Tong Hua’s Mermaid Romance Novel The Starry Sea The Starry Night Gets C-drama Adaptation

Chinese romance novelist Tong Hua, most famous for authoring Bu Bu Jing Xin (Startling with Every Step), has penned many of my favorite period romance novels. But her moderns novels have been mostly miss with me, and the few that work aren’t epic or memorable much. One of her recent novels was The Starry Night The Starry Sea centering on the star-crossed love between a male mermaid prince of the ocean and his modern day lady love who resides on a small island. Truth be told it was sorta weird from the start and I never connected with either lead. The novel got a C-drama adaptation starring Feng Shao Feng and Bea Hayden, which is a pretty enough pairing though she looks way more mermaidy in visuals than him. Check out all the character posters, drama stills, and first preview that screams island paradise with a side of angst.

Preview for The Starry Sea, The Starry Sky:


Tong Hua’s Mermaid Romance Novel The Starry Sea The Starry Night Gets C-drama Adaptation — 9 Comments

  1. I agree the girl look more and feel like a mermaid than the guy from watching the preview. I can’t wait to see this. Its nice to see a guy be a merman this time since there been to many storyline of just girl playing the part and its getting kind of old to see it. Would like to see from male view of playing merman.

    Also I notice there are a few of upcoming movies and tv series of mermaid from different country. Like the US is remake “Splash,” “Legend of the Blue Sea” from Korean. “Mr. Merman” from Thailand, and now this one from China.

    Anyway I love watching movies and tv series of mermaid so I can wait for all of them to see how each one is different from one another.

  2. Those posters look so cheesy. I’ve read the novel and I share the same sentiment with koala. I can’t connect with the leads nor understand why they love each other so deeply. The story is so boring and needlessly melodramatic.

    Off topic: Koala, can you write a coverage of Hawick Lau’s cheating scandal? All this time people spread rumour of Yang Mi cheating on her husband and it appears it’s Hawick who’s the cheater with his co-star. Mess.

    • Well I haven’t read the book, it’s not translated to English right? but the drama I love and in that you definitely see why they’re so in love, the development was good.

  3. I quite like the book cause the male lead remind me of Xiang Liu as they live in the ocean?

    Ms Koala, when r you continuing the translation for “Lost You Forever”, I want the side story of Xiang Liu…..?

  4. He just turned into bubbles like the Little Mermaid! What a letdown! That’s not romance—it’s emotional torture!

  5. Only the girl lives, its saddening. I can’t seem to comprehend the ending. Upon giving him the Angel Trumpet for the second time, was it suppose to make him live or its just that his end is inevitable that he had turned into bubbles? I so don’t understand it’s ending

  6. I HATE it..Wasting my time crying. Why dont they just kill the merman from the start rather at the end.All fairytale stories should have a happy ending.This is a mentally tortured drama.

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