Lee Jun Ki Appears as Surprise Guest at IU’s Taipei Concert and Re-enacts Rain and Cape Scene from Moon Lovers

I love Lee Jun Ki so much that I’ll even accept his triggering of a memory I desperately want to forgot. Lee Jun Ki was in Taiwan over the weekend and showed up as a surprise guest at IU‘s concert in Taipei. This reunion of the Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo OTP generated the opposite of squees from me in terms of feeling zilch for their onscreen narrative and/or chemistry. But as singers both are extremely talented and that avenue makes me happy to see them collaborate on stage.

Lee Jun Ki not only showed up at the concert, he even donned his best Phantom of the Opera black cape impersonation and got on stage to hold said cape over IU as she sang her track from the Moon Lovers OST. I did not get 4th Prince and Hae Soo vibes from this performance, more Vegas show antics, but in the grander scheme of things I’m glad the drama made him so insanely popular again and likewise maybe IU will now stick to singing.


Lee Jun Ki Appears as Surprise Guest at IU’s Taipei Concert and Re-enacts Rain and Cape Scene from Moon Lovers — 31 Comments

  1. IU was terribly miscast, she is not bad but essentially still learning how to act. I didn’t get their epic love in the show but glad to see that the cast has bonded so well. And it foes look like a vegas show antic, agreed.

  2. Well in real life they seem so comfortable together with the hug and what looks like a kiss on the cheek. Looks like the crowd got a kick out of it. I’m glad to see they are supporting each other.

  3. For the most part, I am greatly annoyed by the love story in Moon Lovers. I actually rewatched the drama and fast forward all scenes of the OTP. But I am glad to see the casts seem to establish lifelong friendship from here esp the bromance between LJK-KHN-HJH. And LJK sure knows how to capitalize from his new-found popularity by appearing in IU’s concert.
    Btw, I watched the video and no, she did not give him a peck on the cheek, they only hugged.

  4. I really admire LJK’s acting in Moon Lovers but in real life he comes across as, er, not really likeable. Maybe just to me, sorry. Just watched him on TV when he came yesterday to Taiwan and did a press conference. Too much posturing, acting dramatic in the way he talked and gesticulated. I like Park Bo Jum from Moon Drawn Clouds. Much more sincere and genuine in person.

      • Wait… whaaat? You guys are so childish, as long as the actor please us and present best acting onscreen, who are we to judge them personally? smh

      • Yeah, I notice too, PBG aura is like that of No MinWoo, I don’t know ,I just knew and my instinct had never been wrong.Don’t hate me, just my opinion.I am not a fan of PBG and deffinetly not an anti.Anyway not interested in him ^-^.

    • That’s testament of how good an actor he is that you can’t see his real life personality because he completely morphed into his drama’s character. LJK is easy going, cheerful, hyper-active in real life but in no way is he insincere. He could continue to play cool like Wang So as that’s how the fans became interested in him but he is not. I accept your opinion and preference but better not to mention other actor here. I could easily reasoned out that PBG’s being such a cry baby a bit OTT and this will lead to endless fan war.

      • +1
        Boy, he welled up too much at KBS Awards. Whatever happened to masculinity these days? If that’s not dramatic, idk what that is.

    • It’s the other way round for me.

      Lee Jun Ki’s acting doesn’t work for me. Too much posturing and being overly dramatic. He also comes across as vain and concerned about how he looks on screen. But all I am reading is that he’s a very nice guy who cares for his fans and communicates well with them. I’ve watched the interview and don’t see anything wrong. He’s probably the type who’s not shy, hyper, playful and animated which fans will find entertaining.

    • It’s so odd to read this because I find that LJG is actually more candid and open than most Korean actors who are constantly worried about faux scandals and criticisms from fans.

      I just take LJG’s enthusiasm or “acting dramatic” as his excitement to be around fans and because he’s an entertainer so it’s what he does. I think none of know what any of these people are like when the cameras are turned off.

    • Wow, way to judge a person. You see, there is no need to badmouth someone who you SEEM isn’t likeable and compare by dragging other actor’s names. After all, it will be all about each other’s preferences. Cut the negativities.

  5. I actually liked the rain scene in Moon Lovers, that episode was one of the few things the drama didn’t screw up.

    This does look more like Vegas show antics than that scene but I have no problem with it, just hope IU picks a better role next time and that Jun Ki picks a better project.

  6. Looks like Vegas Magic Show. And why Jun Ki? Why the hairstyle? He looked so dashing at SBS Drama Awards with the hair combed back. The shipper thread was on fire last nite with Jun Ki’s appearance but seriously, I think he is just playing his part to feed the fandom since I could not feel the epic love story at all and my watching Moon Lovers only for my love of Wang So.

  7. Lovely to seem them outside of the drama. Moon lovers was the BEST drama for me so far. They had lovely costumes, beautiful story and the actors were AMAZING!! I would rate it 100/10.

  8. Lovely to seem them outside of the drama. Moon lovers was the BEST drama for me so far. They had lovely costumes, beautiful story and the actors were AMAZING!! I would rate it 100/10.

  9. Love LJK but would very much happy to see IU just stick to singing. It is marvelous how one bad acting can make me dislike an actress and that is how I feel about IU (Sorry about that). I hope LJK will come back to acting as soon as possible with really great project (idc sageuk or mordern drama) with a genuine credible actress as his female lead.

  10. I like IU as a person, i thk she has a good head on her soldiers but not so much as an actresss- but shes good if casted correctly- and like a secondary role would be fine.
    LJK is a good actor but even he had tendencies to overact sometimes. In real life he comes off as eager and alot of energy but i dont thk hes insincere.
    If you are a guy and you cry i dont thk that makes you less manly. PBG is a good actor and a hardworking one too. my fav role from him is that good and bad role as seo in guk’s brother in Remember me.

  11. Dear Miss ocKoala:

    Since you said you love LJG so much, would it have been better if you posted an article about his Taiwan FM instead of IU’s? His Fan Meeting would have you at least write something positive about, since his stage presence is really amazing and worth watching.

    Obviously you hated the Korean version of Scarlet Heart so much, and you’re entitled to your opinion. I’ve been visiting A Koala’s playground since 3 years ago, and really appreciate that you write about a lot of topics, and not just Korean actors.

    But recently, you’ve dissed Scarlet Heart:Ryeo to the point that I wish you could write about something else since I could understand your disappointment, and also it’s your own blog.

    It’s just that despite that there are a lot of haters of the drama, there are also quite a lot who liked or even loved it, despite all it’s flaws. Despite whatever it may lack Scarlet Heart:Ryeo was the most addictive drama I have ever seen. My sister loved it right after episode one. We may not be any kind of experts when it comes to dramas, but I for one could hardly find any dramas that could me glued week after week. This is the only drama that hooked me till the end.

    Also since you yourself said you love the actor so much. Then perhaps, you should also know that he already changed his name from Lee Joon Ki to Lee Joon Gi.

  12. Is that Iu’s still with her boyfriend ? Not really like their drama , zero chemistry, the performance of Iu to be desired just liked that of LJG and KHN

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