K-Bu Bu Jing Xin Crosses 2 Billion Streaming Views on Youku

Whatever shortcomings paired with addictive qualities that keep fans glued to K-Bu Bu Jing Xin week-after-week, the drama is finished up its underrated and underwhelming ratings run next week with a general feeling of relief that it’s over. It’s like but not love for me, even cognizant of it’s deviations and limitations, ultimately the drama has failed the central romance and that’s an Achilles’ Heel that can’t be overlooked. I love 4th Prince to pieces in this version but can’t for the life of me like Hae Soo, even the things she does right feels perfunctory but all her myopic lapses are nails on chalkboard awful. For C-viewers, the constant comparison to of the C and K-versions has finally died down, and if it brought in viewers that’s a good thing as the drama broke 2 billion views last week and crossed a major streaming success milestone in China. Congrats to the Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo team, but mostly to Lee Jun Ki for getting the lions share of any positive feedback for the drama.


K-Bu Bu Jing Xin Crosses 2 Billion Streaming Views on Youku — 53 Comments

  1. Unlike many, I actually didn’t have huge issues with the way Soo was written until recent episodes. The big “if only” for me is if they’d had 24 episodes but such is life. Glad for the international reception for the sake of all the people involved and their hard work, most especially LJG who – yes – deserves most of the credit. I’m glad for him that a huge # of people have discovered him through Wang So.

    • true, I actually didn’t have problems with Soo as a character until the drama made the decision to present her romance with Wang So so poorly.

      Making her feelings change during a time skip and not showing us, having her constantly distrust him on the basis of some stupid visions even she decided to stop trusting episodes ago, while he has nothing but endless trust in her, and then making her want to leave the palace for the sake of a traitor who’s been lying to her from day 1….. it’s like the script wants her to be irrational and disliked by the viewers or something.

      • I Have to agree because while Soo wasn’t perfect in the beginning, I was ok with her.. it then it got worse as the story progressed to central romance. It doesn’t help that her actions are directly hurting the (only) character I want to watch. Her behavior comes off as bizarre during the whole incident with the ‘slave’ girl. And her constant distrust of So just adds to the narrative issue (random time jumps) which makes me question if she actually love So or not…

        I am done with this after last week’s episode but I’m happy that it’s doing well if only for LJK’s sake and his hard work…

    • In the early episodes, I mostly had issues with the way Hae Soo was acted (although her character was written to be astoundingly stupid). In the latter episodes, I felt IU was actually beginning to emote better, with more varied facial expressions and some inflection in her voice, but that was also when the writing of her part took a definite nosedive.
      Really, the writing and editing has been so horrible it takes a mighty talent to rise above such dreck and Lee Jun Ki has been the only one capable of doing it (Kang Haneal could help if they actually gave him something to do). I am only watching this for LJK’s spectacular performance; everything else I want to forget as soon as possible.

  2. It’s the same with me. I love it enough to ignore all the flaws but still can never get myself to like Haesoo, no matter what justification given to me. I don’t really feel the failure on the central romance, in fact it’s the narrative plot that lead to the romance and heartbreak that is failing. And as @Kat pointed out, if only it is 24 episodes or that they chose not to drag on the non-plot while leaving the meaty portion to be compressed or cut down the non-relevant characters and storyline, the outcome would be so much better. But I am all glad that LJK is receiving so much love for his portrayal of Wang So. Even when this drama is a rating dud in SK, it still serves as a love vehicle for LJK and he has been nothing short of spectacular throughout the show. Hope for better project next time LJK and I am all set and ready for the finale this week.

  3. It’s funny, I actually really like the central romance and LJK/IU’s chemistry but I really think the narrative failed it in a big way by having her feelings for him change to romance during that random time jump and then sticking in all the other weirdly-planned stuff (I would understand if she was put off by his cruelty but she’s mad at him for punishing the girl who was a spy and lied to her from day 1 of their friendship?). That said, I still really like them together, the scene this week where she turned down his proposal, was heartbreaking.

    It’s like koala said – an insane mess but so addicting, if only they had worked out their script and production issues it could have been great because the original story is so compelling, but unfortunately the PD tried to go for style over substance at first and it ended up being held up solely on the shoulders of the cast, especially Lee Jun Ki.

