Laughter and Thrills Aplenty in Newest Preview for K-Bu Bu Jing Xin Featuring Sprawling Cast

Okay, I’m officially in love with Lee Jun Ki‘s version of 4th Prince from Bu Bu Jing Xin. I know it increases the odds for disappointment to fall for a character in advance of watching the drama but holy drama gods is he’s insanely gorgeous and dangerous in all the right sageuk male lead ways. In the newest preview for Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo (Bobogyungsim: Ryeo), he’s the prince that captures my interest the most with the combination of sexiness and subtle sweetness, it’s going to be so easy for IU as the female lead to fall for him. I’m excited also for more sprawling cast photos as the BTS sneak peek teases at, there is so much camaraderie and excitement to spread the infectious expectation for the drama which arrives in two weeks on August 30th.

Fifth preview for Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo:


Laughter and Thrills Aplenty in Newest Preview for K-Bu Bu Jing Xin Featuring Sprawling Cast — 89 Comments

  1. I am watching even if it only ends up being for the actors and the director, who I think makes beautiful dramas regardless of the story.

    Three of the princes will be on a future episode of Running Man (including Lee Jun Ki) so I’ll watch that too!

  2. @koala : I know your biggest crush is lee jun ki, but seing your update post about saeguk BBJX, just boring to the hel*. Boring updates, especially for female lead. #sorrybbjxfans.

    • Please koala, stop to update on BBJX. You should update more to Bogum drama. Bogum and the female lead look adorable, and watchable.

      • Sweet child of sunshine, as a huge Park Bogum fan your comment horrifies me and the majority of people who stan this kindhearted actor as well as other levelheaded fans of MDBC’s cast. If u scroll through the archives Koala has been nothing but generous with her updates about MDBC but if you there’s feel something lacking and want to ask something from her, please do so politely and not like petulant child. You will find that you will more likely get your way by using nice words rather than nasty words. This is her blog btw and she can post whatever she wants so don’t feel bad or throw a tantrum if she doesn’t bow down to your wishes. The internet is vast, your free to check out other resources.
        If you want to support MDBC, by all means do so. Cheer them on! Boost it up without resorting to bringing SH down. IMHO, it’s not fair to pit them against each other even tho their both sageuks and both boast excellent cast. Bec one has the luxury of huge budget and good amt of time to produce and the other one hasn’t had the luxury. I am cheering MDBc on while I don’t stop myself from admiring all the pretty that I see on SH. As a drama watcher, i feel blessed to have 2 epic dramas to look forward to. Thanks for keeping us all updated Koala.. Keep the goodies coming!!

      • @pixiemoondust
        thank you for such a sensible comment. SH and MDBC are on competing slot but it is yet to be seen which one will score the gold. None has aired yet and I say excitement is high for both from what I’ve seen on various SNS. I am just glad that I get not one but two dramas in one slot to watch and fingers crossed that I have to drop none. As an international viewer, I will have no say in the ratings game so I have decided to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Let the best drama win and fangirls fight it out, I plan on making the most of the all the good stuff that is coming my way.

      • @Air, Ms Koala just updated on Bogum’s drama just 1 day ago, only 3 posts before this post. Did you miss it? It’s right on the front page! It’s fine to ask Ms Koala to update more on your favorite drama, but why ask her to stop updating on others’ favorite dramas? And why are you not posting on updates about Bogum’s drama to support it?

        Please don’t make use of Bogum or his drama as a scapegoat to drag down others for your own ulterior motives!

  3. I’m confused. Should Koala add fireworks and glitter-covered unicorns to make this post more exciting? I thought it was just supposed to be a quick update introducing the latest trailer and photos. How should she have written it to add more excitement? Additional exclamation points? I’m sorry I posted this, but negative comments just for the sake of it takes away the fun having a spot to get more information on various fandoms. Koala provides the meeting place and beginning introductions and we can continue the conversations which can be fun (or should I write “fun!”). ????

    • I think the broadcaster agrees with you that “less is better” since they have been really slow & behind on their promotion of Scarlet Heart, they only started promoting in August with the 1st teaser and only released this 2nd teaser 2 weeks later. Since there’s only 2 weeks to go before airing, the broadcaster’s ramping up the promotions as with most other dramas.

