SBS Maintains the Mon-Tues Ratings Win with Defendant Premiering at 14.5% Ratings

It’s great news for Ji Sung and also an impressive overall streak for SBS as new Mon-Tues drama Defendant debuted with respectable first episode ratings of 14.5% AGB nationwide. That’s less than half of what predecessor Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim ended with, but that drama started off with similar ratings as Defendant and kept increasing as it aired so time will tell if Defendant has the same legs. The departure of Romantic Doctor spread more wealth over to KBS as sageuk Hwarang rose to break 10% finally, bringing in 11% ratings. Sadly MBC‘s Night Light will leave as unable to connect with domestic viewers as it started off, with the penultimate episode clocking in at 4.1%. I’m happiest for Ji Sung to come back from the hot mess that was last year’s Entertainer and find a drama that he can flex his acting muscles and get more recognition. Continue reading

Surprisingly Successful SBS Mon-Tues Drama Romantic Teacher Doctor Kim Hits 21.7% Ratings for Episode 8

Get ready for more doctor dramas in the near future if that’s the reason for the winning success of Romantic Teacher Doctor Kim, on top of the winning success of Doctors. SBS has now aired two hit Mon-Tues medical dramas, … Continue reading

Late Fall Mon-Tues K-dramas The Man Living in Our House and Night Light Finalize Lead Casting

There will be a contrasting selection of Mon-Tues K-dramas coming in late fall, and which one piques your interest may depend on mood as the casting has been finalized and both are packed with plenty of talent. Arriving first at … Continue reading