    LJK deserves every bit of the praise he is getting as Wang So, though. He’s perfect in the role, and I’m glad it will at least be remembered. like @OMG I hope he gets a project with a better script next time!

  4. For the most part I ignored the flaws and just enjoyed the drama for what it was. Lee Jun Ki stole the show for me and I enjoyed the performances from Kang Ha Neul, Nam Joo Hyuk, Seohyun, and IU (I felt she did improve over time). Although I wish there wasn’t two versions released, one for international audiences and one for Korean audiences, it was confusing to watch episodes raw but then subs for the other episode as some scenes were either added or cut from either version.

  5. In a few years, how about a remake of the remake? Lol I’ve stopped watching since the preempted episode. I’ve lost interest.

    If they make a remake of the remake lol, Id vote for LHK tho start again – buy, would he? Lol

    • Hey, if Park Hae Jin can star in the movie version of Cheese in the Trap now after he was in the drama, why not Lee Jun Ki? 😉

  6. The only reason HS really works for me is because of IU, she has this really good chemistry with ALL the princes and especially so with LJG. And IU despite not being a professional actress and still improving steadily, she has done quite good in this role which I feel has been done a lot of disservice by the writer for the sake of the plot and uplifting other princes in the storyline.
    Rouxi as a character was quite complex and fleshed out really well, I’m not asking for a Rouxi 2.0 but if your going to make HS different from RX then make it good but here the writer has seriously given up on Hae Soo in the second half of the drama and tried to shoe horn her into the novel’s version of the ending without any proper reasoning. I mean the last few episode required so much indepth analysis to actually understand why Hae Soo is doing what she is doing because the writer gives off lofty dialogues as justification for her actions with ZERO insight into her mind.
    I watched the international version and also the sbs version of the episodes and dear god, there SO MUCH difference in the two versions of HS. For example, the episode where she tells So to leave her alone, the international version just cuts off there whereas the sbs one gives a voice over that explains why she is did that. That few minutes of dialogue made so much difference.
    All I want to say to the writer and pd-nim is all it takes is one dialogue to make the viewers like or dislike your lead. I think the pd-nim and writer are just lucky that IU and LJG have an amazing chemistry on and off-screen that makes people still root for them.

    • @Rina – exactly, I definitely think IU had good chemistry with all the princes in a way that reflects what she is to each of them. She’s not as skilled as LJK but I have to give her credit for that, and she’s actually acting out Hae Soo really well in the second half of the drama.

      I wouldn’t be as distressed by the way the central romance was falling apart here if LJG and IU didn’t have chemistry, I’m just mad that they go and fall apart and the reason given to us is that it’s over a nasty unrepentant snake like Chaeryung who goes ‘I did it for love!’. Viewers shouldn’t have to do so much work to find out Soo’s motives behind that reasoning or what could be the underlying issue.

      • Actually, at first I thought LJG and others were just simply praising her before this show began since she is an idol actress and this is my first time watching her or any of these actors so I thought they were hyping it up. But then she managed to win me over with her Hae Soo (though in some areas, she is still weak but not as terrible as people are making it out to be) and later when I saw the BTS of the episodes and interviews of the actors (because I was curious seeing how she was praised by everyone), I realized she really did work hard because in all the bts, she rarely holds her script or forgets her lines. In fact, she seems to have even prepared way ahead by reading the novels and watching the chinese drama, analyzing the differences between RX and HS so now I don’t really think she deserves the harsh critic she got because IMO, she has done the best to her abilities with what was given to her.
        My main problem lies in the writing, editing and directing, I truly believe that is what failed this drama more so than the actors. It’s not like the pd and staff didn’t know that IU isn’t at par with the professional actors in this show, they shouldn’t neglected HS character for the sake of plot and other stuff. Actually like someone said below, I don’t think even the most skilled actor could make HS likeable to viewers because of the way she has been written.

    • @Rina Thanks for the info on the difference between versions. I guess I should have assumed as much. This is why up to a recent point I’ve given the writer a little bit of leeway. We don’t even know what she wrote because the editing choices have been all over the place. This PD isn’t a hack so I don’t know what the heck happened.

