KBS Sageuk Hwarang Obtains Chinese Approval for December Simulcast But Male Leads Still Saddled with Awful Hair

I’m having a hard time imagining that the costume designers for upcoming KBS sageuk Hwarang all agreed that it was a great idea to buy the wigs used for the male leads. It was with that or everyone is blind on that team because I still can’t get over how collectively hideous the locks are. I mean, Park Hyung Sik looks like a Joseon Power Ranger up there! If there’s a plethora of wind machines hanging around to set to make the hair flow prettily in the wind during scenes then imma throw something at the TV. I get that Hwarang means flower boys/men but plenty of Shilla era sageuks tackled this by just letting the pretty boy actors be themselves rather than piling on the excessive visual barfing to hammer home the point. Sigh, so much pretty shoved under so much hideous hair, the level of hair fail it takes to uglify Park Seo Joon is astounding.


KBS Sageuk Hwarang Obtains Chinese Approval for December Simulcast But Male Leads Still Saddled with Awful Hair — 15 Comments

  1. LOL. So much of the hair issue when comes to pre-Joseon sageuk.
    Out of the many of them this year, only Lee Jun Ki, Gong Yoo and Kwak Dong Yun looking good with the long flowing tresses.
    The rest are all competing for the mane of shame title. Ji Soo from “Scarlet Heart” (I love Ji Soo, though) could give a run for the money to these “Hwarang” boys.

  2. Looking at the pics it’s quite obvious that they are wearing wigs they could’ve opted for the more natural extensions…however, I’ve seen worse. The actors unfortunately are bound by what the production is willing to shell out budget wise. So I have high hopes in the storyline and the acting…if these are up to par then I can adjust visually.

  3. By just looking at tha attire, I would take it for a Chinese wuxia. I got it. Now for each pre produced sageuk aiming at c market, bang and garish costume are meant to be the trend. Just don’t leave out cheap CGI, then customized product would be complete. LOL I like PHS though. Hopefully screenplay isn’t as compromising as visual.

  4. honestly, park hyun sik is still passable. park seo joon, and that wig, don’t deserve the “pretty boy” title. such a waste when he is so good looking in almost all his previous dramas

  5. Oh my!! Finally, you can uglify these pretties. But still, their prettiness still shines through. Is the production short of budget that they have to stinged on the hair or getting a really good stylist? Hope the drama turns out ok cos I love the 2 boys.

  6. I don’t get why the production is going ahead with these wigs when everyone (not even an exaggeration) thinks they are awful. Is this a kdrama thing? Shine and Go Crazy had terrible terrible wigs too. Better wigs surely can’t be thaaaat expensive.

  7. i like park hyun shiks wig. Reminds me of Sagato from Magic Knight rayearths or seijuro hiko of Rorouni Kenshin/Samurai X. But park seo joon’s hair is… terrible. Maybe they can cut/style his wig more to make it less moppish?

  8. Still not quite as bad as the wigs they like to use in C-dramas! Even Lee Joon Gi’s wig in Moon Lovers started to look terrible in the last few episodes (as much as it pains me to say something bad about him).
    Bad hair days – everyone gets them regardless of how pretty you are!

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