Lee Jun Ki Grateful and Happy to Watch Final Episode 20 of K-Bu Bu Jing Xin at Fan Meeting

What to make of Lee Jun Ki after the debacle that is K-Bu Bu Jing Xin? A new career high due to being the best thing in a complete hot mess? Perhaps, but ultimately he’s carved out a fifteen year plus acting and singing career being so darn optimistic and earnest about each and every endeavor. He’s basically the multi-talented and supremely good looking chipmunk that teaches all of us the rewards of hard work and a great attitude. This past Tuesday he held a free fan meeting in Seoul to watch the final episode of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo with his fans, a double edged sword since hanging out with Lee Jun Ki is a treat but watching the final episode of Moon Lovers is torture. I’m just glad the ordeal is over and his 4th Prince/Wang So can move onto an existential plane not surrounded by a horrible mother, selfish brothers, a clueless and frustrating lady love.


Lee Jun Ki Grateful and Happy to Watch Final Episode 20 of K-Bu Bu Jing Xin at Fan Meeting — 23 Comments

  1. Okay, I guess Koala can be bitter about Scarlet Heart if I’m still not over CITT. (@Gina…regarding the previous thread…I’ll bring the vodka) Fair is fair. But I actually still enjoyed most of this drama and liked the ending…oh well, different strokes. His fan meeting is subbed on You Tube if anyone is interested. He actually mentions he likes Yeon Hwa because she’s so strong in the drama. Ha Ha

    Though no doubt disappointed at Korean ratings, you see in the video how thrilled he is that so many new fans came to him through this work. If he thinks it is a win for him, than so do I. With the youth obsessed Korean drama world (where these men actually think being in their mid 30s is old), to have this kind of breakout (again) is great. Good for him. He’s officially a bias.

    I will say that, of course, it is none of my business what anyone does regarding their looks etc, but he has not gained one ounce of weight back. You can see it when he takes his jacket off. He’s painfully thin so I do hope he puts on a little weight.

    • Lee Jun Ki is love. A brilliant actor, amazingly gorgeous and so genuinely appreciative of his fans. I have always been sad that he is underrated in Korea just because he did not have a rating hit drama post MS. So despite the mess that is K-BBJX, I am thrilled that he gains recognition for his stellar performance, owning the role of Wang So like no other and the fact that the drama resonated so much with the international viewers speak something that may be, there’s a right touch to it that we all could not figure out.

      I cringed the whole time watching the final episode and I am pleased with how things turned out between the main OTP except the baby thing which is ludicrous. Though I feel the pain for Wang So for being back to square one, all lonely (and forgotten by his lady lave), I am grateful that he did not have to endure a second round of pain if he is to be reincarnated and meet the jinx that is Haesoo.

      It’s lovely to see him enjoying a second round of fame. With new endorsement, and too bad due to THAAD tension, he could have been super big in China by now. I hope he will come back either with a new drama or a movie for a change real soon. And yes I agree, he really need to gain some weight. It’s scary to see him looking so skeletal like that.

      P/S: It’s good that LJK pick Yeonhwa over Haesoo. I think he himself could not stand the damsel that she is. And I actually feel he has better chemistry with Kang Ha Na than with IU, that I actually shipped So with Yeonhwa.

      • LOL re: The hairstyle. It seems this is the in style right now for the guys. There was even an article about it on one of the k-drama sites. I see so many of the actresses in the long hair with the bangs.

      • It’s the current trendy hairsyle in Korea. A lot of male celebs spotted this instant noodle flopped on their heads and proudly flaunt it including my baby LJK (sorry, a crime against fashion is still a crime). And they even have a name for this horrendous hairstyle, calling it “COMMA BANG”. WTH!

        I say LJK suits dark hair. Black hair to be precise. Just like the one he spotted in TBDAW and Two Weeks.

      • Someone went through the trouble of naming this atrocious hairstyle? WTH indeed. I’m not fond of his current look. The awful hair and extreme thinness doesn’t really do it for me. I think he looks best with dark hair combed up off his forehead ( not down like bangs) and a bit more weight on him. Right now he just looks rather fragile.

      • LJK underrated, sorry but if anything, he probably more overrated,
        Korean viewer have petition for him and watched because of him,
        his loyal fans is the one that making a viewer for this drama and keeps praising this drama before it ends,
        saying people are biassed towards the drama when the drama is underwhelmed in every category,
        how can you supposed to ask all people watched the drama to see 1 good actor (or 2 with kang ha neul) but every episode doesn’t make sense,

        viewer has right and not every body is a fan,

      • @dd
        You are entitled to your own opinion.
        Idc what’s his loyal fans say, those comments come from the fandom, and not necessarily applicable to LJK’s fans only but also to other actors; if their fave not getting a drama hit, they go all out to blame others. So there is no need to associate this kind of behaviour to LJK’s fans only.
        He is being taken for granted as an actor because Korea merited everything based on popularity. Solid performance could easily be passed over mediocre performance because only ratings matter.
        And nobody give a damn whether viewers want to watch his works or not. It’s ones’ prerogative. Reference is made over his establishment as an actor.

