K-Bu Bu Jing Xin Crosses 1 Billion Views in Youku as C-viewers Loving Lee Jun Ki’s Wounded Warrior 4th Prince

The Korean adaptation of Chinese time-traveling romance novel Bu Bu Jing Xin may be an indisputable ratings flop with domestic Korean audiences, with ratings in the 5-6% range, but it’s now also an indisputable runaway success with Chinese online viewing audiences. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo (Bobogyungsim: Ryeo) just crossed the 1 billion views mark this week with the release of episodes 8 and 9. The drama still has half it’s run left so it might end up vying with recent Hallyu hits You From Another Star, Heirs, and Descendants of the Sun as most online views in China.

The network Youku released a tribute to Lee Jun Ki’s 4th Prince for this achievement, the drama certainly has a sprawling cast but the Chinese viewers are overwhelming watching to soak up Lee Jun Ki’s amazingly intense performance so far, as am I. In fact, I’ve let the OTP romance fall by the wayside and am simply content to watch 4 unleash all the restrained hurt and intensity in his arsenal to incinerate the screen. I continue to enjoy the drama and appreciate the very clear deviations from the original source material in narrative and character connections while keeping the broad outline the same.


K-Bu Bu Jing Xin Crosses 1 Billion Views in Youku as C-viewers Loving Lee Jun Ki’s Wounded Warrior 4th Prince — 91 Comments

    • Lee Jun Ki is killing it – he owns this show, and frankly I go run errands when IU is looking shocked or the evil mom/son duo are busy plotting. His acting is just miles above everyone else in this show, including Kang Ha Neul who seems to be phoning it in some of the time. And the less said about IU the better – although my theory is that she is meant to be like Bella, the heroine in the Twilight series: so brainless and vanilla that absolutely anyone can imprint themselves into her place.

  1. Happy for Lee Jun Ki ! He deserves his success. IMO, he stills underated in his country. Wish the best for him. Hope for a contemporary drama as his next work with an actress of his acting level ( nothing agaisnt IU , his acting is not great but not bad either). I’m addicted to this drama .

    • Its her bias who isn’t getting his due. Mainly because of poor luck with scripts and directors in SK so let her have it. I think Lee Jun Ki probably should sign something fast and possibly in cable so that people can forget this disaster and he can get his ratings success in his homeland. He was already popular in China, what he needs is a ratings gold in his homeland.

    • Zhu Xian’s view is ONLY 1.4 billion not 13-14 billion. Please look at the actual not Chinese term 14 亿. Also, Zhu Xian’s already aired 20 episodes and SHR only aired 9 episodes so far. Currently, most viewed drama is ‘One smile is alluring’ with 11.7 billion (30 episodes) and most viewed SK drama is ‘Uncontrollably Fond’ with 3.4 billion (20 episodes). So, we just need to wait and see whether SHR reaches to 3.5 billion (no of UF views) after all 20 episodes are aired. Keep in mind, UF was rated higher in SK when aired though there are a few middle episodes rated around 6%. 😀

    • @Chloe The case of comparing apple with orange. This is about the achievement of K-drama in China and you are making comparison with the chinese very own production. Credit is given when credit is due. Why need to be so bitter?

    • Zhu Xian’s view on youku is only 1.4 billion, not 13-14 billion after 20 episodes. Please look at the number in numeric not in Chinese which will say 14 亿 as it uses multiple of ten thousands (eg. 10 万 is 100,000 NOT 1 million).
      I’m not LJK’s fan but watching the show as it is, just pointing out that SHR only aired 9 episodes and there will only be 20 episodes.

      • Zhu Xian isn’t just broadcast through Youku, that’s just one site. The biggest video sharing site is actually Iqiyi in China fyi and BBJX-K isn’t even in the top 10 of total online views right now so… plus the reception isn’t good at all

    • @Chloe, Zhu Xian is a Chinese drama. You can’t compare a Korean drama with a Chinese drama. A Chinese drama is broadcast in their own Chinese language whereas a Korean drama is broadcast in Korean language. Obviously less people would watch a foreign language film where they have to read subtitles, which is very troublesome.

