K-netizens Discuss When Seasons Evoke Specific K-dramas Such as Spring is Associated with Another Oh Hae Young and More

The first K-dramas to promulgate the Hallyu trend were the seasons dramas, namely Winter Sonata which was actually the second in the series with the first being Autumn in My Heart, then WS, followed by Summer Scent and then Spring Waltz. It was story secondary to the seasonal theme and backdrop but the visuals when combined properly with the right stars, chemistry, and moment, created something indelible. I don’t think any of the four were good dramas so I don’t think of them when a season comes along and evokes a particular callback to a drama, there are other, better dramas that fit that bill. Recently a popular post among K-netizens are what dramas are associated strongly with a season. Starting from spring, netizens say it’s Another Oh Hae Young and I wholeheartedly agree. Summer goes with Coffee Prince, fall with World’s Within, and winter it’s Goblin time. These are merely the ones that got a lot of concurrences but there are plenty more. Other popular picks include I Hear Your Voice and My Name is Kim Sam Soon in the summer and You From Another Star and That Winter, the Wind Blows for the winter season.

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Winter Tis the Season for Swoony K-drama Male Leads to Warm Up Their Leading Lady with Various Tender Techniques

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K-netizens Ponder: If You Can Be an Iconic Female K-drama Character for One Month, Whose Life Would You Want to Live?

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tvN Holds Vote on Favorite Network K-drama for its 15th Anniversary Including Hits Vincenzo, Crash Landing on You, Misaeng, Goblin, Answer Me 1988 and Many More Nominees

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Sliding Scale of When Lead Onscreen Chemistry Saves or Sinks Preposterously Plotted K-dramas

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Korean Government Poll of Overseas Hallyu Viewers Puts Lee Min Ho, BTS, Mr. Sunshine, and Train to Busan Top of Respective Categories

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2016 Year End Dramas Goblin and Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim Lead the 2017 Nielson Korea Content Power Rankings for Television Programs

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Famed K-drama Screenwriters Kim Eun Sook and Kim Eun Hee Hold Joint Question-Answer Session in Seoul

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