Broadcasting Hijinks Abound in Latest Teaser for News Station Rom-com Incarnation of Jealousy

Whatever SBS is trying to sell with Incarnation of Jealousy, I totally am buying on the strength of leads Gong Hyo Jin and Jo Jung Seok. This drama definitely looks more wacky than the most recent broadcasting themed drama Producers, which coincidentally also starred Gong Hyo Jin, but here she seems larger than life in ways that screenwriters are wont to amplify the distinctiveness and personality of a lead character. It’s not necessarily a bad thing and I’m so far so onboard with all the teasers and stills because Gong Hyo Jin’s no-nonsense chicness sells it for me. Right now all the media attention is on the next SBS Wed-Thurs drama that will take over of Incarnation of Jealousy in fantasy mermaid tale Legend of the Blue Sea, but it will be nice if Incarnation turns out entertaining as the previews hint at and memorable in its own right.

Third teaser for Incarnation of Jealousy:


Broadcasting Hijinks Abound in Latest Teaser for News Station Rom-com Incarnation of Jealousy — 51 Comments

  1. 2nd teaser is hillarious and epic, I like jo jung suk dancing and opera house music it was amazing. Im hyped with ioj since february, I love all the casts and waiting for ght charm acting. Maybe I am the only one who root for gkp as ghj true love b`coz jjs seems the bad person, but look at the teaser he seems have misterious aura. I heard he have a big secret in ioj? I don`t know what is the secret, i am wondering too much about ioj drama. I hope ioj hit ameen, 🙂

  2. When the master sun airing in 2013, it was not a huge hyped like The Heirs ( because we know that the heirs most about casting idol), but their drama well received and beloved by the audience. For ioj drama let`s drama speaks about itself, Im sure it is well written drama and funny indeed! (by the way ghj had had got big hyped last year for drama producer). Ow my english so awful sorry 🙂

  3. Aieeee sweet and comedic drama as expected from gong hyo jin and jo jung suk. well i heard ghj will play 31 years old and both male lead play 36 years old..thats true?

  4. Happy that seo ji hye unni join in ioj cast, she is talented but unfortunnately she`s underrated :(…, I wish after ioj she will get the first lead role amin. Pray for drama success and hit!

  5. LOL, i`m waitin` jealousy incarnate since last year, they are all my fav actors. All the best for drama production and cast, fighting! 🙂

  6. Kong Hyo Jin and Seo Ji Hye in one drama? dream team..thanks drama god, both of them super talented and beatiful. I CANT WAIT! Please come faster!

  7. Love the teaser so much. Not the one for rom com inundated with exaggerated and tacky farce. But if it’s done right, I can appreciate the humor and get a lot of laughs. I bet on the cast of this drama more than anything else. Both my lady GHJ and JJS are well known for their knacks to get a rom com done right.

  8. Jo Jung Suk, is a great actor. Most of his works were awesome. I have watched his movies with Jin Uk and jjang! he is so much good.

  9. I keep coming here, mydramalist, twitter, facebook, instagram & Jealousy Incarnate thread to take some infos haha… I kept busy on IG, woah many people are missing the casts 🙂

  10. Where I can buy time traveler? I need 24 August as soon as possible, I want watching this so bad! They look adorable and I’m already rooting for Ko Jung Won and Pyo Na Ri. Woah.. they are sweet together 🙂

  11. Gong Hyo Jin’s styling in this drama looks on point IMO. For once she’s styled nicely (what I mean is that it’s a more conventional kind of “nice”) because usually she’s sporting the boho, eclectic look. I guess her usual style works on her but I personally find her prettier with the current styling used in the stills above.

  12. When you put veteran like Lee mi sook, Lee Sung Jae, Park Ji young, Seo Ji Hye, Go kyung Pyo, Jo Jung Suk plus Gongvely inside, guarantee for drama success ^^

  13. @Koala : SBS change drama title from IoJ to ‘Don’t Dare to Dream’. SBS said its going to be official title, you can check on SBS youtube.

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