      And what’s the point of talking about iQiyi when Scarlet Heart is not even being broadcast there?

      You really like to compare apples with oranges.

      @Lea, if you are unhappy that Koala is happy that Scarlet Heart is doing reasonably well in China, maybe you should just not click on the article. It’s her blog, ofc you should let her have it.

      • @Livi I am glad to see you here. You said it all. Comparing with different basis is totally non-comparable at all. Some are just plain snarky and trying all out to bring down this drama.

    • @ Chloe: I can’t reply to ur comment to my post below. So, I’m replying it here. I’m not sure where you’re getting your information. I know that there are different streaming websites in China and iqiyi is very popular and they even hold annual award ceremony. I have apps for some of the websites including iqiyi and I check their websites from time to time.
      Neither SHR nor Zhu Xian is streaming on iqiyi currently. Only website that is streaming SHR is youku. Zhu Xian is streaming as VIP for Tencent and youku. I checked mangoTV, LeTV, PPLive addition to iqiyi. None of them is streaming Zhu Xian or SHR unless those websites show different things for people from US. Of course, I can’t watch them from those website as they can detect my IP address.
      So, you’re really comparing apple and oranges; different no of episodes already aired, no of streaming sites, domestic vs international. I’m not die hard fan of any actors in the drama but I just don’t think that people should bash any drama without concerete proof especially on a personal web blog of a fan.

  2. I just hope Junki gets an overall amazing project next and a (in my opinion) better lead actress. Despite liking him and his acting, I have let go of his last few projects and couldn’t take this one as well, for personal reasons. Last dramas that I enjoyed from him were Arang and Two Weeks. Glad he’s getting praise everywhere tho for his acting (and Kang Ha Neul as well). They deserve it!

    • It’s true that Two Weeks is Jun-ki’s best role in recent years (no matter the ratings and MBC’s scandalous behaviour at their local Awards). Joseon Gunman could have gone terribly wrong without a good leading female role. And that’s exactly what he needs, especially in a modern story: one good leading lady who can act, period. Unlike sageuks and action dramas, in which Jun-ki shines every single time (even with a mediocre actress by his side), other genres need a good OTP to move the story forward.
      He saved the day this time round. In a female-centric story, he stole everyone’s thunder (KHN is a good actor, with film projects under his belt and a big range of emotions, but, up to ep. 9, he was given practically nothing to work with in Moon Lovers) and he certainly deserves to be recognised, domestically and intertnationally.

      • I think Wang So is LJK’s best performance so far. The role is so iconic much like Gong Gil is. Agree with you, despite the lack of screentime, you can not not pay attention to him. Even with the little time that he was given, he stole the thunder from everyone. And despite that I really love the drama, I also cannot deny that he is the main reason of why people are tuning in to this drama. Putting aside that he is gorgeous, he really is a terrific actor.

      • @Nifty, sageuks tend to be Jun-ki’s specialty by now. So’s role, with the scar, the mask and all the daddy-mommy issues in the background is a first for him, in terms of “no more nice guy” character. In Two Weeks, he had to portray a small-scale con artist with a very sick child he knew nothing of and for whom he needed to make brave and difficult choices. There’s nothing more magnificent than an ordinary man who must overcome himself and become his kid’s father no matter what. His performance was less TV and more cinema. I loved him more there than in TBDW (if that were ever possible!) and reminded me more of his unconventional days of The King and The Clown.

  3. After this week’s episode, I’m planning to drop this drama. Ratings don’t bother me but I was watching this for Lee Jun Ki and they are pretty much hell bent to give his character the worst fate possible.. There’s no limit to the toture and we don’t really have a happy ending in the future it seems. So no satisfactory pay off.. bye bye from me lol

    • For me, happy endings aren’t always the most satisfying, and it’s what moves me more emotionally – which may be a sad ending. Yes, LJG’s character has all the odds against him… But it is a role where he can really show a wide range of emotions. I am grateful that this storyline allows me to see his amazing acting ability.

