IU Posts Teary Shots of Unaired Scene From Ending of K-Bu Bu Jing Xin

Some grieving processes take longer than expected, I thought I was all over and done with Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, all lame double title and zero satisfaction of it all. Then I hung out with drama friends last night and it all comes back, proving that ignoring it’s existence is no way to fully move on. I decided one last post to tie it all together would be needed catharsis and what better catalyst that leading lady IU posting a very spoilery picture last week showing a filming of a scene that was not shown in the airing. The scene in question is IU‘s Hae Soo back in the modern times and sobbing her guts out at the exhibit and an unknown hand offering her a handkerchief. It’s most likely Lee Jun Ki‘s modern incarnation and it sucks that this scene was cut and the audiences forced fed pointless sadness. 

Have a nice MV to wash away the ugh, it’s scenes of the KBBJX lead romance set to the C-version’s theme song “A Persistent Mind”.

Moon Lovers MV “A Persistent Mind”:


IU Posts Teary Shots of Unaired Scene From Ending of K-Bu Bu Jing Xin — 35 Comments

  1. I pity those who stayed till the end & then get that shit of a finale. I honestly can’t understand in any way how can this drama was pre-produced.

    • Neither do I.
      I feel bad for the casts especially. They surely signed up in the first place taking consideration that no one could actually botch a pre-produced drama and with a sky-high budget, certainly this drama could not afford to fail.
      The blame majorly should be placed on KKT’s shoulder. He was so crazy over being stylish that he forgot his responsibility as a PD that is to tell the story.
      Somebody shoot him please for me, for LJK’s sake and his 30lb especially.

  2. I feel so bad for the cast. How the hell did SBS manage to mess this up so badly? And then Kim Kyu Tae decided to have the ending be five minutes of ISOI PPL for shits and giggles? With no sign of Lee Jun Ki despite shooting his scenes? wtf.

    what is with most of the pre produced dramas these days turning out to be such disappointments? Cheese, UF, now Scarlet Heart.

  3. I literally just came on to this article after watching the ending scene to ML, AGAIN for the 3rd time. It’s interesting to find that I’m not the only one who is still so hung up on ML. Maybe it’s because I never got the closure I wanted from the finale that I’m going back to watch it all the time, bawling my eyes out, then contemplating why I feel this way about a drama finale. I need closure from this drama, and that’s exactly what the director took away from viewers by omitting that last scene the cast have been spoiling about.
    Now I’m just thirsting to see LJK and IU in a modern day drama.

  4. Could it be that I am one of the few who like the ending? I was so glad that they did not meet again in the future because for god sake, she had tortured him enough in Goryeo because of her stupidity that I would definitely throw my TV set out of the window if they were going to make him suffer again by meeting her again. Stupidity never dies, people. Gosh, I was so thankful they ended it just like that.

    • Yes, you’re one of the few. And you’ve wasted no opportunity to tell us time and again and repeat it for good measure, that you hate the heroine of this round. We got the message the first 243682101 times, thank you.

      • You are most welcome. And of course. I will say it times and again if I could. Have LJK not been that phenomenal as Wang So that I cared for him so much, have BBJX and the love story between 4th Prince and the heroine not an epic one to begin with, I wouldn’t give a damn about Haesoo and her legendary peanut size brain at all.

      • @Del I also like the ending, preferably if they did not end it showing those two loverbirds running together happily.
        @Gina It may annoyed you that Del been voicing her disdain over and over again but when one loves the drama so much and it failed, all those anger and frustration never meant as condemnation instead all those criticisms come from that loving heart over what could have been. I understand how Del feel about it. Still feeling bitter until now as I do. Haesoo is such a frustrating character that all we want is for Wang So to move on and find peace that he badly needed, and not a lady lady who failed to appreciate him.

    • I share your opinion, Del.
      Haesoo is such a frustrating character and I understand, it’s so easy to hate her and I do that I could not let Wang So endure other round of pain. If they were going for the unaired ending, he could be the reincarnation but heroine is still the same person, Haesoo from future traveling to Goryeo and reinstated back to her own timeline. What can we expect other than she will bring back the same attitude and approach towards Wang So.
      I don’t get the central romance at all. To me, it has always been one-sided coming from Wang So but totally not from Haesoo.
      I am at peace with how it ends.

    • I totally get that you don’t like Hae Soo’s character because she made Wang So suffer a lot, but I would still like to hear from you why you think her character is so stupid? What did she do so wrong?
      Their relationship is full of frustrating elements, but I really came to understand her actions. I see her as a rather tragic girl, who went through same disappointment with both 8th and 4th prince.

      • I also agree with @Del.
        I think I can speak for her since I also feel that the heroine of BBJX has been dumbed down badly in this K-version.
        She could give the benefit of a doubt to everyone; Wook, Chae Ryung, Woo Hee but not towards So. She could care to understand everyone but not So.
        When she found out So planned to take over the throne and become king, she asked him to give up his quest for her when she knew that So being king is to secure their survival. That’s stupid.
        When So reasoned out to her all the betrayal done by Chae Ryung and she still stick to what she believe in that Chae Ryung was sincere to her. That’s stupid.
        When she placed sole blame on So for framing Wook when she also knew of what Wook was capable of and should Wook take over the power from So, he definitely would not spare So. That’s stupid.
        I apologized that we share different opinion but really, it’s hard to pity when she caused the misery herself. In fact, I pity So because I never once feel that Haesoo is deserving of his big love.

      • @Nifty

        Hi, Nifty, There is no need to apologize for thinking differently. I really didn’t want to argue, but was instead looking forward to hearing different opinions, and maybe some arguments which could change my perception.

