Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye Celebrate with the Eclectically Dressed Cast of Doctors at Wrap Party

It’s a job well done for the cast and crew of just wrapped SBS Mon-Tues drama Doctors, a drama that ended up being as bland as it’s final title when all the potential was there to make it interesting as the original title of Female Gangster Hye Jung hinted at. I dropped the drama midway through for being so utterly snooze inducing even the lovely Park Shin Hye and charming Kim Rae Won, and their fantastic chemistry, could keep me entertained. Narratively boring is worse than being bad, at least bad gives audiences something to complain about, whereas boring is just unmemorable.

I did like what the cast did with their roles and the dull as beans script, a solid professionalism and comfortable camaraderie permeated the production and certainly some folks must have enjoyed it and for that the drama is a success in my book. It’s also a ratings win for crossing the vaunted 20% AGB nationwide threshold for some of the later episodes, so the production certainly deserved the wrap party celebration and I won’t even laugh at the majority of the cast attending in what appears to be pajamas or clothes picked from the closet in the dark. Other than Kim Rae Won, still so put together and rawr. Continue reading