      I remember Ms Koala reported that the 1st teaser garnered 700k views in 5 days(?). Well, the 2 week-long wait for the 2nd teaser made the viewers so “hungry” that besides trending on Naver top 10 for most of today until now, it looks like the 2nd teaser may reach 500k views in 1 day!

  4. It’s weird to see that the comments now mostly on the negative sides. I don’t think it’s overhyped at all since the drama is close to its official broadcasting date and the fact that it was such a giant investment, of course the promotion has to be going full throttle by now. DOTS dropped so many teasers and stills on the month that it was to be aired and even released the first teaser as early as Christmas and so I think this is pretty normal for a pre-produced drama.
    The second teaser is cute except that I dislike the background music which sound out of place for a saeguk but I super agree with you Koala, Lee Jun Ki is too mesmerizing even in the stills, teasers and trailer alone. He was just so captivating as the 4th Prince. If stills, teasers and trailer could made you fall in love with him, what more to say if you watch the entire drama, I am sure I will be completely swept off my feet.
    I wish this drama the grandest success and it sure is very promising. Waiting eagerly here.

    • It seems like some antis have decided to gather here and try to hype the drama down, it’s laughable how they think they can dictate Ms Koala on what to post on her blog. Find the article boring? Then skip it and scroll down.

      • They should read the banner of Ockoala “A koala’s Playground – I will talk drama’s if I want to” and BBJX original are one of ockoala favorite’s drama.

        Anti’s comments won’t down the hype. The more they comment the more people will curious about it. I’ll bet they are the first one who will watch the 1st episode.

      • Totally agree with you. If it’s boring, why did they even click into this post in the first place? =.=

        Super excited about this drama, can’t wait for it to air!

      • Exactly. Haters comment won’t diminish my excitement for this drama and my love for Lee Jun Ki will keep me glued.

      • @shin You’re right, the antis’ comments will generate more interest for this drama instead. And if I were Ms Koala, I will post even more updates on this since it’s gathering so many clicks and views from the antis.

  5. Okay….this might just be the show which I can finally appreciate LJK. I am liking what I see in the video and for that matter, the other princes. Can’t say the same for IU. No, I am not her anti and haven’t spoken a single negative word about her but her acting seems a little too childish. I don’t remember thinking that way of Cecilia Liu. Hopefully, it’s not too exaggerated.

  6. Um I don’t know about everybody else, but I’m 100% in agreement with Koala because hot damn LJK.

    Seriously, calm down everybody. It’s a Korean drama, it’s not worth all the anger and dissatisfaction so many seem to be exhibiting.

  7. I’ll be tuning in for this drama, the teasers look good so far. It seems like there will be some cute funny scenes and I’m looking forward to seeing my dear Jisoo 😀

  8. Comparatively with the first teaser, the second one is a little underwhelming but my my my my Lee Jun Ki really is a scene stealer. I just can’t find any word to describe how gorgeous he is.

    It annoyed me that some would go as far to hate this drama before even watching it. Heavily promoting the drama when the broadcast is just 2 weeks shy is not considered as over-hyping at all.

    I am so looking forward to this drama and I have a great feeling it will do great.

  9. The lighthearted scenes I think will be in the beginning of the drama when she is acclimating to her situation.

    A little bummed to see the negativity on this site. I plan on watching this and moonlight and hope they both have good runs.

    People should feel free to pass over news of Scarlet Heart if they aren’t interested.

      • That is totally fine but others are excited about the drama. By all means enjoy moonlight drama.

      • It’s not a remake. It’s an adaptation. And how many female cross-dressing as male and confusion on same gender love dramas have been made so far? Is that not a remake or should I say a different interpretation with slightly different twist and setting. You can enjoy your Bo Gum’s drama all you like. I am still wishing the drama well since I like KYJ and Bo Gum as well. But I am betting that Scarlet will perform better.

    • As a big Bogum fan, I feel your enthusiasm for Gummy’s new drama and your confidence in it. But this is a Scarlet Heart article and posting comments like this on an unrelated MDBC article is very rude and invites and breeds negativity/hostility among fans of both shows and their casts. I have met only the loveliest Bogum fans and your behavior is suspiciously not something a fan of his would do. Please take your negativity elsewhere. If you have nothing good to say abt SH or this article, leave. And do us a favor by not embarrassing the fandom you represent with your antics.

