Kimi Qiao’s Memorial Service in Shanghai Caps a Tear-filled Conclusion to His Unexpectedly Passing

C-ent’s week of sadness came together to say final farewells to actor-singer Kimi Qiao (Qiao Ren Liang) on Wednesday September 21st. Days after Kimi’s shocking suicide over the weekend, his family, friends (inside and outside the entertainment industry), colleagues, and fans all gathered in Shanghai for his viewing and memorial service. It was a massive affair as over a thousand fans showed up overnight to camp out and send their idol off, and as the day dawned a steady stream of mourners arrived to pay their respects. It was an open casket viewing and Kimi appeared just sleeping peacefully amidst his favorite color of pink flowers ringing him.

Close star friends including Chen Qiao En, Jin Bo Ran, Li Yi Feng, Zhao Li Ying and many more were in attendance at the service. Kimi was an only child and his father gave a tear-filled eulogy sharing stories about what a kind, loving, and dutiful son Kimi was, and also how Kimi tried to keep his increasingly severe insomnia and depression from his parents so to not worry them. He thanked all the friends and fans for supporting and loving Kimi, and ended by saying that they are heartbroken but didn’t have the heart to blame Kimi for taking this way out, only hoping that he is no longer in pain and now at peace.


Kimi Qiao’s Memorial Service in Shanghai Caps a Tear-filled Conclusion to His Unexpectedly Passing — 21 Comments

  1. Did you read Qiao En’s touching letter to him? I kept sobbing crazy for like 10-15 minutes. I can’t help but tear up when I watch old videos of playful Kimi surprising Qiao En, and his interviews where he is just so excited and happy to talk about his bestie Qiao En. I’m neither Qiao En’s nor Kimi’s fan, but it is just so heartbreaking to read her letter because it shows how devastated she is. She is truly broken. Especially when she wrote that his mum personally handed her a birthday gift today that Kimi has bought for her in advance next year (Qiao En’s birthday is on 4th of April). That really got me! He truly is an amazing and caring friend to Qiao En! May you rest in peace, Kimi!

      • She just posted it on her Weibo a few hours ago, along with a photo of Kimi hugging her. It’s in Chinese though.. hope you will able to read it, because it’s beautifully written with so much emotion.

      • Here is Qiao En’s letter to Kimi in English: Joe Chen:

        What is life?
        Life is don’t know how to be good.

        You’re always in the same year 2016 September 16 this day

        You are here, I know, the first friend
        Old friend, gracious.
        You hurt me like that hurt my daughter spoiled,
        You’re better than me small but always make me, you are a gentleman.
        You always think of ways to surprise me, you are my Santa Claus, is my kimi tinker bell, everyone’s request sir.
        You’re gone…
        Go in quiet, that alone, that makes people by surprise
        My senses…

        More is guilt. I don’t know you were sick, so heavy.
        I’m sorry. I’m sorry I’m later
        I’m sorry. I’m sorry I don’t have a lot of care about you
        You feel sorry for those who are suffering
        Hate to miss you
        How are you
        How could it be you!
        I don’t know what to do.

        More is the pity
        You left this world. Sorry.
        Left to family and friends fans regret

        I’m here for you, you just lay quietly in there…
        Looks like sleeping
        I never thought one day would like to send you away…
        I never meant to meet again is farewell
        The impermanence of life

        You’re looking at us, you’re so naughty, will definitely come to your own funeral you see so many people who love you?

        Last three bow, last eye
        My little loud telling you goodbye…
        Re-watch re-watch kimi…
        Thank you used to accompany the day my dearest friend.
        Thank you for your sincere friendship, I will hold onto it
        You’re a genius, thank you for everyone to bring warmth and light

        A friend told me, the people who love me, will become the stars watching over me
        I don’t know you become a star?
        Maybe you’ve been translated into any of the power of a substance.
        We will use different forms have you…

        Life is in get lost, get lost in.
        RIP kimi

        Today the little mother send you to early I bought, next year’s birthday gift to me personally.

        I want to cry

        謝謝你 Kimi

        Often come back to see me?
        Because I’m going to miss you so much

      • A proper translation:’

        What is life?
        Life is not knowing what to do.

        Time has stopped for you on this day 16/09/2016.

        You are the first friend I made here.
        We hit it off the moment we met.
        You spoil me like you would spoil your own daughter.
        You’re younger than me but you’re always giving in like a gentleman.
        You’re always trying to surprise me. You are my Santa, my Kimi-raemon and everyone’s as well.
        You’re gone…
        So quietly, so lonely, so suddenly
        That I was in shock…

        I feel more guilt, that I didn’t know that you were hurting so much.
        I’m so sorry that I didn’t realise it then.
        I’m so sorry that I didn’t show you more concern.
        My heart aches thinking about all the pain you had suffered through.
        I really really miss you.
        Why is it you?
        How could it be you!
        I don’t know, what to do.

