Gong Hyo Jin Reunites with Incarnation of Jealousy Male Lead Jo Jung Seok as His Singer Debut MV Female Lead Directed by Actor Jung Kyung Ho

It’s nice to have friends in talented places and the very very multi-talented Jo Jung Seok deserves all the love. He’s debuting as a singer this year through a Netflix show A-List to Playlist that chronicles his real life path to a singing debut after 20 years in the movie, television, and stage acting industry. It will show his song writing, song selection, and all the details that go into preparing an album and launching it. The first song off the track will have Gong Hyo Jin starring as the female lead in the MV, reuniting with Jo Jung Seok from their much loved drama collab Incarnation of Jealousy. On top of that, the also multi-talented Jung Kyung Ho will be directing the MV in a reunion with his fellow doc from Hospital Playlist. This is soooooo cool!

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tvN Weekend Sageuk Captivating the King Growing Stronger in Ratings Post Midway Through Run with Praise for Jo Jung Seok’s Acting and the Directing

So My Dearest ended the 2023 year strong for sageuks and now 2024 is off to a great start thanks to Knight Flower and also Captivating the King. The latter was more of a slow burn start and the ratings … Continue reading

Park Seo Joon Tops the Actor/Actress Group in the 2021 Forbes Power Celebrity List for South Korea

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Jo Jung Seok, Jung Kyung Ho, and Yoo Yeon Seok Lead the Next Release of the K-actor 200 List

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Kim Dae Mi, Kim Hee Ae, and Park Bo Gum Lead the 2020 RACOI Values for 2020 Buzzy Actors and Actresses Combined with Drama Ratings

RACOI is a kind of system for value analysis in South Korea, achieved by estimating the value of broadcast program contents based on not only viewing rates combined with viewers’ responses from lots of social media activity (i.e. search, mentions, … Continue reading

K-actor Childhood Photos Show Progression into Hallyu Stars of Today From Hyun Bin, Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Min Ho, Ji Chang Wook, and More

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