    • I think you wrong place, back to main page, scroll down slowly,you will find bo gum drama article. If you want support bo gum drama,do in right place ok.

    • Don’t bet too much on his new drama lest you get butthurt. Too much cheap slapstick on his princely image. Don’t get me wrong, I like him and KYJ. But judging on many teasers, “GOOD LUCK” is all I can say to the gorgeous OTP of Moonlight.

  10. I so don’t understand what’s the joy of spreading negative feelings especially to others whom so far excited and enjoying all the tidbits from this drama.

    The drama looks promising though I think this second teaser is not doing much to strengthen the excitement. If there’s anything, it’s LEE JUN KI is the one I am do looking forward to watch. He is such a driving force and catch all the attention from the teasers and trailer so far.

    Well, I am wishing luck on Bo Gum’s new drama and we will see how both Scarlet and Moonlight will fare once they are pitched against each other. I placed my money on Scarlet.

  11. Will Nam Joo Hyuk’s character (13th prince) have a crush on the leading lady here, too? He has his own love interest in the Chinese version…..

  12. It’s a safe bet that this will get higher ratings than Bogum’s what with “Doctors” built-in audience for Scarlet’s time slot, the number of flower boys, the famous idols, the material, the director, the (pre)production… it has everything going for it. So, it’s really futile to compare the two as “Moonlight” sure is an underdog. Let’s just hope that this lives up to its budget and high expectations. And for Bogum’s and Yoojung’s drama to be well-made as well (regardless of the ratings) as “Moonlight” is the first project they’re headlining in their career.



      • My goodness. What has PSH has anything to do with Scarlet? I like PSH but for u to think that way is beyond ridiculous. Doctors may give Scarlet an advantage as a follow up to a highly rated drama but viewership consistency will depend on how the drama fare during its entire run. With you putting it this way will give way for PSH haters to further bash her.

      • @Del: I don’t think she is even a fan. More like an anti that make people hate on her
        Please ignore

        @Hyo : Don’t forget PBG’s drama started before this. KBS has a bigger hand as they are trying to win more audience first. But I feel like this drama is market for wiser audience so I’m betting money on this as well.
        Moonlight is cute but too teenager-ish. However both leads are loved and popular. We just have to wait and see.
        No one expected Doctors would become the biggest rating winner this summer either, right?

      • Why capitalizing everything? Are you mad, angry bird? LOL.

        This post is showing one of the reasons why PSH’s fans are so annoying. SMH..

  13. This drama never same level as Dae Jang Geum, IU acting never same class as queen young ae.. thats why Dae Jang Geum is the best saeguk 4ever?

  14. For those who are here because of Love in the Moonlight/Bogum (as what you claim). You guys sure you’re Love in the Moonlight/Bogum fans? Hmmm…Most Bogum fans are not like that. I don’t even see you guys in Love in the Moonlight articles/blog posts. If you have the time to post here or hate about Scarlet Heart why you don’t have the time to support Love in the Moonlight/Bogum? You guys sure you are not TROLLS? Whoever you are please, don’t try to destroy the PEACE and create HATE between each fandoms. JUST PLEASE STOP. Please, don’t spread hate, try to respect each other and enjoy/support the drama you think you like the most. Sorry, if my comment is out of place. Spread the LOVE. Thank you.?

  15. Trolls have gathered hmmm to all these “pbg” fans, where were you on koala’s MDBC post? why only three commented on that one? wasn’t it fun?

    stop using Bogums name to spread your hate.

  16. Gosh. I read the article. Then scrolled down to the comments. There’s no point in commenting on ockoala anymore. It’s been invaded by immature commenters who can’t spell ( the norm ), capitalised ( almost never) and can’t even write a logical comment. Personal opinions are fine and expected but the commenters just seem to hate the articles they comment on.

    Why don’t they go to another blog which is more to their taste then? Probably all pink and full of pretty boy actors.

  17. Wow .. Honestly I like PBG but looking at how immature and childish his fans, it’s hard for me to like him. Why do they try to bring down other drama tho =_=
    Both MDBC and SH are amazing drama and as drama watcher, I feel blessed to have 2 dramas to look forward to and will watch both of them.