      Also, I am really shocked how well the other cast members are doing… Especially KHN. I never noticed him so much in other dramas before, but in this one… He really stands out.

    • @An I can’t blame you though I would very much appreciate if you are to stay with the drama. Fair to say, Episode 9 was a regress from the grandiose Episode 8. Such a waste as LJK is so amazing yet his screentime is still quite limited. He turned Wang So as the most beloved character and I know a lot could not go thru to see him suffer.

    • I agree that they are hell bent on giving Lee Jun Ki’s character’s the worst fate. But KBBJX is based according Korea’s history of that actual prince, who actually killed his brothers and subjects to become king and at the time of his ruling he was terrifyably feared. I want to see a happy ending as well but if the production is going to go according to history I don’t see it happening.

  4. But comments on Weibo on the drama isn’t great. The Chinese are watching it and comparing to their own version. They already have concluded this version is a shambles and can’t compare with their version. Comments I’ve read are ‘I’m only treating it as an idol drama’, ‘sticking to it for LJK’, so the fans still watching are mostly LJK fans. There is huge anti-K sentiment in China at the moment anyway but good luck BBJX for the remaining run since you cost a bomb to make.

      • There’s always the naysayers and the negative comments. Nothing worth to be taken seriously about. If you looked at other streaming sites, MLSHR is topping the drama viewing list even though the drama is being simulcasted in so many countries where people get to watch it first hand. I still consider this feat an achievement as a whole.

    • Yea I was also confused with this article since most of the reviews I’ve read are trashing this version, especially LJK’s styling and the acting of the rest of the cast. I think he’s a great actor, but unless you’re a die hard fan, it’s really hard to get past those bangs…in the first episode they were even slightly curly which made it worse.

  5. I am confused. So isn’t Lee Joon Ki the leading man? I haven’t started watching this yet so I could be wrong. Even though I’ve seen Iu with the KHN. I also heard that there is more than one version floating around. I was really looking forward to watching this.

    • this does not follow the structure that you are probably used to, but yes LJG is the lead. You just have to wait for it as it doesn’t follow the normal k-drama structure, and I’ll leave it at that. There is an international version which is what Dramafever has and the station has a version that has some different edits and music. I find that with a few exceptions, the edits don’t make much difference, but they definitely drive fans crazy.

      I would wait until it completes its run and binge watch. It’s what I’d wished I’d done. For all the hate that people mention here, I doubt a billion people in China are watching just to be snarky. The broadcaster certainly seems happy enough.

      • there’s 9 episodes, so divide that billion views by 9, and plus there are prob die-hard fans who watch it more than once so

      • @chloe

        1 billion / 9 = 111111111.
        Do you know what it is greater than? –> 2500.
        the sample size of the korean ratings which they Estimate is indicative of the whole population.

        This on the other hand is actual views.

        I’m curious, why are you so eager to downplay its international success ?

    • He is the leading man and since it is an adaptation of BBJX, 4th basically will rule the screentime only at the second half of the story. It’s not like the typical K-drama where the OTP are pre-destined from the get go. Though admittedly, I myself am frustrated with the lacking of LJK’s screentime simply because he is too mesmerizing on screen.

  6. LJK is the best thing in this drama without him it would flop. I’m also sticking to it because I like his 4th prince version more than the Chinese version. The rest of the casts aren’t comparable to the original version. And the rest of the princes are so lacking in term of acting and boring to watch. I hope LJK next project would be better.

  7. Lee Joongi deserves all the credit and then some. He is a god among mortals in this drama. Although, I suppose whomever had the idea to write the 4th prince as such a beautifully tortured soul deserves some credit, but since the rest of the writing is a mess, I’m giving the lion’s share of the credit to LJG for one of the finest acting performances I’ve ever seen in a Kdrama. I’m glad that he is being recognized even amidst the mess that is this drama.

  8. I am watching this on dramafever and see 98ish percent positive reviews. Unless it goes across platforms in china, I don’t see it taking on mlfas or dots but maybe it can give Heirs a run for its money with its 3.something billion views.

