Lee Jong Seok Nails Throwback Thursday in New Pics with Kim Woo Bin and Lee Bo Young


It’s a double header for this Throwback Thursday nostalgia, both courtesy of my cutie Lee Jong Seok. It’s yet early for any more news on his upcoming 2017 K-drama While You Were Sleeping with Suzy, but he’s spending the down time this holiday season hanging out with friends and former costars. Lee Jong Seok hung out with his School 2013 costar and bromance buddy Kim Woo Bin recently, hopefully they reminisced and also shared insights into working with Suzy.

It’ll be interesting to see if she has better chemistry with Kim Woo Bin or Lee Jong Seok, with Park Shin Hye I thought she had equally good but different vibe chemistry with these two guys when she did Heirs and later Pinocchio. Back to throwback cuteness, the second walk down memory lane was Lee Jong Seok attending the one year birthday celebration for his I Hear You Voice costar Yoon Sang Hyun‘s baby, and there he took pictures with his leading lady Lee Bo Young. For fans of Lee Jong Seok this is basically some of the best of his previous works all squished together.


Lee Jong Seok Nails Throwback Thursday in New Pics with Kim Woo Bin and Lee Bo Young — 13 Comments

  1. Love it so much when stars have just as good a time during filming as us viewers do when watching their work. I Hear Your Voice is one of my favourite dramas of all time. It’s awesome to see that the cast’s still close 3.5 years later!

  2. Omg ICHYV is such a favorite of mine what a perfect drama!

    Suzy and LJS’ chicken ads made them look so sibling like that right now KWB and Suzy seem to have better chemistry. Let’s see though LJS usually can make it work with all his costars (minus DR stranger where he had wayyy more Chem with kang sora)

    • LJS can make it work if his costar has even a slight bit of acting talent – like we saw in Dr Stranger, he can’t make up for it when his leading lady looks like she’s angling for a botox cf.

      • I’m still so upset that Suzy is the lead for his next drama :/ the writer and LJS’ pairing is so damn perfect but the main lead -_- why couldn’t we have gotten Kim Ji Won or Kang Sora or Han Groo or anyone else! Massive sighs

      • Han Groo is married and pregnant, who knows if she’ll ever return to acting.

        I don’t know why they cast Suzy, LJS is the bigger star and can easily draw Chinese audiences/money on his own.

        This was a golden opportunity to give a talented but proven new name like Kim Ji Won or Nam Ji Hyun a chance to break out, instead they go with…. Suzy. The commenter who said it’s like eating stale junk food when you have much better food in your fridge, was right.

  3. LJS and Suzy probably would be saved by their writer. While LKH barely utilized KWB and Suzy as a couple. They looked so good together and when they looked happy in UF there was so much chemistry, yet she tortured us and them for nothing. UF was good melodrama, but such young, fresh and all along perfect from aura to physic (that sleeping scene!) couple needed more modern script. KWB and Suzy’s chemistry was completely waisted.

  4. I agree about Park Shin Hye’s chemistry with the two boys, it was good but very different with each of them. With KWB it was more swoony in a sexy way, while with LJS it was also swoony but in a very romantic and soulful way.

    As for Suzy…. I suppose they can compare notes on how to compensate for her lack of acting skills though even KWB couldn’t make up for that in UF (they were good looking but not really any chemistry) so I don’t think he has the secret yet.

  5. KWB keeps passing his co-stars to LJS, I wonder who is going to be the next actress. lmao. I think LJS had better chemistry with older co-stars so dont expect a sparkling chemistry with suzy esp when she is already taken by LMH

  6. Suzy’s going to have a free ride off LJS just as she and her agency probably anticipated they’d have with KWB and UF.

    Meanwhile, it’s nice to see the School 2013 boys still so tight after 4 years. I hope LJS and KWB both get better leading ladies for the next dramas they sign.

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