Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye Celebrate with the Eclectically Dressed Cast of Doctors at Wrap Party

It’s a job well done for the cast and crew of just wrapped SBS Mon-Tues drama Doctors, a drama that ended up being as bland as it’s final title when all the potential was there to make it interesting as the original title of Female Gangster Hye Jung hinted at. I dropped the drama midway through for being so utterly snooze inducing even the lovely Park Shin Hye and charming Kim Rae Won, and their fantastic chemistry, could keep me entertained. Narratively boring is worse than being bad, at least bad gives audiences something to complain about, whereas boring is just unmemorable.

I did like what the cast did with their roles and the dull as beans script, a solid professionalism and comfortable camaraderie permeated the production and certainly some folks must have enjoyed it and for that the drama is a success in my book. It’s also a ratings win for crossing the vaunted 20% AGB nationwide threshold for some of the later episodes, so the production certainly deserved the wrap party celebration and I won’t even laugh at the majority of the cast attending in what appears to be pajamas or clothes picked from the closet in the dark. Other than Kim Rae Won, still so put together and rawr.


Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye Celebrate with the Eclectically Dressed Cast of Doctors at Wrap Party — 71 Comments

  1. i really loved the cast, and hate the script, PSH (very beautiful) and KRW are incredible…hopefully to get together soon on a new project, congrulations to all

  2. Great cast, great chemistry. Drama kinda could have been done with 14 or 15 episodes. It got draggy towards the end. I hope Moohyul next drama will be a lead. He has come a long way since FAITH.

    • You are right, she doesn’t.

      Pajamas are more glam and one must have pretty bad wardrobe to land on such outfits even if you stick your hand in blind.

  3. Koala, Kim Rae Won wasn’t just dressed to impress, he arrived in style with a damn fine ride, did you see his car? I kept staring at it for a while. All the cast looked good. Special mention to Lee Sung Kyung, she looked effortlessly Pretty.

  4. Doctors wasn’t the best but it was a relax show for my Monday n Tuesday. The best thing for me out of the drama is the love line between Kim Rae won and park shin hye and how great their chemistry is. The rating is good so thats great for the cast and crew…

  5. I agree, one of the most boring dramas. The plot was a snoozefest of nth degree. Everything about it was boring.
    Congrats to the cast for ratings success though.

  6. the drama was slow paced. but it was calm and heartwarming. putting the plot aside all cast did really well job. I like when all actors know how to act.

  7. Loved the characters, hated the plot. I held on for the characters alone. The cast worked hard with a plot-less story, so I commend them. Congrats to the successful ratings as well!

  8. Loved the chemistry between Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won. And pretty much the chemistry between everyone else. The acting from all the actors/actresses was awesome! I really enjoyed this drama despite the lack of plot. It was light and fluffy and easy to watch.

  9. There was something about the show that captured it’s audience that’s for sure. Yes, good to see good acting and chemistry by all. Could the next show capitalize from this sleeper hit? I bet, LJK would be texting PSH, if he has her number like Kim Soo Hyun after TH, for getting those numbers that it would spill to their show! Oh! He already did in one of his interviews ? I’m sure, the show will be a hit, being pre produced and hyped here and everywhere… promoted by the media and all. Good luck to PSH for her next acting role with Choi Min Sik, wonder why that one hasn’t been talked about here…..maybe, it will surprise people again! That’s the best in my honest opinion.

  10. also, now Park Shin Hye has a 20 percent ratings hit to her name, as the leading lady WITHOUT any Hallyu god costars or famous writer.

    Time to give up and admit that her success isn’t just about her getting lucky to work with hot costars.

    • She had help from Kim Rae Won buddy, not a Hallayu God but a sure-fire hit maker with critical acclaim and ratings success both to his credit. And she kissed him as passionately as he did, they had comfort level like none I’ve seen so far with her. I will give her credit as she did show significant growth as an actress and I am currently looking forward to her next project, the film where she will play a lawyer to eagerly to see her flexing her legal acting muscles. Too bad her bad-ass kicking and fighting got cut past the initial episodes. That for me was a highlight, I wish they had kept the focus on that for a greater part of the series.

      • Yes Kim Rae Won is worth his weight in gold even compared to a hallyu star.
        Unfortunately the story is so boring.
        A bright spark is Lee Sung Kyung!

    • Kim Rae Won is one of A-list actor though. He may not very popular internationally but he’s indeed respected actor in Korea. His last drama before Doctor was Punch which got 14% ratings.