    I really liked the original, and I am enjoying this one as well. It is fun to see how the writer is switching it up. Of course Lee joon Gi is doing great in it, and I actually think it is as good as I’ve ever seen him. But he said even before this was done, he was doing a contemporary drama or movie next and after this I am afraid I will never see him in a gat again.

    • Do NOT trust Dramafever reviews. Usually only the people who really like something will bother with it, so you end up with even terrible dramas getting tons and tons of four stars. Or people will give 1 star because something went wrong technically or 4 stars because it was finally subtitled in their language – really, there’s no discipline to it so the ratings mean little.

  9. I love your article. I am so happy for the drama and for Lee Joon-Gi for doing so well in China. I am loving every minute of this drama

  10. Hi Koala,
    Just wanna point out I think you should include ‘Uncontrolably Fond’ on your list as as it was streamed on Youku at the same time as brocasted in SK and it reached to 3.4 billion views. So far UF is highest view SK drama on Youku (higher than Heirs @1.4 billion) though of course not every SK show was streamed on Youku and some shows are streamed on different sites. Plus, illgeal streaming sites 😀
    Wish SHR will reach UF’s no just to support great acting of the casts especially LJK and KHN and to mispell IU can’t act biases. UF had high ratings in SK though some middle episodes rank around only 6-7%.
    ***Not a fan of any actors on the show***

    • But IU can’t act. The scenes with her and LJK are almost painful, because he is so good (a tiny flicker of an eyelid will convey everything he is feeling) and she is so bad (the frequent blank, doll-like stares, the broad displays of emotion, the lack of any pause or inflection in her lines, the lack of any mobility in her face). And he doesn’t seem to be having any effect on her acting abilities.

      • I’m not IU fan and not saying she acts very well but she can definitely emote and convey some expressions with her eyes compared to other idol addresses. Of course, she is not an A-lister yet and does not have that many acting projects under her belt yet. You can’t compare her acting with LJK’s a-list one yet. However, can say that she will improve and tomorrow episode will show. I have to not agree with you that LJK has no effect on her. They have great chemistry and her acting is getting better and better by episode. In C-version, even LSS can’t express all her emotional turmoils let alone great eye expressions yet and viewers seem to not harshy critize her!

  11. Justice for LJK. He hasn’t had a solid hit in a long while. He is always carrying the drama burden! He’s so expressive. I like KHN since Misaeng so I’m just blinding watching while FF on a lot of scenes. ?

  12. I am over the moon with this news especially for Lee Jun Ki. He is an amazingly talented actor. His version of 4th Prince is so freaking hot that everyone else just turn into shadows whenever he is on-screen. Too bad such a gem of an actor being underrated in his home country just because his drama not doing well in the ratings. How shallow that an actor’s craft being judged based on popularity. This guy needs an award already. To me, he gave the best performance among K-actors this year.

    • Gosh. When comes to LJK, I am at loss of words – just couldn’t find the right one to describe how amazing he is, visual and acting wise. To me, his performance as Wang So is definitely on a different level and I agree with you, it is the finest performance so far from any K-actors this year (based on my drama watch list ofc). He is so good in Scarlet Heart.

    • Oh, and just to make mentioned. Just look at the rise of his followers on IG. I guess many agree that they are so soaked up by his turn as Wang So. I am truly happy for him.

  13. I love BBJX cried gallon of tears watching it , but I’m loving the Korean version more now because of Joon Gi I don’t know why I just do!! Hopes that the rating will improve in SK.

  14. I am happy not only because MLSHR is doing well outside Korea but even happier that Youku released a tribute for Lee Jun Ki’s 4th Prince. LJK is Wang So, period! He owns the role and he single-handedly carries this drama, putting up such a phenomenal performance.
    The last 10 minutes of episode 8 where viewers were given a glimpse of Wang So as the tyrant Gwangjong totally cemented my eternal love and respect for LJK. In my many years of K-drama watching, that was the only scene that ever gave me a goosebumps and I am not even exaggerating. He has been emoting with single eyes all along and exuding a formidable aura of a cruel king within a split second through his eyes alone which is really a testament of what a brilliant actor he is.
    MLSHR has been by far a refreshing and satisfying watch for me and I am totally addicted with LJK above all, being my utmost reason for watching.