      • Okay, we get it, you don’t like IU, you’ve dragged her four times in this one thread, so maybe go somewhere else? Like everyone saying stuff about how they wish IU wasn’t the lead, well, too bad. Maybe if they’d raised a fuss like people did about Suzy in Cheese In The Trap, she’d have been swapped out or declined. But they didn’t and she wasn’t and didn’t. Since she IS a part of it- and the lead- suggesting other actors’ names at this stage is a pointless waste of time, and annoying for people actually excited about the drama.

  18. Bogum fans in the comment section behave soo immaturely which is ironic since their oppa is known for being sweet and unassuming.

    So what if this gets higher ratings? Bogum and Yoojung are media and K-netz darlings not to mention young and talented. It’s really not a make-or-break scenario if “Moonlight” is not a runaway success as their fans hope. They’ll be fine. Sensible people know that they have a mountain to climb anyway (low-rating predecessor, premieres on highly-rated competitor’s final week, etc).

  19. It’s weird so called fans doesn’t even post comments on their bias’s article while they have time to write nonsensical comments on others and it’s even weirder fandom being generalized by these obvious trolling…Anyways I’m also looking forward to watch this drama there are two moons and two different interpretations and I’m planning to enjoy both.

  20. Bogum fans so salty! No need to bring down other drama to make the other look better, grow up! Its just prove you are insecure and jealous.

  21. Why can’t we enjoy both dramas?

    I love sageuks and I love it when there are several going on at the same time – more for us sageuk lovers to enjoy.

    As for sageuks, “Dowager Queen In-soo” and “Cruel Palace: War of Flowers” are really difficult to be beaten in the best sageuk department.

  22. It is mind boggling why the heck international fans care so much about drama ratings unless the drama you’re watching is at risk of being cut like Beautiful Mind. We international fans should make better use of our time and energy on something worth discussions rather than Korean viewership ratings. If a drama is good and enjoyable, then it’s good and enjoyable. A plain fact and mostly based on personal preference, period! We’re not part of production teams or broadcast stations. Why do we have to get on our nerves by fighting for ratings? So futile!

  23. This drama will be better if they have less princes, flower boys harem style isn’t really my cup of tea, I hope the story will have more context and depth

    • From my experience, the Chinese version did. But for the Korean version, it doesn’t seem to have as much depth. For readers discretion, I am judging the Korean version based off from the teaser, so therefore, my judgement can be incorrect. I will still anticipate for the airing of this drama nevertheless.

      • @Narrot, imo, I don’t think a 20 episode drama’s depth can be judged based on a 40s teaser…..

    • This drama can’t have less princes, it’s based on a novel and each prince has his own essential part to play in the story. The novel & Chinese drama adaptation which was based on Chinese history had 8 princes. The Kdrama version is adapted based on Goryeo history, and this particular king had >20 sons & daughters. Besides the romance, bromance & friendships, the story’s also about the princes fighting for the throne and the factions they form. If the Kdrama adaptation does not deviate too much in substance from the novel, the story should have context & depth. After all, despite the eye-candy we’re being treated to, this is no shoujo manga.

  24. Thanks for the updates. Love the 2nd teaser, it’s fun, and I’m going to enjoy to the fullest the fun & happy times (& eye-candy & chocolate a..) before the drama goes into the “dark” phase.

    Love the BTS photos too, so glad to see the boys & girls getting along so well behind the scenes.

    Cheers & keep your wonderful updates coming!

  25. So many ridiculous comments on this post. Doesn’t the real world have enough negativity for you guys? Why drag it into dramaland?

    Now for the actual topic – in 100% agreement with Koala. I can’t wait to see the drama especially since BBJX is my favourite drama.

  26. I think who comment like that is not truly bogum real fans. Becoz bogum real fans not doing something like this. Becoz they know bogum will not like it if his fans put down the others. I’m just wishing both drama could do well. We only can pray for the best but all the results for rating it depends on korean viewers not us international viewers. So if you wanna put down the other drama, said ugly thing about other drama, please talk to yourself don’t act like you don’t have manner with your bad comment n trolling the others. Just enjoy both drama. I’m sure the one with the best story n acting that attract korean will be the winner.

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