Goblin Holds Pretty Press Conference and Releases Stunning 6-minute Long Preview

Oh my gosh does Goblin look ahhhhhmazing in the long 6-minute preview. I was making nnnngggg incoherent noises at every mesmerizing frame and couldn’t look away for a second. Whatever Kim Eun Sook has up her sleeve I’m certain it’s worth a first look on visuals alone rather than outright dismissiveness over some of her flaws in narrative and characterization. The cast of Goblin attended the press conference looking super coordinated, or at least male leads Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook definitely called each other beforehand to show up in all white and all black, respectively. Their giant grins and adorable bromance gestures are just love, so even if the romance elements in this doesn’t seem problematic, what with Kim Go Eun being a modern day high schooler and Yoo In Na being paired up with a grim reaper, at least we’re assured the odd couple cohabitation bromance should work just fine and may even be the best part of the story.

6-minute long preview for Goblin:



Goblin Holds Pretty Press Conference and Releases Stunning 6-minute Long Preview — 46 Comments

  1. Wow that bromance is strong. and so cute that Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook coordinated their outfits. They sure fill up the space with their presence aura and good looks.

  2. the trailer was pretty awesome and looks like its gonna be an epic story of friendship and love. you just know sadness is coming our way with both the romance, so at least we have the cute bromance to comfort us. im not sure how reaper and sunny will be able to be together and im more unsure of how eun tak and goblin will be with each other since falling love and being together means mr goblins death. im fine with eun tak being high schooler at least she is 19 years old plus i think we might see her kinda of grow up. going by the trailer i can see what they are tying to do with her

  3. The actresses’ dresses in the press con are fugly. In Na is too casual and doesn’t bring out the beauty in her, and KGE dressed like grandma. The guys though….they looks suave and handsome and obviously coordinated their suits.

  4. I love the trailer!!! Specially the part where Gong Yoonwas prancing infront of Lee Dong Wook! XD They’re like a grumpy couple!! ? I saw Kim So Hyun (girl) in the trailer. I hope she’s in 2 or more episode flashbacks. :>

  5. A lot stronger bromance than I was expecting in a KES drama. Seems like the two guys are the leads here. Trailer looks good, though the high school aspect is just seriously unappealing. Everything else I liked, though.

    • It is, I thought and still hope we’d grow that part out. I seriously loved the Yoo Inna part, looking forward to the second couple.

  6. Stunning IS the word!! I think I forgot to breathe for the 6 minute of the trailer!! please drama be great as you’re promising us!! and Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook are looking AWESOMELY handsome and their bromance is GREAT!! can’t wait for the drama to start!!

  7. Stunning trailer but I must say I like the ancient (idk if it is Goryeo or Silla) section and the mythical element but not so keen on the modern section. I know Kim Go Eun is a great actress but I think she pulled too much aegyo-ness in her voice. She did not speak that way in CITT. It bothers me somehow. I will check this for Lee Dong Wook. His visual reminds me a lot of the late Leslie Cheung.

    • I was also put off on KGE speech and mannerism. It was a bit too much for me. I do love the bromance in this though. The trailer seems to showcase that specifically so I’ll stay tune for that. I’ll give KGE a try but I hope it’s better than the trailer. She was great in CITT so seeing this was a high blow for me.

    • I think her role is written that way. That she’s supposed to act like a cheerful girl. I might be wrong, but may be the drama is about a hundred year old soul who’s tired of living [ or waiting maybe? ] and a novice who’s no idea about the hardships of life. The contrast is kind of interesting. It matches the concept of how you can fall in love with a person no matter how there’s no common point of interest there.Somewhere down the line I’m having a dejavu moments from ‘ City of angels’.. but in a good way.

      • Definitely going to make “Iris” as one of my personal OSTs for this drama. Thanks for reminding me of it!

    • I did not get to complete CITT but yes, I agree, KGE did not sound like that. That excessive aegyo-ness kind of reminding me of Ha Ji Won in “The Time We Were Not In Love” and goodness, I was totally put off by the excess cuteness.
      @Hue I don’t know understand what’s the point of toning up the aegyo just to act cheerful. In my opinion, being all natural would work better. After all, KGE is still very young. Anyway, it will turn out well
      @Nifty I just happened to rewatch “Shanghai Grand”. And when I watched Leslie Cheung on screen, he reminded me of some actor and suddenly, you pointed out and I agree, Lee Dong Wook does look like Leslie.