  15. I really like LJK but I think I’m officially in love with Kang Haneul. ? Already adored him in Monstar, and he was the best thing in Angel Eyes.

  16. I don’t get with all negativities about this drama. I think the drama is entertaining. All casts are fit for their role. Even the smallest role such as Chae Ryung, is perfectly act. Ofc the lead role such as LJG, IU, KHN are bringing chemistry.

    Btw, Koala, why aren’t you recaping this drama? Honestly, i’m waiting for your recap and thoughts about this drama.

    • Honestly it feels more like a idol drama for me. If you watched the original, it didn’t feel at all idol-ish. The original source had such depth and synergy that you just got sucked in.

      I’m watching, excited, anticipating- but I also leave my brain at the door when watching it. I think it’s IUs character that drives me batty with the stupidity, and the cutesy and the random burst of confusion. The last episode, especially made me feel like I was getting whiplash with her waffling. The choppy random scenes don’t help much either.

  17. You can always count on the Chinese especially when your own people won’t support you.

    This is good news for the producers and cast of Scarlet Heart. This project has been aimed at the Chinese market from Day 1 so we can’t exactly call the drama a failure. KHN is young but showing lots of potential. This role is just a stepping stone to bigger things and I’m sure won’t hurt his opportunities in the domestic front. If LJK wants to be the longest reining hallyu king, this might be it. As for IU, probably China loves her better than Korea does? And for all the rest of the cast, the aspiring hallyu stars, I’m sure they got attention from the Chinese now, even if it’s a small fraction of what the leads get.

    The two or multiple versions are giving me a headache. I wish the show had made simpler. Don’t they know that almost everyone is watching this for Lee Jun Ki? Too bad it’s pre-produced but at least they can edit. If it wasn’t pre-produced, this show would be called The 4th Prince’s Woman or something. Anyway, they did a half-ass job in following the C version. Get rid of 8th Prince as soon as possible before fans burst their blood vessels. If they could have got rid of IU, they just might but ooops…must not forget IU fans. If she doesn’t have any fans in Korea now, maybe she does in China.

    I feel sorry for LJK, why is he always let down by his co-stars? He always has to carry an entire drama on his shoulders but they still fail through no fault of his. If he cannot find another actress worthy of him, I suggest he goes solo. I’m sure they can tailor such a script for him and fans will happily watch.

    • Could it be his personal aura is too strong that always overshadowed his costars? I remember most of his dramas I’ve watched are very hero centric so he’s always the focal point of the plot. Sometimes that may hinder A-list actresses to say yes to a drama offer with him a male lead. I may be wrong. But I wonder though. A hit K drama usually, if not always, had OTP of great chemistry, like PBG/KYJ in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. Think about it, K audience appreciate a drama with convincing romance more than anything else. This is just my theory based upon the domestic rating success of DotS, Doctors, and now MDBC.

      • There is something intangible when comes to LJK. Like you said, it’s his aura or the X-factor which I could not comprehend either. It’s true, when he is on-screen, his co-stars just fade into the background. I laughed when you mentioned that this criteria may lead the A-list actresses turning down a drama offer with him but you definitely hit the nail on the head there – as at todate, none of his on-screen romance left deep impression that as viewers, ones would wish to go as far as shipping in real life. Whenever he starred in a drama, it is always about him. I still think his best chemistry is with the camera itself.

      • Its the slot, Monday to be exact. First day after weekend and you may not want to watch a dark Korean drama that isn’t even particularly great with camera styles, editing and not to mention wastes screen time on useless characters with zero to minimal acting ability like that kid from Exo. Add to that leading lady is sort of good but nothing to write home about and a bunch of other flower boys that have nothing to add to the plot. See, what I mean. Also, Koala has forgotten China has a huge population it seems and UF has massive views on the same streaming sites, selective praise for a show that has tanked it seems.