    • @Kat I think we all need a stiff drink after that mess of a finale lol.

      And it’s definitely a win for him in terms of raised profile and critical acclaim, and I’m glad it’s there for him to see in measurable stats even if the Korean domestic ratings didn’t work out.

      • I was actually able to go back and watch some of my favorite scenes in CITT but the finale…no way. Not ever.

  2. I love his character as WS. I started liking his personality after watching him appear as a guest in Happy Camp. This is the second role I find his role character shine. The first one is as Gonggil in The King and the Clown. I wish him all the best.

  3. A model of a last long career ( more meaningful than a ephemere peak of popularity!), a hardworking actor. Wish him the best.

  4. I’m so happy for him and wish him all the best!! 🙂 he’s the only reason for me to watch and keep watching this drama!! I feel pained to see what the drama promised through its long trailer only to give us nothing of that, other than Lee Jun Gi’s GREAT performance as the 4th prince Wang So which is the only reason for me not regretting watching this drama!! he deserves the best and I’ll be waiting for his upcoming projects that’s for sure!! 🙂

  5. I watched scarlet heart ryeo all just for lee Jun ki, he did all the work and deliver and some of the supporting cast did good too… Shoo if I have to blame someone for the flaw of scarlet, I blame the writer for poor writing, director for poor directing not the actors acting but the background stuff and editor for sucky editing… It was good during the first half but went downhill mid half but I still love scarlet for Jun ki

  6. To me, there is only one Wang So and that is LJK. I don’t think I could ever watch any other actor play Wang So. He owned that role.
    Miscalculation is the key recipe to the disaster. The first half was decent enough but right after episode 11, everything turned into a trainwreck. So yes, I blame the monkey editors, the sadist writer, the splashy PD, the cuckoo music PD (i like the BGM though but who crazily thought of inserting a rap verse in a sageuk, you nuts).
    Thank goodness he found the silver linings behind this dark cloud. Thankfully he did not sink together with the ship, being the one who captained it and keeping it afloat. Dear God, thank you.
    I am sure despite his dissapointment that this drama didn’t turned out the way he expected it to be, he sure is grateful that it helped to relaunched his career.
    If there is anything about LJK that I always love is, apart from being a fantastically talented actor, it’s his genuine personality and sincerity that really touched my heart.

  7. Way back when I found out Lee Joon-gi would be the lead in KBBJX I went out of my usual Kdrama only pattern to watch the original BBJX. I anticipated this drama from the get go because of Lee Joon-gi. And, of course, he did not disappoint even while the drama did. Although it did have an insanely addictive quality that I still cannot figure out despite my logical brain telling me it was a middling drama at best and a painful WTF hotmess at worst. (Alas, I’ll always have episode 11.)

    Anyhow, I cannot begin to express my happiness over what this drama has done for LJG’s fandom. It was a one man show and when he was swimming in sewage he still brought the professionalism in every scene. It’s really impressive and NO ONE deserves to be lauded and lived more than he does. He has worked so hard to get where he is today and never rests on his laurels. I love that man to pieces for his hard work, earnestness and talent. I cannot wait to see what he brings us in the future. I just hope it’s something awesome on tVN or Jtbc. He needs a solid win. Maybe a couple good movies instead. He deserves it.

  8. I am still in withdrawal that Scarlet Heart/ML has come to an end. Even though, when I think of it, 3 letters, 3 words are imprinted, Lee Joon Ki. You were captivating as usual, and I loved the drama, flaws and all, the whole cast and crew did a great job, it was arresting and riveting. I am so happy that unlike SK, the world loved it too. Lee Joon Ki never disappoints, from King and the Clown right through to ML, you always give your all and best, thanks for entertaining us so much! and stay as humble as you are. Much love to you.

  9. I think the wangso character is made to be super pitiful so can only root for his happiness,

    as character layout, it’s a bit cheating, I hope that they actually showed how good he is as politician and king, in literal meaning (like having difficulty in ruling or some scheming to get the throne)

    but I find the acting is convincing but then the story just sad without any upside which makes me feel like forced to like him,
    I don’t like him but I wish him happiness to stop the gray clouds, I also don’t think he deserved to be a king,
    overall : a typical hero story at the end,

  10. LJK is great in MLSHR. Agree, that he is the best thing out of a hot mess. But it’s still a good thing since he benefited from it. It’s a lose and win at the same time, thankfully more of a win for him who greatly deserved it.
    Finally, he addressed the issue of doing too many sageuks. I was kinda surprised (though expecting) when he said that he kept getting offers to do sageuk and it’s extremely hard to change people’s perception on him. But I am glad that he insisted on turning them down no matter how good and how attracted those offers are and taking heed of the advice for him to finally switch to modern contemporary drama.
    Best of luck, LJK and thanks for job well done.

  11. Absolutely loved Scarlet Hearts! Lee Joon Gi is an amazing actor! I enjoyed every minute of the series but, must admit that Episode 20 had me weepy for days afterward. All the cast were brillant! America has discovered Korean dramas and Scarlet Hearts has so engaged many viewers in West Coast in Southern California, USA.

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