      • @Kat The differences between the two versions are so glaringly obvious if you check them out, it’s like watching two different dramas sometimes. I would suggest all viewers to catch the SBS version of it than the international one because that has been edited more better and has a bit more insight into HS.
        I think the lack of time plus having to fit such a huge story line into 20 episodes must have messed with the PD’s head? They should have just taken time before they aired it.

  7. A mess that is addictive. This drama will forever be haunting me as a “what could have been”. I feel sorry for LJK, he was duped into this and I never once blamed him for his choice because almost everything were promising only to be screwed up by the PD mostly. Sigh! LJK is love and he gets me all invested to his Wang So. Still, I am happy that K-BBJX find the silver linings in the overwhelming reception abroad despite the homeland ratings disaster. Apart from LJK whom is most desrving of the lion share of praises, I also feel that KHN, HJH and Kang Hana deserve credits for their performance. Others minus the veteran actors were just plain wasteful.

  8. AND !!! that is what we call LJK’s effect. This drama can still manage to survive cause its show solely hold on LJK’s perfectly portrayal of So.

  9. One thing that this drama has over the original is that the main lead (Lee Jun Ki) is far more compelling and superior acting-wise than his Chinese counterpart (Nicky Wu) Lee Jun Ki is really the one shouldering this drama, if it wasn’t for him, I don’t think I would have the strength to finish it. Nicky Wu was stiff in his portraying of the 4th prince imo, there was no passion whatsoever, his performance felt flat and I was bored. Lee Jun Ki, on the other hand is Wang So, he’s amazing and you sure can’t take your eyes off of him.

    • Lee Jun Ki is Wang So. To me one of his best performances. But he’s such a good actor. it’s time for him to get more fame à la Song Joon Ki, Lee Min Ho….

  10. If I possibly hadn’t seen Liu Shi Shi as Rouxi, then probably I could’ve accepted IU’s Hae-Su with an open arm. But here in this version, firstly IU, really needs to work on her acting. She can’t add layers to her character like Z. Hera did or Kang Hana does. They out perform her in their limited scenes where she barely hits home with her maximum amount of screen time. I think the director also fails here as he couldn’t really guide her that well like Seo Soo Min and Pyo Min Soo did in Producers. Kim Kyu Tae really has a lot that he screwed up in here. Then there’s the writing, the time jumps and the plot holes. They wasted nearly 13 episodes on Wook-Su and then when time came to properly develop So-Su, it entirely happened off screen. It also doesn’t help that Hae-Su freaked out so much when she barely had visions of So killing his brothers but accepted her maids point of view of justification of murder simply because she is a slave and was in love. She is such a one-dimensional, static character. She saw so many deaths, betrayal yet her world view and motivation revolves around love and self-righteousness or shall I call it her personalized and selective moral high ground. Its off putting. I like the rest here, wish for this show to end. I don’t think I’ll watch 19, I’ll skip to 20 to see Hae-Su die and go back to 21st century through that portal. She has done enough damage in Goryeo, any more would be nauseating situation.

    • IMO Liu Shi Shi herself is pretty bad in the early episodes (the excessive cuteness was cringe-worthy), IU was better but by saying better, I still have a lot of problems with her endless O_O. But LSS excelled in the emotional scenes far better than IU, partially due her acting and partially that her Ruoxi is someone you could care for unlike Haesoo. I am seriously addicted to this drama for the most part because of LJK and the solid storyline but I really disdain the central romance because our heroine is just plain dumb. I agree that Z.Hera and Kang Hana performed better than IU despite the limited screentime. I hope to see Kang Hana in leading role in near future and she made me rooting of Yeonhwa. I feel like a lot are contributing to the lackluster outcome- PD KKT is all about being stylish instead of telling the story, the writer for dumbing down the heroine, the drunk monkeys editing team and some weak actings. My only credits go to KHN for being a stellar second lead and HJH for stepping up his game in the later half. The rest are all on the shoulders of LJK.