      • @Lea I don’t know why you are so bitter if Koala wishes to mentioned about K-BBJX. It is universally known to her blog’s readers that she loves BBJX so much and LJK is one of her favorite actors. And the drama is nowhere as bad as most painted it to be. Evidently, the drama tops most of the streaming sites elsewhere aside from China which indicate that K-BBJX is receiving much love abroad. Just because it does not meet the taste of the Korean audiences and suffers in the domestic ratings, does not mean the drama is qualitatively bad. If that is the case, then so to speak that international viewers really have one hell of a lousy taste since many appreciate this drama.

      • Del & Drama2016,

        Great observation regarding LJK’s leading ladies in his previous dramas/movies! I have never thought of it until you brought it up. I think you both have a great point. I doubt too many A-list actresses would want to let LJK steal their thunder when they are cast in the same production! Having said that, I have to mention that it was a joy watching LJK and Shin Min-ah in “Arang” – they have amazing chemistry together and they make a lovely couple!

        I am really enjoying the drama mainly because of the drop-dead gorgeous LJK. I only wish another actress has been cast to play Hae Soo and not IU! It would have been so much more enjoyable if LJK could be paired up with an attractive and more experienced actress (how about his leading lady in “Iljimae”, Han Hyo Joo?) to play his love interest. IU just does not that that certain “X Factor” that lead actresses have – she’s so plain and ordinary in appearance which makes it hard to believe that she is the object of affection for so many men in the palace. She’s definitely a mismatch with LJK – and that’s why the drama is getting such low ratings!

        I am disappointed that the drama is not doing as well as it should in Korea, but very happy that LJK’s superb performance is getting recognized and the drama is receiving a lot of love in other countries. LJK forever – his international fans sure love and appreciate him!

      • @NPL
        I am happy that we share the same love for this drama. While I agree that Lee Jun Ki has not been the one half of any memorable OTP in K-dramaland, I would not say that IU is the wrong choice for SHR. I apologized with the differ in opinion but I think she is amazing as Haesoo, not only for her youthful look but also her decent acting. Han Hyo Joo is one of my fave since Dong Yi but I think she and LYB had the worst chemistry with LJK. I have yet to see him having that explosive chemistry with any of his lead actress and just as @Del mentioned, there is something intangible about him, strong on-screen presence that his co-stars including his leading lady just submerged into the background. Came to think of it, he pretty much just lurked around in the early episodes of SHR, yet eyes just tend to fall on him either because he is too strikingly gorgeous or that he just exudes so much charisma. Nonetheless, LJK is great and once again I reiterate, he is the best thing about SHR. He makes watching experience 10x better.

      • @NPL
        No, not offended at all?. Everyone’s entitled of to their opinion and have their preference. I am ok with that so long not commenting simply for being snarky and downright negative. Cheers and wishing all the best and continuos success to our favourite Moon drama.

    • @NPL, are you saying that many A-list actresses do not want to act opposite LJK because they are afraid he would steal their thunder? I would have never guessed! I wonder who will be bravest A-list actress to take up the challenge?

      Reminds me of Brad Pitt’s line in the movie, Troy: “Is there no one else?!!!”

      • LOL. That was my favorite movie. Now that you mentioned Troy, I remember I cried every single time I knew Brad Pitt is about to slay Eric Bana.
        That’s just a theory though there are many other factors such as he has not had a big hit after MS which is unfortunate since he is so consistently good.
        But the point is quite there, aside from Shin Min Ah, the rest of his leading ladies are not so high prolific as him. Kim So Yeon is actually good except she did not have any loveline with LJK in “Two Weeks”. I strongly think HJW or MCW can at least keep up with his charisma on-screen. Idk if it’s just his powerful screen presence or that because LJK is always the most beautiful thing in every single one of his drama, even more beautiful than any of his leading ladies.

      • OMG
        I totally respect your opinion even though I still think that IU is a terrible choice for the role – and the problem I have with her is more about her physical appearance than her acting inability (I have seen far worse from other actresses so I will give her a pass). We will have to agree to “disagree” on this one!

