Kim Soo Hyun Films New Beanpole Ad and Announces Application to Become a Professional Bowler


This is a news so out of left field the left fielder is still in the locker room getting suited up. Hallyu superstar actor Kim Soo Hyun has announced that he’s turning in his application to become a professional bowler. Unlike other professional sports, my understanding is that professional bowling isn’t a full time occupation from both a training and competition time commitment, which means Kim Soo Hyun remains free to churn out more acting works that hopefully continue along the same vein as his resume of super successful dramas and movies. I’m sure his dedicated fans already knew that he loved to bowl but for me this is such a whut? moment – alien professor Do Min Joon is a weekend bowling champ, I just can’t envision it. I’m most happy that Kim Soo Hyun has a hobby that he’s so dedicated to and loves to the extent that he’s good enough to turn pro, good luck and happy bowling days ahead to ma boy!


In addition to Kim Soo Hyun, singer-actor Lee Hong Ki of F.T. Island and singer Chae Yeon are also applying to become professional bowlers.



Kim Soo Hyun Films New Beanpole Ad and Announces Application to Become a Professional Bowler — 8 Comments

  1. “Happy bowling ? ma boy.” Hahahahahahahahaha. But how does one processionally bowl? Will they form or join teams? Have sponsors? Compete?

  2. Is this bowling green bowling or bowling alley bowling? If it’s the latter, I had no idea you could do that professionally. Also it’s so random that more than one celebrity is doing this…

    • Yes, bowling alley type of bowling is a sport. Similar to other types of sports, people compete competitively and get company sponsorship etc.

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