    • I think it’s rather unfair to compare IU to Z.Hera or Kang Han-Na because IMO, their characters were given better treatment despite the limited screen time. I don’t see any reason for any of the viewers to dislike Z.Hera’s character because she is loyal and has stuck to her love since day 1 in goreyo palace, she hasn’t done anything that would make the viewers dislike her. However, I’ll give credit to Kang Hanna for her role because her character could have come off as the typical second lead villainess but she has managed to show different shades to the role.
      At the same time, I feel the reason I could understand Yeon Hwa during the initial few episodes (now, I don’t like her AT ALL because she has become one dimensional desperate second lead and no amount of kang hanna’s good acting can save that character anymore) is because the writer backed her up with a proper purpose (her family was disgraced which led her to be ambitious to become queen, her brother went cucukoo over some cousin of his wife and was going to leave their family, she could have been used for an unwanted marriage by the men around her for their purposes). Now compare this to HS who gets so much screen time but am pretty sure most of the viewing population has zero clue about her purpose or goal or what she is doing/why is she doing it because the writer/pd just never seem to think it’s necessary to give us any insight or proper dialogue for HS’s mindset. We are left making analysis based on how IU has acted out the role and the sequence of all that has happened to the character.

  11. @Gem is it that hard to admit when an actress is doing a decent job despite the director and script mess-ups that you yourself talk about?

    Z. Hera is really good for a rookie but are you seriously trying to claim, especially after the second half of the drama, that IU is lesser/can’t add layers to her character? I understand not liking the character, the story makes her behave in certain ways based on incredibly stupid reasons (that freaking traitor maid) but she did a good job despite that and the PD. And @Rina is right about her having chemistry with the princes too.

    • Its not hard to admit it, I do admit she was brilliant as Cindy in Producers. Especially, the scenes with Kim Soo Hyun where she would have amplified sense of awareness of their proximity, it was very well done. but no, she isn’t adding any layers here, I keep searching for nuances in her delivery, mannerism and they aren’t there. You see a flash of them and its gone. And no I don’t feel the chemistry either, I don’t think IU is bad either, she is doing an average job here holding her own against some extremely seasoned actors and some extremely talented rookies and its obvious. For example, I liked her reaction to Lady Hae, Concubine Oh’s death but those are her shining moments for me beyond that she does it sort of okay. Nothing to write home about. I think with time and more experience she could improve but she isn’t there yet.

      • Agree with you @Gem. I also don’t feel the chemistry between IU and LJK. The romance feel forced unlike the organic nature of Haesoo’s romance with Wook. So I say she has better chemistry with KHN. IU’s performance is just mediocre. She is still rough around the edges and just not cut out yet for leading role. I hate to say this but I couldn’t help but wondering how it would turned out if other actress played Haesoo. Sure Haesoo is not a likeable character because of the way she was written but actresses like MCW and my personal pick, KYJ (I know she is underage) would have given depth to the character due to more masterful acting. No hate on IU, but she really still has a long way to go as an actress.

      • @Del KYJ is a brilliant actress when it comes to sageuk, but I think she isn’t quite there when it comes to selling a romance. Like I don’t think she acts out being in love on a level that we’d want to show.

        for all IU’s faults as an actress, I wouldn’t replace her in this role. I think she did the best she could with what she had, and like someone on db said, even if you switch out the actress Hae Soo will still be making stupid decisions and distrusting Wang So for stupid reasons. Not even Moon Chae Won could make that likable.

      • @Gina
        I must admit that I was skeptical the moment IU was announced as the lead actress. I tried to be positive and thought she was ok in the beginning but by second half, I really could see the weakness in her acting.
        Like I mentioned in my earlier posting, I don’t expect to like Haesoo no matter who the actress portraying her because that is writing’s fault. But better actresses like MCW, PMY or KYJ could have given depth to the character. Just to quote how I actually prefer 4th in C-version but LJK is such a powerful actor that I like Wang So enough to care for him. I have no hate on IU but I seriously don’t feel that she is delivering. As a lead, she is supposed to be the forceful one to carry the narrative but sadly, I view her as one of the weakest along with surprisingly Ji Soo and Baekhyun. And her O_O expression finally got on me, it’s frustrating.
        Putting aside IU’s weakness as the leading lady, we all know there are more issues that contributed to the underwhelming outcome of SH. I loved this drama only now settling to only liking it.

