Alice Ke Celebrates Best Actress Golden Bell Win with Marry Me or Not Costars Roy Qiu and Joanne Tseng

Winning the biggest award of her acting career must feel triply sweet right now for TW-actress Alice Ke. She was the only one of the nominated acting trio of leads in Marry Me or Not to walk away with a win at last weekend’s Golden Bell Awards. Roy Qiu lost both his acting categories and Joanne Tseng also didn’t manage to win for best supporting actress. Nevertheless the production of MMoN happily celebrated Alice’s win together, with a champagne tower (jelly!) and adorable cheek kisses to boot. Alice’s real life actor boyfriend Kun Da also posted on his SNS congratulating his honey and declaring that he knew all along she would win it. I’m so happy for Alice after watching her since the early days when she played waifish ingenues, and now she’s totally believing as the fierce take no prisoners Tsai Huan Zhen in MMoN.


Alice Ke Celebrates Best Actress Golden Bell Win with Marry Me or Not Costars Roy Qiu and Joanne Tseng — 8 Comments

  1. During the interview, they mentioned how Roy smuggled snacks into the Golden Bells Award ceremony for them and even got Chris Wu on to the plan. Roy sweetly bought all the snacks they requested on the phone according to Joanne, to (while Chris Wu helped smuggled gummies in his pockets). I find that super adorable. I didn’t know they were such good friends.

  2. Aww so happy for Alice Ke! She nailed it as Huan Zhen. And I love the camaraderie these co-stars share. It’s something you see more often in TW/C-ents than their Korean or Japanese counterparts. (not bashing on those, so spare me the tomatoes!)

    And I LOVE the type of beauty Alice has. It’s so unique, you just never get bored looking at her face. Can’t wait to see what she does next!

    • It’s cause it is a much smaller industry/circle. Basically almost everyone has worked with someone or knows someone whose worked with them, so it’s not a surprise. Also from what I observed, their celebrity culture allows their actors to be much more casual and open, while in comparison, Korean actors are under much more scrutiny from the public. I only watch the occasional J drama and don’t follow their ins and outs, so no comment on them.

      • Re: everyone knowing everyone in the Taiwanese acting circle
        There’s also a lot of dating rumours/scandals in their circle as well, and you’ll be surprise to know who some of their past relationships have been.

  3. Congratz, Im so happy for her! But Koala, did you see the new MV from Rainie with Wilber, Mike and Show?!? Gosh Ive got all nostalgic, she really had amazing chemistry with all of them!

  4. I saw her last drama with SYN and company and I thought she stepped out of her skin for that as it was a period Taiwanese dialect drama. While the drama wasn’t particularly exciting, I liked that she tried something different from idol dramas.

    I think she should do snippy Feisty characters more often. Lol congrats to her. Haha sneaking gummies and snacks in – too funny.

  5. Totally beating that dead horse here, but this was an amazing series, elevated by outstanding performances from Roy and Alice. Gratitude must go to Netflix, whom relentlessly spammed my Recc For You feed this month with Office Girls until I caved in, even though I initially deemed it unworthy because I was “too good” for TW-dramas. (Silly me.) If not, I would not have discovered this magical pairing with such potent chemistry in Roy Qiu and Alice Ke, dubbed the “Golden Couple” by my fellow Japanese. I read the earlier posts on the Roy-Tang Yan breakup, and how he had once considered Tiffany his Goddess of Luck. But on a professional level, I feel it’s really Alice who sits under a lucky star.

    I’ve tried other TW-dramas since but only finished Mars 2004 and struggled a bit with In Time With You.

    Akice deserved this award, hands down, and Roy must be as equally proud as their director because I’ve seen in the Behind-the-scenes how he helped guide her through her role as well. But evenv without his guidance, I was surprised at how much study went into her character, down to the subtle things, like the way Huan Zhen walked so daintily in her heels, almost as if she was skipping. Not a trace of “Alice”. She was truly able to bring Huan Zhen to life and make her a real person for me.

    I wish I had caught on sooner. I only noticed it after it came on DVD on Amazon Japan. I bought it for my collection. Definitely a keeper, and 1 of my top 3 Asian dramas in 2015, next to Japan’s Fuben na Benriya starring Masaki Okada and Korea’s Ex-Girlfriend Club.?

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