Night Light Drops First Intense Teaser and New Stills with Dueling Female Leads Lee Yo Won and UEE


The first teaser is out for upcoming MBC melodrama Night Light (Illumination) and it’s intense and riveting. The background music is excellently selected and the snippets of scenes shown whet the appetite to see more. Coupled with the new stills of female leads Lee Yo Won and UEE giving each other the fierce yeoja stare down, I’m way more interested in what brings these two together over their likely romantic entanglements with male lead Jin Goo. Lee Yo Won is rocking the boss lady flair ever since Miss Temper and Nam Jung Gi, her evolution into the type-A lady has been a treat to watch.

First teaser for Night Light:


Night Light Drops First Intense Teaser and New Stills with Dueling Female Leads Lee Yo Won and UEE — 7 Comments

    • I like lee yo won very much

      Jin Gu. Not at all. I am not so excited about actors who are married or attached. Except for Ahn Jae Hyun!

  1. Lee Yo Won is so beautiful.And her acting makes her more gorgeous. Waiting for this drama as my mon-tue. I hope it will turn out good.

  2. I loved Lee Yo Won in Ms Temper, her character was awesome and badass and just the type of girl in dramas that I like to cheer on. She has this special energy and is also very pretty. She’s certainly my favorite here to win any duels… 🙂

  3. I just love bossy, classy Lee Yo Won. She plays the role to the tee! Loved her in her past projects…especially MT&NJ! I can’t wait to see her in this. She just has this bold, elegant aura to her that I really enjoy.

  4. I’m pretty much echoing everyone else’s sentiments on Lee Yo Won. She’s excellent as a confident, badass lady boss. The stills above are giving me Ms. Temper feels. She looks great! I’d even believe you if you say she and UEE are the same age looking at those stills.

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