        One thing is clear – LJK has such dominant screen presence and demands such attention from the viewers that his co-stars would be eclipsed and faded into the background every time they appear on the screen together. He is simply mesmerizing. Could this is a curse? I think Del is right again about LJK only has chemistry with the camera – LOL!

        Since I don’t watch too many K dramas, I don’t know who LYB, HJW and MCW are? I do admit that while I like Han Hyo Joo, she did not really have that much chemistry with LJK in “Iljimae”. However, I still think that she would be a much better choice than IU because at least she’s beautiful and a lot easier on the eyes.

        We may have very different opinions, but we do share our love for LJK! I hope I did not offend you in any way by disagreeing with you. If I did, please accept my apologies.

  18. While SH isn’t a success on homeland TV channel, its viewership rating is currently highest on several online streaming sites I’ve visited. It’s evident that international fans love this drama. Congrats on its success (I guess also financially) in the markets abroad.

  19. I am actually enjoying this show much. Everyone executes his/her role pretty well. I don’t know why everyone is criticizing IU? she is getting better in every episode,
    the thing is I do not see much chemistry between IU and LJK and it is already 9 episodes; ? I want their relationship flow naturally not just a sudden twist, and boom they like each other
    THis version does not give much screen time for the 4th prince compared to the other and it is getting to the final soon.

    • I wouldn’t say that there isn’t much chemistry between IU and LJK. Being a longtime fan of LJK and having watched almost all of his dramas, I find that he has the best chemistry with IU. It’s the writing that gives too much romance between IU and KHN and not the OTP itself which I believe, lead to many’s frustrations including myself. Episode 9 and she is still in love with 8th, we can only judge whether there is really no chemistry or otherwise once 4th and Haesoo’s romance being given time to shine.

  20. I’m glad SHR getting loved everywhere outside Korea.

    In Singapore,it is the reverse SHR ratings are more than three times those of Moonlight, according to Kantar Media Singapore, a media monitoring agency.

    • I believe the same with the neighbouring southeast asian countries Malaysia, Thailand. The drama topped the trending list in Malaysia. LJK also becomes the most searched actor in China and Thailand. The drama is doing so very well internationally and LJK without a doubt receiving the most loves. The rocket speed increase of his IG followers since the broadcast of SHR is a testament how popular the drama is outside SK and how much appreciated his performance as 4th Prince is. So very happy for SHR and my love LJK most of all.

      • Anyway, I just stumble on an article about SHR becomes #1 korean drama with high ratings in Malaysia and Singapore! Daebak

      • Yes. It’s been confirmed that SHR is no.1 korean drama in Malaysia and Singapore, dominating 73% share among the four korean entertainment channels in the same timeslot. I am so happy over this news. Now that’s the proof that the drama is not qualitatively bad as some made it to be, that it is receiving so much love outside korea n putting aside China.

  21. Gosh some of the comments here are so bitter. Everyone knows that the show didn’t fare well in korea but its doing astoundingly well in other countries. Why try to find angles and reasons to diss that and undermine that success? I’m happy for the cast. Especially lee jun ki who is getting the major share of the praise. he deserves it.

    • I know. I don’t understand why people don’t want SH to have its silver lining. I liked the original and am liking this one as well.

  22. I cried watching BBJX chinese version and i cried again a few days ago watching the 2 last episodes, without subtitles. That’s how good they were.
    i tried to avoid SH becoz i thought it would never rival the original. Reading negative comments seemed to confirm this. But i accidently watched an episode and i got hooked by SC!
    The romantic/yearning scenes between IU and KHN gets on my nerves, I am so angry because she fell in love with a very nice, kind, strong, gentle, handsome, dependable guy! I mean, look around her! So many choices!! Each prince could have given her a fairy tale romance, the cute immature Eun, the gentle 13th prince, the passionate 14th prince,…
    I wish SC is at least a 30 ep drama, so many stories to be told! And LJK is so good, I am glad IU is his partner. She doesn’t fight his aura and she is doing such a great job, I am so loving her version of Hae Soo. How can anyone not love IU’s Hae Soo! I am NOT a fan of the singer IU but here, she is making me curious about Producer. I think I have to watch that next. Of course, I loved KHN from Monstar and Ji Soo from Angry Mom and LJK from Arang. Hell, that LJK is one action star and KHN is doing a great job as well!!!

