Previews and Stills of Namgong Min as Gangster Turned Chief Kim in New KBS Drama

Of the upcoming Wed-Thurs K-dramas, I’m most keen to check out Chief Kim on KBS, taking over on January 25th after Oh My Geum Bi ends this week followed by a short drama Naked Fireman. Missing 9 will depend on how the drama navigates the suspense element where the viewer is told the ending and work backwards to trace how it happens, and Saimdang: Light’s Diary feels likely to be an over hyped disappointment.

More drama stills are out for Chief Kim, with Namgong Min as the titular loan shark gangster turned office section chief. His love interest and work colleague is returning from marriage hiatus Nam Sang Mi. The two look really compatible, not to mention the drama gives me kooky Protect the Boss vibes. His type of comedy is nicely understated and she excels at the plucky modern girl roles so this one should be a fun watch without much expectation to be disappointed.

Previews for Chief Kim:


Previews and Stills of Namgong Min as Gangster Turned Chief Kim in New KBS Drama — 2 Comments

  1. This is the only upcoming show that I’m excited about. Since WF has ended, I’ll be picking this up. NGM is so handsome. I thought he looked best as the villain in Remember: War of the Son and am so glad he’s gone back to a similar short and tidy hairstyle. While personality-wise he seems more Ahn Dante who I just adored. Hope this show and NGM get loads of love.

  2. I am excited about this and Park Bo Young’s drama coming out in Feb. I believe that NGM will definitely give the character his unique charm, I hope everything else doesn’t disappoint…

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