Descendants of the Sun Only K-drama to Make Google’s Top 10 of Most Searched Shows in 2016

This has actually been a good year for dramas, starting off with a major hit in tvN‘s Answer Me 1988 and ending now with Goblin on the same network. In between there has been a handful of hits as well, and the biggest one goes to KBS for the smashing success of Descendants of the Sun. The drama is far and away the highest domestic rating K-drama of 2016, and now has another win under its belt as the only K-drama to make the top 10 list of most searched television shows.

DotS is number 9 on the worldwide search list, and for the top 10 most searched Korean shows on google the drama takes the lead spot. Coming in second is nostalgia hit Answer Me 1988, then Goblin in third place which is quite a feat since the drama premiered three weeks ago and aired only four episodes. Controversial Cheese in the Trap is in fourth while mermaid drama Legend of the Blue Sea swims into fifth place. Check out the full list below.

Google most searched Korean shows:

1. Descendants of the Sun
2. Answer Me 1988
3. Goblin
4. Cheese in the Trap
5. Legend of the Blue Sea
6. Moonlight Drawn By Clouds
7. Produce 101
8. Another Oh Hae Young
9. Doctors
10. Uncontrollably Fond


Descendants of the Sun Only K-drama to Make Google’s Top 10 of Most Searched Shows in 2016 — 16 Comments

  1. I’m actually shocked Uncontrollably Fond made the list.. I heard the plot was bad, the acting was horrible and received bad ratings and reviews.. The power of Kim Woobin and Suzy I guess?

    • so called “badness” of UF exaggerated by unreasonable overly strong hate. In fact, UF has every core of old-school beautiful korean melodrama. It’s bitter to watch, it’s painful to watch, but it has to do with the fact that UF aimed to be a very painful experience. There is no stupid jokes, people as petty and as pitiful as they’re in real life, heroes far from being cookie cutter cute or clean. Acting is great. Even Suzy wasn’t bad as people as wants believe she is. Other than her, drama full of veteran and talented actors. KWB was fabulous in his role. If anything, UF deserved people’s open mind, but instead got narrow hate.

      • I don’t think UF is that bad but without the popular writer and KWB-Suzy power I doubt it’d receive as much attention it got.
        The script it too outdated and the writer basically coppied and pasted her old script. The leads didn’t have enough talent to pull the viewers in until the end unlike her other previous drama cast.

      • AG : I agree Lee Kyung Hee copy paste her own writing alittle bit much LOL, but the drama has different message. And How could you ignore the directing? It’s my most fav. thing about the show. Kim Woo Bin is not deliver? I actually kind surprise by his performance here. He might not act as nuance as Song Jong Ki or as reviting So Ji Sub in Misa. But He is improved leaps and bounds. There is so much sincerity in his performances I kind wish there is some acknowledged for his improvement

    • LOL, the acting of UF are bad? How? It’s an overall well act drama (You can say Suzy is the weakest, but still, she is okay). The production overall is good. My main complain is the show is a slow burn, try to be light in earlier episode when it’s not, and bad advertisement which indicate this is a light drama.

  2. Goblin is #3 with only barely 3 weeks in? Impressive
    Good to see Doctors. I thought it was quite underappreciated because more people hate it than liking it.
    I’m surprised that W isn’t in there… I thought it’s one of the most buzzed dramas this year

    • Yeah W is certainly one of the most buzzed dramas this year… but most of the dramas in this list(apart from TVN ones) were media-played a lot as well, hence more searched online

      I am actually surprised Moon lovers didn’t make in this list, since that was hyped a lot as well

  3. CITT might be controversial, But I Love it… Every watchers take it as a slice of life drama, as a romantic comedy, which I can’t blame them for that. The tone is really light, but it’s a psychological thriller with little thriller feel. They think it’s about heroine journey, It’s not. They think it’s about Yoo Jung and Hong Seol. Well the webtoon itself is told through Hong Seol point of view. And their love story is told in detail in webtoon. Glad the drama itself it’s not focus on the romance of the two leads, Which I think is also interesting. Might be one those drama I fond of and can see it’s appeal, but the alot of people think otherwise.

    So glad this one drama that make a HIT along with UF.

  4. Really happy about Goblin and Another Oh Hae Young. I really hope that Goblin keeps to be good but i am a little afraid that the writer will ruin everything.
    Another Oh Hae Young is no doubt my favorite drama of 2016 and maybe my favortie k-drama ever, happy is getting the love that it deserves.

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