  23. Hi Koala!
    Thanks for posting this info about China. It makes sense. BBJX was so wildly popular, that audience would want to watch, compare an kibitz. Whether they love or hate it, they will watch it. I don’t think the advertisers care either way!

    I also think it is funny how we compare “Korean” audiences with the “international” one as far as taste. It isn’t as if ALL of Korea has exactly the same taste, right? Is there ONE favorite color for the nation? Do the politicians always win b a landslide? Is there one brand of coffee, or soju or beer, or anything?

    And how can we put all of the countries that are not Korea into one bundle of viewers?
    Singapore, India, Russia, Sweden, US, Peru, New Zealand, the UK certainly cannot be defined by one set of likes and dislikes.

    If a show is popular outside of Korea, that means a larger audience than Korea.
    If a show is blacklisted for whatever reason in Korea and the ratings stumble, as long as the advertisers have figured out how to monetize other sources of viewing, all is good.

    Do I think the creative team is doing a horrible job with the source material? Crushing a good story with an OST that sounds like BOF, and clownish antics that take me out of the story, and unnecessarily cute anachronisms? Yes, I do. But I still love the show and I will watch it.

    Where there is LJK, there is hope! I watched BBJX five times, too. It is a great story. Plus, Soo has to come round and stop sucking, she HAS to.

    • Of course you can’t refer to ALL but it was generalized as ALL since the majority has speak of their preference.
      GENERALLY SHR not receving love from Korean viewers but the support is overwhelming abroad. If we want to talk about China, yes, the drama has the built in audiences but Koala specifically mentioned that many are watching due to the much loved LJK’s version of 4th Prince.
      Now putting aside China, generally Southeast Asia is loving SHR, evidently Singapore and Malaysia and korean dramas have strong fanbase at these countries.
      The drama may come with some flaws but I find that some just love adding up their black painting to the drama, taking advantage of its abysmal ratings in korea.
      Judging by the jarring reception between the domestic korean and international audiences, surely ones couldn’t help but generalized that this drama suits the taste of international viewers.

  24. I don’t care much about rating, I just enjoy the show and so much in love with it. I like it more than Moonlight Drawn. Scarlet Heart always be my first choice to watch, after that Moonlight. Even in Indonesia, Chanel ONE broadcast it at the same air time in Korea (Imagine how happy I’m, no need to wait for the next day to see the sub coming out). I knew LJK but so far only watched 3 of his dramas, which was My Girl, Iljimae and Virgin Snow. IU isn’t bad choice as Hae Soo. HS character is somewhat childish, and force to be matured by situation. She’s consider a child. And IU fit for it. Hope their chemistry build well after ep 9. Kang Ha Neul also portrayed the character of the 8th Prince well. I love his facial expression. I started to put interest on him after watched Like for The Likes. I know story based on history would never have a happy ending. People would died and 4th Prince will eventually marry with another woman (as his Queen). And so I set my mind to enjoy the show for the heartbeat and heartbroken to come he he … No need to stress out, no need to compare the actors and other dramas. To me drama that set high rating in Korea such as DOTS didn’t leave deep impression to me and didn’t make me repeat it over and over again. So far only Cheese In The Trap and Scarlet Heart that can make me feel that way.

  25. Also reading other comment about LJK that shines with his strong presence and put other actors on shadow, it somehow remind me of J-Manga, Garasu No Kamen (Glass of Mask). Maya Kitajima is that kind of actress. So I guess now I know a bit about the feeling, and found the live version of Maya in Lee Jun Ki. He he … 🙂

  26. According to wiki, the production of SCR are extending 2 additional episodes to make it 22 episodes. If it’s true then, Nah… who cares about the ratings in Korea. They are forking in another US$800k into their pockets. 🙂

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