Cast Camaraderie From the Set of Goblin Heightens the Enjoyment of the Drama

There are so many details I love about Goblin, this is a one drama that I will thoroughly enjoy watching again to soak up the subtleties so long as the second half remains as good as the first. Kim Eun Sook has written plenty of 20 episode dramas but Goblin will be a 16 episode drama like her last work Descendants of the Sun, keeping it fast paced without any draggy. I think the drama is moving swiftly because I see it as a character drama about Goblin Kim Shin, his inner thoughts and centuries of life lived that is slowly and irrevocably changing with the arrival of bride Eun Tak. The mysteries being peeled away such as the past life identities of the Grim Reaper and Sunny, and awesome fantasy halmoni Lee El’s character, none of that requires lot of events so the drama may seem like not much action is happening. The production released new BTS stills showing how chummy the leads are, this is clearly is happy set and Yook Sung Jae‘s beaming grin makes me think that he’s really playing Yoo Duk Hwa as himself, lol.


Cast Camaraderie From the Set of Goblin Heightens the Enjoyment of the Drama — 11 Comments

  1. What I love so much about Goblin casts is they have chemistry on and off-screen. I enjoy watching their BTS since they’re almost as entertaining as the drama itself. LOL.

  2. This is the best bromance since RM1988. I love the fast pace and absence of a love triangle. We should watch the cute progression of two couples rather than one with noble idiocy and bitchy rival. Angstville coming up though. I hope they get a happy endings. Only puppy Deok Hwa is single lol

  3. The first picture looks like it can be a screencap of an episode, haha. It’s like Goblin takes a couple shot with Eun Tak and Grim Reaper wants to join in. XD

  4. Watching Goblin is so satisfying that I didnt watch other kdrama. Kim Shin’s antics is so entertaining and not to mention Ji Eun Tak’s as his first love.

  5. well, at times, we just have those particular drama where we are saw the appeal while certain group of people are bitching it.. LOL It’s often occur to me many times.

  6. “so the drama may seem like not much is happening”….because not much is happening. Oh well, I like it for the great actors, fluffy moments and the production value is excellent. I think my expectations got the best of me because I was expecting something else. So happy for GY though. Perhaps he’ll participate in dramaland more often now.

  7. Wow, the beautiful genuine smiles in that first pic just made my day. Also, I’ve noticed that Gong Yoo gets along so well with everyone he works with. My husband…

  8. The coats the characters wear in this series are so envy worthy. I want those. I feel It’s so unfair they get to wear all these for free. The best ever no matter how poorthe character is. The coats. I want.

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