  12. I do think the PD messed up with the pre production. I’ve heard a quote floating around that Lee Joon Gi said they were very rushed towards the end of filming. They took their time at the beginning and I think it shows especially with the meandering Soo Wook plot and then all of a sudden they rushed the So Soo love line. I think they finished filming in July. If they were not editing the whole time they were filiming that means they had less than 2 months to get it all done. Aired Aug. 29th had to be shown completed to China before that even. I mean dramas usually film live in 2 months but if you are not on schedule and looking at the big picture you can loose your way. Which imo is what I think happened.

    I like IU I have no problems with her. And imo this is the best chemistry Lee Joon Gi has ever had with his female lead. I think this is a PD, editor, writer and time issue…I’ve loved so many scenes in this drama and that is because of the PD and writer but I’ve hated some just as much. Flashes of brilliance on the part of the production crew make the missteps that much more disappointing because you know what they are capable of.

  13. I’m actually okay with IU as an actress. She’s not great but good enough as Hae Soo. However, I do think her flaws as an actor are amplified here with her paired with LJK, who is so good here as Wang So, that it makes her come across worse than she is…

    Honestly, my gripe is with the Hae Soo character rather than the actress. Hae Soo may not be bright, but that’s okay, I can live with that. The problem I have is that she is so consistently inconsistent in her thoughts and actions. It’s a mixtuire of exasperation and frustration that I watch her somewhat bi-polar character swing from opposing thoughts and then put into actions without thinking of consequences.

    Examples? How about the ‘I will change him/ history’ line of thought (after realising WangSo = Gwongjong) which lasted approximately a blink of an eye before it turned to ‘You will destroy everything, go away’. Or the ‘I trust you’/ ‘I don’t trust you'(Hiding Eun). And now the ‘I will never leave you’/ ‘I’m leaving you’. The girl is giving me whiplash.

    The only thing consistent about the character is that she has never confronted Wook in any meaningful way about anything that he has done. When he had the nerve to confront her about being with So, she blabbed on about truthfulness and stars etc. when she should have simply said ‘YOU abandoned me first, you slimy toe-rag. You think you were wronged because I chose So but that’s because I didn’t realise you were a manipulating and murdering psychotic back then.’

    Anway, to end this rant, I finish with saying I blame LJK for everything. He’s just too darn good. Everybody has fallen in love with Wang So. At this point, I just want him to be happy after witnessing all the s**t he’s had to endure in the drama. Poor 4th Prince. Be happy, kick HS to the curb, get vengence on all those who has wronged you and make Goryeo great. Manse Manse Man Manse.

    • LOL. You made me laughed so hard. I never thought anyone would actually blamed LJK because he is flawless in here but damn you are right.

      I agree with you that LJK is so good here that he made everyone around him appeared amateur (excluding those veteran actors ofc). The acting prowess between him and IU is too jarring and it’s true that this amplified her lacking as an actress. Initially I thought IU was doing ok but halfway through the drama, I finally understood why plenty have issues with her acting. She really could not hold up to neither LJK nor KHN.

      And Haesoo is just so unlikeable. Not only is she dumb, idealistic and irrationale, but her constant distrust on Wang So really got on my nerves and I agree with @Del, the romance with 4th really feel forced, further worsen by the time jump. And she went all the way giving Wook the benefit of a doubt and have no problem to care to understand everyone except Wang So.The romance is supposed to be the core of BBJX yet I could not help but wanting to skip the romance scenes between OTP because I never feel that she is deserving of So from the get go.

      And what’s with the production value that getting worse towards the end. The costume, the setting, the meagre extras??? I could not help but wonder where they actually burnt the money. At the end of the day, everyone involved in this drama ought to bow down to LJK because without him, I don’t think this drama could even reached international success as it has. And I can’t believe I am saying this when I have been loving this drama so very much.

      • IKR. Awesome LJK just leaves almost everyone in the shade and that pretty much sums up why this is the LJK show of 2016. Crazy that you can fault a show for the lead actor being TOO good, so I’m not sure if the rest of the production team should love him or hate him for this!! All I can say is that his portrayal of GJ in this drama has made me wikisearch more about Korean history than any other drama I’ve watched before now!