        And there’s the regret.
        The regret you left to this world,
        The regret you left to your friends and fans.

        I have come to send you off, while you lied there silently,
        As if you are sleeping.
        I’ve never imagined that such a day will arrive.
        I cannot believe that reunion is for goodbyes.
        Life is unpredictable.

        Surely you are looking at us. You are so mischievous that you are bound to come to your own farewell.
        Do you see all these people who loved you?

        Three final bows, and one last glance.
        And I bid you farewell softly.
        Bye… bye Kimi.
        Thank you for all the days you were by my side, my dearest friend.
        Thank you for your genuine friendship, I will hold on to it tightly.
        Thank you for bring sunshine to everyone. You were a genius.

        My friends tell me, those who love you will become your guardian star.
        I don’t know, have you become a star?
        Perhaps you have become something else.
        But we know you are with us, no matter how…

        Life is about losing what you have and gaining what you’ve lost.
        Rest in peace, Kimi.

        Today, (your) mother passed me the present you bought for me, in advance of my birthday next year…
        I feel like crying.

        Thank you Kimi.

        Please come back to see me often, will you?
        Because I will miss you, a lot.

      • @kitai thank you very much for helping ^__^

        Thats so touching letter wrote in so much emotion.. Very beautifully written.. Hope Kimi and Joe being happy wherever they are.
        And more kinder people….

    • I can’t read Chinese and I was wondering if you could help please translate the letter? I really want to know what she wrote. Thank you.

    • @Bwear

      Did you also watch the video of Kimi sharing a story with his fans on how he got that big bear for Qiao En? My heart is breaking for her. In this life time, she probably won’t meet someone who treated her as good as Kimi did. Even boyfriends aren’t that sweet

      • @Tria

        I did! He truly is the most awesome male bestie a girl can wish for! Just like how you wrote it: he is even sweeter than boyfriends.

        Always surprising her with events and presents. He knows her habits and favourites. When she is grumpy he will buy her food to cheer her up. When her skin breaks out because she loves to eat fried and spicy food, he will take her to the beauty clinic.

        He knows she loves teddy bears, so he got her a limited edition one from a teddybear-themed restaurant where you actually have to consume a certain amount of money in order to get that one. So he actually treated his whole crew in order to reach that amount just to get his hands on the teddybear.

        Apparently Qiao En lost her teddybear, and Kimi promised Qiao En he will get her a new one next year. But now he is gone..

        I can’t imagine how heartbroken and devastated Qiao En must be right now. He was such a dear friend.

      • @Bwear

        Yes! I only got to know about their friendships and how sweet he was to her.. now. Which is a sad thing as we won’t see it anymore. Can’t imagine how heartbreaking Qiao En is.. especially during her Christmas and Birthday. No more Kimi *tears*

        Now that you mentioned about the lost teddy bear. I think he probably gave her something with teddy bear for her next year birthday.. because from what I read from what the fans wrote, she lost that huge teddy bear and he promised him to gave her another one next year and people were saying that there won’t be next year..

      • Kimi bought gifts for Joe Chen’s next year birthday? (Oh my,.. Yes i knew Kimi has a big crush on Joe)

        OMG thats too sweeeet!! Too cute!! And too sad!! Even my heart breaking and sad for her.
        **I wanna Hugs Joe and Kimi**
        Kimi big love just for Joe, even before he gone..the one he thought still Joe Chen.

        R.I.P sunshine boy, I’ll remember you KIMI.
        Wish KIMI @乔任梁 have a happy-wonderful-next-life.. I wish Kimi reincarnation into free-happy-human-life

    • @Bwear @Tria @Lala or someone kind…

      I can’t read chinese. So could a good soul help us translate what Joe Chen wrote for Kimi?
      Thanks in advance.

  2. I feel really terrible for this kinda sad situation.. It’s a tragedy to know that he couldn’t pull himself out of the depression. He got someone that cares very much for him. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to help him to recover from his suffers. I can understand how Qiao En’s feeling. She must be feeling like dooms day and will leave a scar in her heart forever. When my mum passed away (first time losing a family member) from time to time. I will cried myself. For Kimi, I will remember you forever in my heart. Rest in peace.

      • Yes me too feel so bad for Joe! How can she lost 2 of her BFF, and both of them are guys!! Poor Joe,.. But she also very lucky to have that friendships, and thats precious sincere friendship in the scary-entertainment-world! Lucky Joe!!

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