Lee Dong Gun and Cha In Pyo Headline Smexy Mature Actor Cast for Weekend Drama Laurel Tree Tailors

August has been a slow month for drama premieres so far as the new arrivals came earlier in the summer. The month end will see the arrival of two big prime time dramas in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds and the K-drama version of Bu Bu Jing Xin, but on the weekends there’s the stylish and warm like a well-worn suit arrival of Laurel Tree Tailors (The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop) next weekend. I’m a huuuuuge sucker for a well-dressed man, subscribing fully to the visual notion that the suit can make a man and the confidence it bestows never a bad thing for one needing extra doses of self-confidence. This drama isn’t particularly interesting beyond being set in the custom male habadashery world and starring tons of smexy older male leads in Lee Dong Gun, Cha In Pyo, Choi Won Young, and scene-stealing Ji Seung Hyun who played a North Korean commander in Descendants of the Sun. That’s more than enough for me to check into the first episodes.

Preview for Laurel Tree Tailors:


Lee Dong Gun and Cha In Pyo Headline Smexy Mature Actor Cast for Weekend Drama Laurel Tree Tailors — 14 Comments

    • Lee Dong Gun one of my first crush in dramaland. It makes me allways sad to see a lot of actors who used to be popular … I still love him. Even if MHIFD was a flop i found his chemistry with YEH awesome. It was subtle and electrifying at the same time. Life is unfair ! Why some guys get sexier while aging ?

  1. Five Kids is gonna end soon so I need my weekend drama fix. Hope it’s gonna be good. I wait for the day that makes lee dong gun shine again :)) Choi Won Young is a bonus point for me 😉

  2. Lee Dong Gun… I was worried for a moment that LDW joined this drama – it sounds so boring so in glad that’s a mistake.

    • I did the same thing, and realized that LDW was not one of the actors. For a few minutes though, I thought I might have been wrong, and I kept looking for LDW, in all the pictures.

  3. Cha In-pyo is one of the most handsome k-actors. I still remember when I first laid my eyes on him, his face and acting captivated me on the spot.
    On the contrary, I simply detest Lee Dong-gun (and that’s something that rarely happens to me). That’s why my mind’s so torn right now.
    KBS’s new weekend drama will be the death of me.

  4. All the actors are great but the story kinda lack of female actors to match all the actors as there should be many couples for weekend drama.not sure to watch it yet as i cant figure out the plot yet.five children is amazing.im gonna miss that drama.mybe i should just skip n wait for the next drama next year

  5. It’s like the 100th times I see an article that mistake his name with Lee Dong Wook and Jang Dong Gun. This poor guy doesn’t even have his name right. Anw, can’t wait for this drama.

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