        I didn’t get the impression that Haesoo didn’t understand Wang So. Even more, she knew he was going to become the king, and didn’t ask him to give up on the throne. Her asking him to give up on her I understood as her not wanting to be an obstacle to him and his way to becoming the king. She was unsure how their romance could influence the future negatively. Later on, she felt more secure and thought she could help him become a good king rather than the cruel one she remembered from history books.

        I was upset with her doubting Wang So after that rain ceremony, when she had that visions of him becoming the future bloody king. She panicked for a little while getting suddenly afraid of Wang So, but I can understand even that reaction of hers, having in mind his reputation of a cruel warrior. And let’s be fair, it was only for a little while that she was afraid of him.

        Wang So himself talked several times about wanting her to be free, only to give up on it after realizing that the only way to be free is to be in control of everyone else. But Haesoo was not cut out for this new kind of imprisonment. I see her leaving at the end as the only possible outcome for them. And I would like to add- Haesoo stayed true to her ideas of a good life. Wang So was the one who “betrayed” their dream of freedom outside of the palace.

        Chae Ryung was portrayed as a kind and worm person in a complex and difficult life situation. I think Haesoo saw that and understood that she was a sincere friend after all, who didn’t know better.

        About Wook and Wang So framing him… She was only afraid he would really become the cruel person she remembered from history lessons.

        I am not trying to convince you that you are wrong, but I find it really interesting to exchange views on the same matter. 🙂

  5. While they mucked up the last 3 or so episodes, I actually liked the ending. Having said that, it wouldn’t have hurt my feelings if they had a meet up in modern times though I thought the ending of the C-Drama sucked.

    It is my understanding that they cut the scene because they (I assume the PD) decided it was too much like the C-Drama ending. Hey, why didn’t you have a chit chat with your writer at the time and deal with it then? I actually thought a meet up in modern times would have worked and it is so obvious what the majority of the audience wants so it’s easy enough to come up with a different scenario. But again, having Wang So do his “I will find you” bit worked for me.

    Eventually the whole scene is going to be released

    • If that’s the case, then why would he bother wasting the casts & crews’ time & energy to film the scene if he thinks it’s too similar with the chinese ver?? Need to find way to spend the money is it?? Pointless

      • The only theory that makes sense is that Kim Kyu Tae was drunk throughout the editing process. And most certainly off-his-face drunk when he was editing the ending.

  6. I want heasoo to meet Wangso in the future and this time around she will be one doing all the hard work!!! talk about karma that bite you in the a** …

  7. This drama really made me wonder what was the point of it all.. you can’t change destiny?? Like Soo doing anything to intervene actually caused those events??

    The pacing of this drama annoys me.. The story forgot to breathe towards the end with leaps every frigging episode. They should’ve kept this scene for some closure.. It’s not everything made sense in this drama anyways

    • IMO, the main point to be taken is that you can’t change destiny and history no matter how many times you have the opportunity or to be able to travel back in time. Haesoo was there to serve as a catalyst for things to happen as in history as well as to fulfill her love destiny, that the love of her life is not from her own timeline, that she had to travel back in time to fulfill it.

      But one of the few things that frustrate me is that they wasted the time traveling element. There’s nothing that Haesoo brought in from the future to cast an impact in term of her action. While I like that they did not follow the C-version completely by having a heroine whom is well-versed of the history, at least I would expected Haesoo to have this mindset of a 21st century woman that would eventually governed her action while navigating her way in the bloody court conflicts of Goryeo. Unfortunately, she did not show any sign of someone coming from the future except for that feisty attitude in the first few episodes just to set her apart from the other Goryeo’s women. She had been very much reckless all the way.

  8. I agree with a couple of viewers here on the ending part. I found it more appropriate for a drama full of powerful emotions -minus the piggyback ride which was awful as the final scene of KBBJX to begin with. The whole incarnation thing would have given a “childish” vibe to this story. The writer preferred it this way and I believe he was right.
    The story, the editing, the directing or even the cast itself are a whole different issue.

  9. actually,I don’t hate the ending. The ending is ok with me though it was a sad ending.
    I had watched so many worst ended dramas & I dont find MLSHR belongs to that category.
    Its just that they were showing unshown scenes that made us fans hope for a special episode.
    I realize that I liked MLSHR so much because till now I am hoping for a special episode and till now I am heartbroken because of that sad ending.?

  10. ugh! Why did they cut that scene of showing Lee Jun Ki handing the handkerchief to IU????? That would make it so much better and a better lead in to a second season if they opted for it.
    The C-version BBJX and the Pirated C-Version of BBJX (Palace- Yang Mi’s version) both had the leads meeting in the future and we the audience was Okay with it. K-drama seriously??? Please don’t do remakes, or if you do, please get input from the original scriptwriter or author of the book, because this K-BBJX had so much potential, and it was awful. Lee Jun Ki as great as he was in here, just couldn’t save this drama.

  11. so funny to see Moon Lovers fans bashing bu bu jin xin to make “their drama – moon lovers- better

    seriously?? even bu bu jin xin has more meaningful ending than moon lovers who apparently has paparazzi painter following the female lead,

  12. I love everything about ML even though it broke my heart, just like the original. Ah, dramaland. You haven’t lost your touch.
    Can’t wait to one day see this scene even if I’ve made my peace with the ending.

  13. Hahaha…..another proof of lousy directing/editing. I’ve been firm on my opinions about the PD since early on. He had been consistently underperformed and the major culprit to jinx the drama. Now I am not sure if it is worth my time catching up the remaining episodes I left behind.

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