      • Yup Punch is such a great drama compared to Doctors.
        Kim Rae Won was excellent in Punch!

  11. I love Doctors to pieces. Maybe I am a rare kind… The only drama that kept me awake to wait for the eng sub after midnight of every episode.

    There are people who criticized these drama but are glued in their seat to watch these.

    All the cast are endearing and has played their role well. But most all I love Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won, they are the best without trying so hard. Mind you, I love PSH & LJS on Pinochio, but now they are second to that only. Love my #RAESHIN Couple… I hope they will be having more shows and advertisement together.

  12. No matter how much people hate or complain about this drama, it must has something great to be the 2nd biggest hit this year without big budget, trending actor or star writer, etc…
    The cast made the show more me, especially PSH and KRW, with great acting and wonderful chemistry. Casting director should get an award.
    People can’t deny PSH’s star power and acting recognition now. Good job, girl!

    I hope you both can work again in a better project like KRW wished.

      • You’re not comparing like for like so how fair is that??? Monday and Tuesday dramas has not had that kind of ratings for the past 2-3 years.

      • Hye Jin,
        I believe you are Suzy fan, as far as her latest drama is concern, did very badly. So 20% is definitely a great achievement especially PSH’s agency expect it to fail. Is really team work and hard word.

      • @JI, there is no need to bring another actress into the conversation. Regular readers here know Hye Jin is a PSH hater. Don’t care who her bias are.

      • Heh! Weekend drama to be considered a hit as I noticed should get 25 to 30s rating. There are only 2 weekday drama that reached 20% so far this year so, reaching that says a lot. Still comparing the 2, a lot of investment for the first, while Doctors did not have any expectations. Current shows would jump for joy if they get 15% rating … show so far have done that. Even confused with W rating since it is really an intriguing story, the chemistry is also great. UF is just a disappointment for the makers since it was hyped too much, maybe if they didn’t , the low rating won’t be noticeable, or be criticized as much?

    • Im sure you’re not pretty.. haha
      Im very happy people who have bad heart, Negative mind and bad face too ? speak up

      Hye jin like dung dung dung

      • YAH, they keep on criticising PSH because they need special attention and a physician for their insecurity syndrome!

    • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think PSH is one of the most beautiful Korean actresses. She oozes sex appeal. She is a beauty inside and out. Wholesome personality and kind heart! Wish get another drama after the movie Silent Witness.

    • Agree she is not that pretty but to me she has a non-threatening, universal -girl next door appeal that many actresses wish for. She is attractive and kind looking. Her acting is good. I would rather watch her performances than the actress who was the lead in DOTS. To me her DOTS wardrobe was less than appealing and in many scenes she looked like the older sister or aunt to the male lead. Guess it is just the personal opinion of the viewer.

  13. Doctors was a meaningful drama. Hye Jung with all her painful past learnt to open her heart and love Hong3. The writer isn’t the best, but in the end she told the story the way she wanted. Also, KRW and PSH pairing made up for the lack of script. Both of them have awesome chemistry with all their past co-stars so it comes as no surprise these two had chemistry that was off the charts. They are also both very passionate about their craft – acting. So, the success of this drama is purely down to the leads and PD. Congrats!!!

  14. Doctors ended up just being ok for me. I actually did a lot of skipping in the last 3 episodes. Too long for the story they wanted to tell. I felt the same way about DOTS. I would recommend it for an easy watch but I agree with koala…where did the gangster from the early episodes go? Congrats to the actors on the success.

  15. Loved the drama and the plot. It was a slower paced story telling which is fine. The cast were excellent in their acting and their overall chemistry , particularly the chemistry between KRW, PSH and YKS. Congratulations to the cast and crew for a job well done and for achieving excellent ratings. I found my new idol in YKS, he is tall, baby bear charming good looks and he can act too! Let’s hope he will get the first lead in future drama productions.

  16. So sad to leave this drama, it was such beautiful drama that kept me waiting and excited with each episode every week. I really adore the chemistry before PSH and KRW. They are such a sweet couple. I also notice their friendship even behind the scenes. They are so close and comfortable. Hope they will work again in a movie and look forward to their being coming a real life couple. I also adore LRW. He’z cute.

  17. My main takeaway from Doctors: Kim Rae Won could be sitting in a room looking at paint dry and I’d 100% still watch that.

  18. I like all their outfit.. it looks so comfortable and simply stylish (I’m no fashion expert.. just love what I see on them) hehehe

  19. Can surely tell that Park Shin Hye is a polarizing actress. On one side, she’s very much loved by her fans but on the other side, she got a lot a bashing from her antis.

