Offer Out to Jang Dong Gun to Join Hyun Bin in Sci-Fi Drama City of Stars

This is totally the attack of the Kim Eun Sook leading men, and I mean attack in a conquering way where these two male leads joined together would be doubly hard to resist the drama. Next year’s sci-fi drama City of Stars has extended an offer to Jang Dong Gun to join the offer out to Hyun Bin to pair up as the two leading men in this big budget going to space endeavor. Hyun Bin was in the Kim Eun Sook drama Secret Garden which she followed up with A Gentleman’s Dignity starring Jang Dong Gun, with both dramas being hits and doing wonders for the careers of the leading man. They have such different auras and acting styles but if they both confirm the drama it will definitely ratchet up the star power, pun intended.

The PD has confirmed offers are out to both Jang Dong Gun and Hyun Bin but both are still considering and no casting has been set yet. The drama is slated to start filming in January of 2017 to be fully pre-produced, airing in the latter half of the year.


Offer Out to Jang Dong Gun to Join Hyun Bin in Sci-Fi Drama City of Stars — 28 Comments

  1. WHOA! Just when I thought Lee Dong Wook and Gong Yoo made the ultimate bromance onscreen they slap us with this news! Plus a sci-fi, first attempt at this genre. Should be interesting indeed. I hope they cast Song Ji Hyo. 🙂

    • Song Ji Hyo? Whaaat?? Girl can’t act. I hope they cast someone – anyone – who has the talent alongside these guys. They are too good to be left with a poor actress. Ha Ji-won would be too good to be true but that’s dream casting right there.

      • I think she’s a good actress. Depends on your preference. It’s going to be hard to cast someone opposite these two leads.

      • I also prefer someone of equal calibre; Son Ye Jin would be a good match to both. Please…. no infested idols. Actually Nana would be good too cos she has proven to be quite a good actress.

      • @Nee SJH shows some improvement in her latest drama but it could be the role fit her… She isn’t a good actress because it’s hard to find a representative work even she has worked in many projects. I gave her she is pretty.
        Plus she isn’t at the same level with these 2. Knetz would eat her alive if she cast

  2. Sci-fiction drama abput space and filming starting this January? I thought this genre require a lot of preparations to capture the theme. Idk what kind of space and stars this drama is up to present…and i was thinking that City of Stars is ala “La La Land” would be a better setting.

  3. Who is the writer? If I were Hyun Bin, I’d be researching the writer especially and if I was satisfied, I’d request a full or an almost completed script to review.

    • The writer is Jang Jin whose mostly does plays and films. This will be his first drama. Mostly likely the drama will be quirky with dry humor. He did SNL Korea and their Weekend Update. Check out his filmography. His film Man on High Heels had Cha Seung-won play a macho detective who wanted a sex change.

  4. Of course they should cast another A list cast if want to survive the drama at least for early episodes. Hyun Bin himself is not enough to carry the rating as proven with his last drama that should not be named.

    • Yeah she has been inactive for quite some time. Either way they need an actress with as much buzz and star power as the two male leads.

  5. I don’t know but I don’t have a good feeling with this project. I mean, how many dramas with big budget end up being a total disaster just because the writer is lousy…Seems that this project is too ambitious.

  6. This has the potential to be really shit, or really good depending on the writing and the directorial, the actor’s acting caliber is proven already, and I like this kind of concept as a space nerd myself, so pls be good

  7. Big budget didnt prove anything. Writer plays it more. Kse for example. If i were an actor, i would do casting for every drama of her haha.

    Hmm.. Signal’s writer is good too.

    Jdg ajjussi and hyunbin oppa, please check the bio of the writernim. Fighting!

  8. I personal doubt Hyun Bin and Ha Jo Won will risk tarnishing the legacy of Secret Garden by trying for a new drama together. Also, I really can’t see Ha Ji Won playing second fiddle, and this sound very Bro centered!

  9. Even if it’s a big budget production i don’t think they can have a top star female too. Unless they accept to be less paid like Julia Roberts for “ocean’s eleven”.

  10. I love Jang Dong-Gun, but I really want to see him in a romantic role like Gentleman’s Dignity. Sorry, I cannot get excited over Hyun Bin.

    • both jdg and hb probably a good friend of Jang jin(pd of this new drama)….

      there was a photo of them(jdg,hb and jang jin) celebrated new year eve together last year…

  11. Look like this is Jang Jin’s guinea pig. He might be good in films but is newbie in dramas. HB had already worked with one ‘green’ in the form of Lee Jae Gyu who directed Fatal Encounter. Lee’s works were in dramas and debut into films via FE. In reviews, he was ridiculed for thinking that drama directing is the same as film directing and there was hardly a good word for him (tho FE garnered almost 4 million viewership pple still view it as a ‘flop’). I really hope HB could take time to look at the script carefully. Its good to support people with grand plans to try something new but definitely not wise to do it at your own expense.

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