and there is also disadvantage in that but yet again you will find LMH being one of the most celebrated actors in history and this is no conspiracy. How is this all possible they love what they see from him on the screen and has bulid a good relationships with viewers. Looks don’t matter to them and it has never mattered to them but charisma and being convincing is the most important aspect.

    • Comepletely agree with this. His not even a person who goes much up in celebrity lives and what comes with but rather works. I wouldn’t even say LMH is celebrity but a worker. His been achieving so much in the last decade that it became normal since he was doing it. He has a certain and unique magic that tricks people into loving him dearly

  7. At the end of the day, people who say they wont going to watch this drama bcos of him will going to watch it in the end. When it comes to Lee Min Ho its not only talk about acting but the amount of charm and attractiveness, he has a power to attract audience with the way he potrays his role. Yes, his unique magic. He makes his role unforgettable for the audience.

  8. It will be interesting to see how this pans out as she is now 34 and mother of one. Though she is till beautiful, I think age is showing through her mature aura. So is the mermaid meant to be young and innocent ?

  9. Surely I’ll check out this one. If I quit in the middle of the series, never get back to finish watching or forced myself to at least watch the ending like My Love from the Another Star and the Heirs, it’s most likely thanks to bloated mermaid and her expected rom com gags. LOL…..I hope this hyped drama has more balance acting between JJH and LMH, unlike MLfAS in which JJH stole the show, or at least shows convincing attraction between the OTP unlike unconvincing O chemistry in the Heirs. LOL

  10. Anyone who disagrees with the fact that LMH is the best actor in the world for the last decade is being delulu…

    who is there mention just one? The Khans faded before he came and with this online age he surpassed them even in their primes. alot of H-actors faded in that era due to age… Last decade was definitely the LMH era

  11. Shin Wonho is confirmed to join this drama . He’ll play the role of a genius hacker named Teo . So excited to see him back in a Kdrama.

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