        Gosh, I sound like a fangirl… which this drama has made me (again). I loved him in Iljimae but that was a while back and I haven’t seen him in anything since. IDK why this drama is so addicting and initiated so much discussion. TBH, I didn’t know the story of the novel or C-Drama and if I did, I woudn’t have started since I absolutely dispise tragic plots. Unfortunately, I was hooked from EP.2 and couldn’t stop myself.

        I sincerely hope the Youku streaming views continues to rise, breaks some records and give some needed balance to the domestic ratings, which still seem to dictate if a show is successful or not. I read that the Korean ratings (correct me if I’m wrong) are base on about 2500 households. That’s like recording what everyone in my(small) town is watching and extrapolating it to cover the entire country… What with that?!

  14. Just months ago I was so highly anticipating this drama and how now I just wish for it to end asap. Haesoo and her jouney is sucking the life out of me and I am so done with her. I have never hated a female protagonist this much and all I want is for So to kick her out of his life for good and for her to just die. IMO she should have died in episode 1.
    The romance which is the heart of this drama is a failure to me. The romantic scenes between IU and LJK is off putting (Gosh, Haesoo is a bitch the moment she tried to cut her neck with her hairpin and threatened So with her life in episode 14). The throne ascension was never glorious and for the life me, unrealistic love is too much emphasized till the extend of stupidifying everyone including So.
    As @Z mentioned earlier, I totally could buy a remake for a remake, only for the sake of doing justice to such a beautiful story that is BBJX. But please, find real actress to play the female lead and better set of actors. Only LJK and KHN deserve to stay.
    The most cherished things that I could take with me from this drama are the ever amazing actor that is LJK (though apologized, I find him less commanding in second half and that is why a lot view IU’s acting as improving when actually LJK was the one lowering his bar), the talented KHN who should by now elevated to leading man status, Woo Hee Jin who could even be more perfect as Haesoo than IU did and the beautiful instrumental background music.
    And I still feel happy over its success elsewhere except Korea only for the sake of LJK and his 30lb…

  15. As I read the comments here regading IU I think people are biased because it’s IU. They already prejudged Her acting as not good and someone else will be better. So I feel no matter what acting she do, people will dislike her. These is the first time that I watch IU and I can tell that She’s good, very good as an actress. Comparing her to Z.Hera is a bit not true. The issue here is How the drama and the writer has progress Haesoo’s character. It’s like the narrative of the story is being rushed cutting each side to fit in a container. I only hope that the two episode special as written will give us more insight to the story of our main lead. Anyway looking forward to the last two episode of these drama. I will post my comment again here…

    • Just to be clear that no one picking out on IU and shoving the entire blame on her. I myself agree with everyone of us here that Haesoo is just a character that one would eventually hate, even for me being an avid fan of Moon Lovers. It has always been the concern from the start whether she has the acting chop to pull off to match Liu Shi Shi who played Ruoxi to perfection. IU is ok just not compelling enough and the writing worsening up her portrayal. Ofc, she is least of the problems and my blames go to the splashy PD, writer-nim and the editing team.

    • After watching episode 19, I am officially joining the anti-Haesoo movement. God, I have never screamed with so much joy when So finally sent the b**** out of the palace. Thank goodness, FINALLY.
      And idc if anyone considering this comment to be hateful but yes, IU not credible enough to carry a role so complex which requires layers of emotion as what LSS did for Ruoxi.
      You could see the glaring difference in intepretation betwen the two actresses despite the being given to potray the same emotions when Ruoxi/Haesoo left the palace. That scene alone enough to cement my perception on IU as an actress.
      Sorry dear, not being bias because she is IU but an actress with better acting prowess could have nailed such scene. Take how Kang Han Na could interweaved pain and greed in the same scene. That is what I meant as credible acting, to be able to move viewers with the narrative and motive only by character interpretation. IU narrated the story and motive through speech not the emotion.
      It’s finale tomorrow and for the sake of humanity, Haesoo should die to spare the entire human race from her stupidity.

  16. I didn’t know much about iu acting career since i’m more into older actors , but i think that her acting is not bad. I don’t understand such hate !

