Namgoong Min is Bulked Up and Pissed Off in First Stills from MBC Revenge Action Thriller The Veil

I still get annoyed when drama productions pick a Korean title and then choose an English one that isn’t either a direct translation or at least an approximation in meaning. Upcoming MBC action thriller Black Sun is now called The Veil which could point to whatever shadowy organization that male lead Namgoong Min is trying to topple. He’s been bulking up like a madman since finishing filming for sci-fi drama Awaken (Night and Day) and the first official stills show how much muscle he’s packing on even underneath his white dress shirt and black jacket. I think Namgoong Min takes his craft very seriously and I applaud it but I could buy him as a special ops agent even without The Rock level muscles, but then again totally not complaining here.

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tvN Mon-Tues Drama Awaken Finishes with Excellent Episode 16, Another Indelible Performance by Namgong Min, and Solid Average Ratings of 4.543%

It’s weird, after watching both Kairos and Awaken (Night and Day) back to back, Kairos is a better written and executed drama but I’m way more emotionally invested in Awaken due to the jaw dropping acting show put on by … Continue reading

tvN Thriller Drama Awaken with Namgong Min Heads into Final Stretch with Interesting Idea and Flawed Execution

After MBC underrated gem Kairos ended, I’ve migrated to tvN thriller Awaken (Night and Day) to satiated the who-dun-it craving in me. When I’m in the mood for procedures then I’m all in, and thankfully Awaken has been there to … Continue reading

Namgong Min Wins First Daesang at the 2020 SBS Drama Awards for Stove League

The 2020 SBS Drama Awards are in the bag and boy was it a stuffed bag. The stars didn’t do the red carpet, only hosts Kim Yoo Jung and Shin Dong Yeop was masked and met the media. The attendees … Continue reading

Namgong Min and Park Eun Bin Win Drama Best Actor and Best Actress at the 2020 Grimae Awards Selected by Korean Director’s Association

The Grimae Awards is less prominent in the international audience as it’s a prestigious but smaller awards platform given by the South Korean Director’s Association. It’s the Korea equivalent of the DGA Awards in the US (Director’s Guild Association) and … Continue reading

The Cast of tvN Mon-Tues Procedural Thriller Drama Awaken Hold Press Conference Ahead of November 30th Premiere

Cable network tvN pulled a switch up this month, airing Birthcare Center in the Mon-Tues slot after Record of Youth but it was only an 8-episode drama. My mental scheduling was thrown off track but it’s back on my radar … Continue reading