Bickering Roommates Take Goblin Bromance to New Levels of Cohabitation Comedy

I cannot stop laughing at the cohabitation antics in Goblin, it makes me pause and chuckle randomly during the day as the perfect distraction. The Goblin asking for fashion and accessories advice from the Grim Reaper and punking him afterwards for not assisting. The Grim Reaper’s song and dance about the Goblin’s underpants, borrowing so smartly from the classic Korean folk song. Their dinner table sniping of the uptight vegetarian with the snarky meat eater, it all the stuff that was alluded to in the epic pepper shaker fight drama poster and done even better than imagined. The BTS stills of the poster shoot are out and Gong Yoo‘s male romance novel cover hair seems extra swoony thanks to the rakish side-swept. Rawr, more Goblin please!


Bickering Roommates Take Goblin Bromance to New Levels of Cohabitation Comedy — 10 Comments

  1. i just came back after a year of kdrama purge and to my shock miss koala is no longer recapping. Did I miss out on any major news??

  2. Hands down! The bromance of the year! I can’t believe a goblin & a grim reaper can be this petty. Btw, the goblin underwear song actually exist? I agree with the grim reaper. Why is there a whole song dedicated about the goblin’s underwear? Does anyone know what’s that all about?

  3. First episode left me with some confusions
    How can Kim Shin’s nephew is able to see The Grim Reaper and Kim Shin ?
    They cannot be seen by normal human being unless that person can see spirits
    So is Kim Shin’s nephew just like Eun Tak ?

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