    • Truthfully, neither do I. I mean I get in Korea that as an Idol there are certain biases about Idols and models who go into acting. It actually was why I was shocked when she got such a big part. I find her to be kind of middle of the road much as I do Park Shin Hye and Song Hye Ko (the gal from DOTS…I’m messing up her name) and many others. I can enjoy their performances and they don’t ruin dramas for me, but I do realize sometimes that others could do better. One does wonder how many people said no before she got the part.

      It’s just an interesting thing for me to read comments from fans watching on DF, and easily 80 plus percent are very happy with the chemistry she has with both leads and her portrayal of Soo. This is like a k-drama miracle since this is an industry that never puts two leads of a romance drama in a room together before signing them to see IF there is any chemistry. Then there are viewers who are happy with IU for the first half and not the second or those that think it’s the other way around.

      At the end of the day we all have our own opinions about it. It’s subjective and that’s fine. I just find it all kinda interesting.

      • I think IU can act and is a better idol actress but you can’t put her at the same level of PSH of SHK. Even CEH in Heirs was badly written people hate the character not the acting… There is a big difference
        At least the later have done their jobs well and never get complained from netizens
        IU needs time to get use to her character and her acting is clearly not the same level with LJK. The writing doesn’t help either.
        I don’t think it’s fair to blame the failure on her but it’s better to not bring other actresses especially their cases aren’t the same.
        Suzy or Yoona would be more appropriate and fair

      • @AG Koreans love PSH but internationally I find that people either really like her or really do NOT like her. My basic point is I don’ get either view just as I don’t about IU because I just personally find them to be ok. Again, all subjective.

        At this point, I am just interested in finishing up the drama and seeing if the writer redeems him or herself with Soo after mucking it up in the last episode. Again, I will forgive a lot for a good ending.

    • @Cahill @Kat
      Of all people, I don’t expect you @Cahill to sum up the comment as being hateful towards IU.
      As I said, no hate towards IU but one could not help but compare her with LSS and that has been the concern from Day 1. If you backread some of my earlier comments with regards to posting on K-BBJX, I have been defensive of IU in the beginning but once this drama gets emotional, this is where I started having issues with her acting. I am not an acting expert but her expression is monotonous and like I said, no matter how much I love LJK as an actor, I do find his performance at later half not as strong as in the beginning and therefore, I summed up that it wasn’t IU that stepped up her game but it wasLJK that is less mesmerizing towards the end.
      Of course, for the main part Haesoo as a character is to go down as one of the dumbest heroines in K-drama history. But a more experienced actress could at least given nuances to that character. I agree with @Del, LSS was quite horrible in the beginning but you can see her emotional expansion and this is where IU failed due to her limited acting range. So, the shallow side of me could not help but sum up that she is after all, a singer turned actress.
      As I also stated in my previous comments, there are other major factors that led me to feel dissapointed with SH which of course, the editing, the writing and the style over substance direction from the PD.
      So you see, I also don’t get why such criticism being branded as hateful at all?

      • To me, the one who really stepped up his game in later half is Hong Jong Hyun. He was wooden in the beginning but once he shared more one to one screentime with LJK, seems like his acting skill elevated.

    • Now it’s the war between the fans of Moon Lovers. Interesting?
      @Cahill, Personally, I also think that IU is not bad but I also understand some not so kind comments here. Not bad is not good enough especially when your male leads are too good. Also when you already have LSS to look up to.
      @Alexa I also hate to be saying this but I also found LJK slacking now we are down to 2 final episodes. Maybe it’s the editing and the rushing, I don’t feel his performance as how I was back for the early episodes despite his lack of screentime.
      @Del I agree that most of the actors underperformed except LJK and KHN. I got your point when you mentioned depth in performance despite the unlikeable character. Take for example Kang Ha Neul. Wook as a character is spiteful and in spite of how little materials he was given in the second half, he still came across as stellar due to his superior acting prowess. So I agree that a good actor definitely could worked and did something with the littlest that he/she was being given with.