      • I too was reminded of the cringe-worthy preppy voice Ha Ji Won did in that drama and I could not help but shudder. I am not sure why KGE was directed to talk like that but I sure hope she won’t sound like that throughout the whole drama. Maybe there’s a time skip at some point and she gets to use her normal voice? Cheerful, optimistic, enthusiastic need not be equated with annoying or overly cutesy.

    • Yep, she came off as too childish. It was like she was his daughter/niece and not a possible love interest. It’s jarring and made me cringe.

  8. Finally, Kim Eun Sook’s dream come true. She has been wanting Gong Yoo to be the leading man in his drama for such a long time. She was not successful to secure him for DOTS, but now she managed to lure him back to dramaland. Trailer looks good especially the goryeo portion. Kind of remind me of Bram Stocker’s Dracula.

  9. I’ve been fooled already once this year by an awesome long trailer. BUT this is tvN so I’ll keep hope alive.

    Still not happy that they made KGE’s character so young and I also don’t understand the reasoning. Maybe if there is a reason somewhere in the mythology I’ll be ok with it; otherwise I’ll just find it pointless. And my issue isn’t an age ickiness one (because if she is a senior, she is plenty old for whatever in my book). It’s that I don’t like the way younger characters have to behave and I think it thwarts the romance aspects too much.

  10. The trailer reminds me so much of Twilight. Ok, that is off topic. KGE and LDW are more impressive than GY, tbh. kGE looks so wierd in Cheese and that drama never worked for me. I can never stan GY even he is such a big star. It is impossible for me to stan someone who resembles so much like my youngest uncle in looks. LOL. I just can’t get rid of his adjussi feel.

  11. Omg. Didn’t understand whatever they were going on and on about, but absolutely loved it. KGE looks so adorable though it seems we’re in for a ride for the constant banter between a goblin and a death agent, don’t disappoint me drama!

  12. Lee Dong Wook looks smoking.
    Kim Go Eun irked me with her attempt to be too cute. I get that she is a credible movie actress but she doesn’t need to be too aegyo just to portray a young sunny girl.
    The trailer looks very promising. From this trailer, I am enticed by the Goryeo or pre-dated backstory but not so much of the modern setting. Let’s hope it won’t turn out like Legend of The Blue Sea where the Joseon backstory is far more interesting that the slapstick present day setting.

  13. LOL, i have a feeling i’m already going to ship lee dong wook & gong yoo couple! I haven’t been this excited about a bromance since yoo ah in and song joong ki.

  14. Not gonna lie, LDW and GY are both fantastic! Together! After watching the trailer I don’t even care if there were love stories in this drama. I enjoyed watching LDW and GY scenes more then the leading ladies. This looks like a movie scale type of drama. I couldn’t stand Kim’s last drama with the song song couple but this one is knocking it out of the ballpark with GY and LDW. So maybe…maybe.

  15. That’s just too much. The guys smiling at each other. Making moony eyes. Helping him on stage. Seated next to each other.

    I normally like the female actresses and am a fan. But totally didn’t notice them or their photos in the press conference.

    Gosh the men are fine.

  16. Breath-takingly beautiful trailer. Anticipating this a lot. GY was scared of coming back to do dramas but KES managed to tempt him back to drama land. This has to be impressive.

  17. Oooooohhhhhh… Really really liked this. I haven’t been so excited about a K-drama premier for a long long time now. The preview is awesome (and did they include a BTS clip there too? 🙂 ). And Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook, smexyly salacious-mind inducing manly beasts. I can’t wait!

  18. Gong Yoo and LDW said eff your gender norms hahaha
    I love it! GY gets along well with everyone but the bromance is strong here.

    I totally ship it.

  19. I’m so psyched for this!! I’m trying to curb my expectation but I love the bromance.. And although the I don’t know the female lead, the premise is interesting, and I’ve only heard good things about her

  20. OMG Gong Yoo, for sure a hot nanja. So manly handsome. He is really a true candy for any eyes. Waiting anxiously for his drama, to indulge myself.God have merci. Watch out others so called handsome out there, the King is coming.oo

  21. Lee Dong Wook and Gong Woo seem like the leads in this drama…great chemistry between them. I am looking forward to this drama after watching the trailer. Hope it is good!

  22. Wow, can’t wait for 2 Dec. Love the hot bromance here! The male leads seem to outshine the bland young heroine, and only Yoon Inna can hold her own as the sassy second lead. Agree that KGE looks far too young next to GY. Why is it the trend to cast much younger female leads? Is there a lack of actresses in 20s-30s? I just don’t get it!

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