    I think she is a fine actress and grew up from being a child actress to one that actually can carry a drama and bringing in the ratings. I find Doctors very enjoyable during the first few episodes but slowly it turns into a snoozefest so I ended up watching it when I feel like watching and still can cope up since the pace is pretty slow and nothing so significant other than human relations.

    But congrats on being a sleeper hit and passing that 20% ratings which is pretty much very difficult to achieve these days. That speaks some heartwarming quality in the drama that touched the audiences as well as star power of the leads.

    • I am neither a fan or anti of PSH. While I think she can act and can see why some would love her acting, it doesn’t really work for me. I don’t know how to put it in words but I think it is because I can tell she is acting. This is be due to the fact that she has distinct mannerisms in her acting and they overshadow the characteristics of the character she is playing. When I watch her, I see Park Shin Hye, not the character.

      Still, I think she was the largest contributor to Doctor’s success. I found Kim Rae Won disappointing. It could be the character he played but I had expected more from an actor of his experience.

      • I allways see Psh not the character. I finally found someone who thinks like me . Thanks @D to write what i couldn’t express.

      • Actors/actresses can only act out what the writer has given them. HJH according to KRW latest interview is much more passive. KRW actually changed certain tones/mannerism to provide a more confident character. The helipad scene where he asked are you married was changed by him personally. Also, there were many adlibs he added himself. Don’t judge someone if you don’t know the facts.

      • PSH has the most beautiful and touching crying scenes as an actress. If you can’t tell that is good acting then I can only say your opinion of good acting is different.

      • Everyone has the right to have a different point of view. Does everyone love Picasso, Proust, Chaplin… No . But they ‘re considered as great artists . Loving someone or something is subjective. We can say that we don’t connect with his acting without being haters or antis. every human being possesses his own sensibilty. That’s all!

      • I am not judging him as a person, only his acting. I do think this was a poorly written role for KRW and perhaps, I expected him to do wonders with it. After watching Doctors, I saw Beautiful Mind and what Jang Hyuk did with his character is exactly the level I had expected KRW to deliver.

        Beautiful crying is not good crying. It doesn’t need to look ugly either. It just needs to come right from the innermost part instead of merely expressing it with your face or turning on the tap. PSH is good at crying in that she delivers technically all that is required. However for the type which will wrench my guts, just check out Han Ye Ri’s outstanding performance in Age of Youth. That’s one recent example I can think of.

      • Second you about PSH’s acting. Her personal aura is too strong and overshadows the role she’s supposed to live out. I kept seeing the same PSH in each of her dramas so far even she did grow and improve since Pinocchio.

      • These are only your personal critical views. As a viewer, I see massive improvement from PSH’s acting from project to project and that’s good enough for me.

      • Han ye ri is so good in “Age of youth”. Another underrated actress. It seems that casters are only interested in a certain beauty and popularity for the leading roles. I’ m currently watching UF and i like it but the leads doesn’t make me feel empathy for their characters !

  20. all the best for the cast of Doctors, You did a very good job as well as to the guest artists. saranghae to my new loved couple raeshin.. Looking forward to your new projects either together or individual.. Keep the friendship!!! Fighting,…

    You can’t please everyone.. And that’s reality it will nice also to be reminded everyday.. :)…

  21. I did not know Baek Sung Hyun is in here. Been only following Beautiful Mind. Now I must check out for my Stairways to Heaven child couple after so many years and reunited.

  22. Doctors became boring towards the end but still the chemistry was off the charts (make another drama soon!). Both UF and Doctors are good in their own way (let’s not compare them, btw woo bin was so good in UF). But tbh UF was so depressing i gave up after watching a few episodes :'(

  23. I’m so glad I’m a fan… hear from her peers, well known directors, senior actors how THEY want to work with her. I don’t think I’ve encountered this kind of enthusiasm for a 20 something actor except for a top caliber actor like CMS and Jeon Do-Yeon. All of them eventually will love her for her personality and beautiful over all persona. And someone did say, she brings luck to her partners ? A bonus! I’d also be bitterly bummed if I read about PSH all the time getting all kinds of offers , praise , love etc and not my favorite, haha, maybe I’ll write something nasty as well. But, why waste time, right??! Enjoy your favorite and maybe you’ll read something exciting about their work…..maybe! Congrats to the Doctor Team for being the sleeper hit of the summer, may their force spill over to the next drama, I’m sure they wish that!

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