  17. Wow. It’s amazing to see how comments could be twisted to deviate from the real intention.
    When I read the word “hate”, I am truly baffled.
    Whatever comments that I made regarding K-BBJX definitely comes from the loving heart. I overlooked every flaws in this drama to the point that now, I finally had enough.
    We all basically shared the same opinion that our dear heroine Haesoo is such an unlikeable character. We also pretty much agree that the writing, the PD and the editing team, the horrendous music PD should all be exiled for screwing up a potentially good drama with a solid story to be adapted from.
    We just happened to have different opinion in term of the actors’ performance (excluding LJK who receives unanimous praises). So, not feeling IU’s acting can be branded as “hateful”????
    I can say that most of the actors underperformed where here the blame should go to the PD, for failing to guide them. It’s just so happened that the IU’s weakness being taken more notice of because she played the main role.
    So tell me, what’s the hate here? I lurked and commented on DB also and I voiced out the same concern with her acting which began to creep on me starting from episode 9. So let me get it straight here, I hate the character of Haesoo, not IU the actress. It’s just I don’t find her compelling enough as the main lead.

    • +1
      Agree with you. I didn’t have issue with IU until my mom (being very neutral and could not even remember any actor’s name) pointed out her frequent “deer caught in the headlight” look. When my mom compared her with KYJ (since she watched MDBC at the same time), I defended IU but now, I finally understood the concern and criticism. Just to point my case, while HHJ is my fave since Dong Yi, I hate to agree that she was the weakest in W with very limited expression. Criticism certainly not amounting to hate and it’s clear no one bashing IU but just vented frustration against her acting skill.

  18. Criticisms do not automatically equal hate. That’s an incredibly immature way of looking at things. Commenters have already made it clear that their problem predominantly lie with the way the character of Hae Soo have been written so nobody is placing the sole blame on IU. Saying that they think that IU is not a particularly strong actress and her limitations didn’t help to perhaps mitigate the awful writing is simply an opinion not a condemnation of her. I myself have problem with the way Wang So is written, but LJG solid acting and compelling presence makes it easier to overlook my problem with the character.

    I just want to add that I didn’t find LSS to be particularly outstanding in BBJX either. But she wasn’t hinder by the writing. Ruoxi was nicely developed and even when I didn’t agree with the choices she made, I could at least understand her motivation so can’t dislike her for them. With Hae Soo, I just find her frustrating and unlikeable. If Hae Soo have been written with as much care as Ruoxi, I think IU would have equip herself just fine in the role.

  19. I love Lee Joon-Gi and Kang Ha-Neul in this drama. I think overall, their characters were better developed in the Korean drama than in the Chinese drama. Kang Ha-Neul did a far better job than his Chinese counterpart. As to the leading ladies, I do not like either one of them. Not the Korean and not the Chinese. (sorry to all the fans of Liu Shi-shi. )

  20. Let’s see, the male protagonist of this drama is a power hungry king who is likely polygamous. And yet this is a “romance” and Hae-soo is the “unlikeable” one who is not trusting him. #smh and I will see myself on the way out.

    • Well to be fair most of the drama he is not a king. I once saw someone stop watching a historical cdrama because the emperor had concubines, and to the viewer that meant he was cheating on his wife. Ha ha Historical are not for everyone.

    • Well, firstly, the king in this drama is not power hungry in the sense that he did not covet the throne because of greed for power, but rather he needed power to set things right, like free the slaves, set up better political systems, stop the unnecessary deaths etc.

      And it looks like Chinese or Korean historicals involving the monarchy are not your cup of tea since the Chinese emperors have 3000 wives/concubines, lol.

      • NO my problem is NOT emperors and concubines. My problem is women romanticising such folk. Even if history is bent by TV dramas to make them all handsome, fine chaps for fangirls to drool over keep some grip on reality. On top of it threads seem to be all about how HS should trust and love him and she is the unlikeable one.

        What on earth is to be fair he is not a king for most of the drama? He is a prince, not a commoner and has every possibility of being king.

  21. I have never hated a female main character as much as I hate Haesoo. And is she that happy to leave the palace? And Baek Ah, my last standing hope also turn his back on Wang So? Why can’t anybody see the intention of So but everyone can see the side of Haesoo including Jimong with that half-arsed memory? The real Gwangjong sure is screaming in his grave right now because of all people, the writer made him, the mighty king suffered so much pain and misery in the hands of the out-of-this world dumb Haesoo who shamelessly claiming herself coming from the future when in fact, she originally came from stone age.

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